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President Koroma Calls For Vigilance To End Ebola In Sierra Leone

Saturday, January 10th, 2015


By State House Communications Unit

The president’s address at the Makeni City Council was pretty much the same with those delivered in Kambia, Port Loko and Tonkolili districts for stakeholders, especially paramount chiefs, religious leaders, traditional and cultural society heads, MPs and Councillors to sustain their efforts to break the chain of transmission of the Ebola virus disease (EVD).



President Koroma expressed some amount of satisfaction with the district response since he last visited, and added that if he were to issue a report card on the progress made so far, his words were “the situation has improved considerably”. He urged them to do more to eradicate Ebola not just from Bombali but the entire country.

The Head of State reiterated the need for vigilance as one case of Ebola can cause untold havoc in the country.



He called for proper coordination to chase the virus out of Sierra Leone, saying that “We are now better prepared with all the knowledge and arsenal to drive it away from our communities”.

The emphasis of the president’s speech was on vigilance on the part of stakeholders to protect themselves and their families. “This is a great responsibility,” he said.

President Koroma lamented the fact that schools are still closed, the economy is hamstrung all because of this outbreak, noting that all must make the necessary sacrifice to say good bye to Ebola. He also encouraged them to translate their enthusiasm into action to eradicate the disease.

President Koroma Tours Western Area

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

By State House Communications Unit :

President Ernest Bai Koroma Monday 15 December continued his social mobilization drive by engaging local communities in the Western Area to take personal responsibility in the fight against the spreading Ebola virus disease (EVD). It is worthy to note that since the president began his mobilization of community involvement in this fight, many districts have made progress while some still continue to face challenges, including the Western Area, which accounts for over 50% of new cases.



President Koroma expressed the need for communities in the Western Area to take full responsibility as the National Ebola Response Center (NERC) in collaboration with government will declare on Wednesday a house to house check in the Western Area to zero-in on the hot spots by extracting every sick person. This exercise is aimed at breaking the chain of transmission, the president explained.
He reaffirmed government’s determination to get everybody involved; “We would comb entire communities to know their status,” and urged all to take full responsibility in the fight against the disease. The president also encouraged the public to bring out the sick and avoid practices that will further accelerate the rate of infections as the country is now well capacitated to deal with the virus. “We want to end Ebola and we are the only one to do it, let us continue to do the right things and don’t hide the sick,” he stressed.

As Christmas celebrations rapidly approach, President Koroma informed that the celebration will not be as usual. He therefore called on the people to make the supreme sacrifice in order to contain the virus and return the country to normalcy by early 2015. Whilst expressing dismay over the increased infection rates in the Western Area, he made a stern warning against anyone breaching the medical precautions as the emergency regulations will take full effect. He accentuated the urgency to restore the development and transformation of the country, and commended the Regent community for registering no new cases and stated that such example should be exported to other communities to help halt Ebola.

Giving updates about the Ebola situation in Goderich, Member of Parliament for Constituency 93 Hon. Dauda Kallon said the constituency established an Ebola emergency response task force to monitor the entire community, stating that from October 20 to date the community has registered 25 survivors. He furthered that Gbendembu being a former hot spot is now free with no new cases, no quarantine home and no sick person.

At the Regent community, Hon. Pateh Bah called for more support to maintain the status of no new infections in the Regent axis and pledged his commitment on behalf of his constituents to follow the precautions stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

President Ernest Koroma brings electricity to Kono

Monday, November 24th, 2014

There was joy and excitement last Friday in Kono –The home of the Vice President , Alhaji Sam Sumana– when amid all the Ebola frenzy and his  preoccupations with its containment efforts , the development-oriented President Ernest Bai Koroma  initiated electricity supply in the district . For the first time in over 30 years, the people of Kono will start enjoying electricity once again.



The last time there was electricity supply in  Kono , the old All People’s Congress (APC )  of the late President Siaka Stevens was in power. It must be noted that neither the NPRC military junta that overthrew the old APC in 1992 , nor the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) which ruled Sierra Leone from 1996 to 2007 were able to restore electricity to Kono, also the home of Sierra Leone’s diamond industry.

President Koroma ‘s latest development initiative is another significant achievement for himself and the ruling APC  because it demonstrates 0nce again that the President loves every district in Sierra Leone , and that the APC was interested in the socio-economic and political development of Kono.


President Koroma says no one is above the law as he suspends his Uncle and Chief for failure to help contain Ebola

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

President Ernest Koroma has reiterated that nobody is above the law. The President  made this statement following the suspension of his uncle and head of family, Section Chief/Village Headman Pa Amadu Kamara at Yeli Sanda, Makari Gbanti Chiefdom for compromising the bye-laws implemented in his chiefdom to contain the spreading Ebola virus. He was also fined the sum of Le 500,000 (Five hundred thousand Leones) which he had already paid.

Delivering his key address, President Koroma reiterated the fact that he was in Makeni three weeks ago to talk about the seriousness of the Ebola outbreak, saying that Sierra Leoneans traveling to other countries are now considered as lepers because of the Ebola outbreak. He noted that he was not elected to fight Ebola but to develop and transform the country.

“Ebola started in Kailahun but today Bombali is second to Freetown in terms of cumulative number of cases,” he said. This, he maintained, is as result of the fact that people in Bombali are still engaged in practices that provide fertile ground for Ebola to flourish. “This is why I said I will set an example in Bombali because this is my own hometown.”




The president revealed that during his trip to Pujehun and Bonthe he learned that the fight against the disease cannot be won without unity of purpose, unreserved and unconditional implementation of the bye-laws, especially when taking into consideration the fact that Pujehun, for instance, is sharing border with Liberia.

He re-echoed pretty much the same message as the one he delivered to the people of Tonkolili a few hours ago…that in spite of the most advanced treatment centers without cooperation to break the chain of transmission, the fight against the spreading virus would be lost.



The chiefs, religious leaders and MPs must take responsibility to ensure this disease is contained, President Koroma stated.

He encouraged them to collaborate among themselves to stop the transmission, saying that the people are perhaps reckless about certain things such as secret burials and denials.

President Koroma also urged the authorities to avoid concealing the sick, touching and secretly caring for the sick and washing corpses. “I want to set an example here because this is my home as that will send a clear message that there is no compromise in this fight. Please don’t try to impress me because I am President…talk straight and frankly so we know where we stand…I am working with my conscience so I will not protect anyone in wrongdoing.”

This meeting is about taking stock of progress made so far since the president last visited 21 days ago. President Koroma furthered that Bonthe district deserves a special prize for their resilience in the fight against Ebola, noting that Bombali does not deserve any prize but punishment for their recklessness.

Stay tuned for more…

©SHCU 2014

President Ernest Koroma is still loved and popular with the Sierra Leonean people…and the youths

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Last weekend, PRESIDENT ERNEST BAI KOROMA , a clever statesman and politician, confounded his critics who are erroneously contending that he has lost his popularity with the people . All it took last Saturday for President Koroma to demonstrate that he is still the man of the people and he has not lost his “mojo ” at all as wrongly portrayed by his critics was to do what NO African leader would dare do today—Drive himself without any escort through his busy capital.


President did it once again in grand style last Saturday . He drove himself around the capital without security , and all the liars and false commentators on Facebook and the discussion forums who have been making a meal out of the big lie that the President has lost his popularity and mojo with the people were left in stunned disbelief and shame. Swarming crowds of excited, buoyant and appreciative people, especially the much-misrepresented  youths , while still avoiding body contacts and handshakes to obey the Ebola protocols, came out in full swing to receive their man and show him that they still love him. There was nothing like the hostility and egg-throwing some of the President’s detractors had been predicting. Rather, but for the Ebola, the surging crowds would have taken their hero shoulder-high and danced with him.

The big message last Saturday was that President Koroma is still popular with the people and he is still loved, appreciated and respected. I learnt that even Maada Bio confided in somebody that he feared that President Koroma was still popular with the masses and the youths just would not get over their excitement for him.

The reasons that PRESIDENT ERNEST KOROMA remains popular with the people are many.

First of all, while not considering himself perfect ( Since nobody is perfect ) , President Koroma is very sincere and he puts his sincerity into action, which is what God himself is looking at. Our Lord knows that none of his creations are perfect but he looks for sincerity in them and a conscious effort to translate that sincerity into action by obeying him. Where he falls short, the Blood of Jesus Christ will always be there to wipe his slate clean. The People of Sierra Leone have not stopped loving and believing in President Koroma because they know that he is sincere and does his best to demonstrate his sincerity. When he falls short, it is not for lack of sincerity or effort but mainly because of circumstances beyond his control.

Secondly, President Koroma remains popular with the people because he means well for the nation and demonstrates unimpeachable commitment towards that ideal. People are not fools. If you mean well for them, they see and if you are committed towards proving that you mean well for them they see that too. They know that you cannot provide everything for them or succeed in everything you try to do for them , but once they see through you that you mean well for them and you are going all out to do things that demonstrate how much you mean well for them , they will love and respect you . This is one of the secrets of the continued popularity of President Koroma.

Thirdly, President Koroma is a hardworking Head of State and the people see it and know it. This is the only President we have had who does not take breaks or vacation from his job. He is always on the job all the year round . Again, people see these things and it helps to instill respect and love for the President.

Fourthly, President Koroma has a record of magnificent achievements for his people. However dire the Ebola situation, Sierra Leoneans know that before Ebola struck, President Koroma has not been resting on his oars. He has been paddling the canoe of socio-economic and political developments and the marvelous developments he has delivered are all around for all to see. Thus, President Koroma still remains popular with the people.


President Koroma inspects three days training exercise conducted by the British army, RSLAF and MOHS

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

President Koroma inspects three days training exercise conducted by the British army, RSLAF and MOHS instructors on how to put on and remove PPEs, how to wash hands and training of trainers at the Siaka Stevens Stadium, Brookfields.



photo by Jarrah Kawusu-Konte

President Ernest Koroma inaugurates Ebola Treatment and Holding Centre in Northern Region

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

According to reports filed in by Messrs Septimus Kanu , Hassan Bruz and Alhaji Amani, PORT LOKO in Sierra Leone has inaugurated an Ebola Holding and Treatment centre in the Northern Province , constructed by the hardworking Minister of Information and Communications, Alhaji Alpha Kanu.

In fact, President Ernest Bai Koroma, continuing his hands-on approach to the Ebola outbreak, was in Port Loko last Saturday to do the inauguration himself.


Another treatment and holding centre would also soon come up in Romende Buya Chiefdom.

During the visit, President Koroma demonstrated a no-nonsense approach, according to the reports, telling chiefs and traditional leaders to become more proactive in the Ebola fight or face some kind of action that would see their staffs being withdrawn temporarily.

Many people interviewed by COCORIOKO said that President Koroma was right to issue a strong message to the chiefs that his government was determined to eradicate Ebola in Sierra Leone and everybody must put their hands on deck and a lackadaisical attitude will not be tolerated from leaders , especially the Chiefs who control their communities and should lead the fight from the front, as President Koroma himself has been doing. It is alleged that under the watch of some of the chiefs, people were still engaged in traditional practices that help to spread the Ebola virus. Some chiefs have not been proactive in sensitizing their people about the “does and donts ” of Ebola , hence the strong warning from the President.

Here are excepts from the reports filed by Septimus Kanu and Alhaji Amani. We are also publishing photos produced by the men. :

The vision , passion ,and will of strength ,displayed by the minister of Information and Communications The Hon Alhaji Alpha Kanu , paid off by an important working visit from his Boss,His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, to inaugurate the newly rehabilitation Ebola Treatment & Holding Centre in Port Loko District.

Last Saturday morning October 25, 2014 , the President, HE Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma inaugurated the Rehabilitation Center in Port Loko.

During the visit , the President was very straightforward with the paramount chiefs and religious leaders,with regard to their contributions in halting the spread of the Ebola virus..

Hon. Alhaji Alpha Kanu, is busy constructing another treatment and holding centres in Port Loko Town, (Foredugu in the BUYA ROMENDE Chiefdom) as he has just concluded the one in Maforki Chiefdom treatment and holding centre.This is a spectacular example of Leadership and heartfelt concern for the people of Sierra Leone. This presuppose to mean that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Bravo, Hon Alpha Kanu for being a patriot, loyalist, philanthropist and an ardent believer in the vision of President Koroma.



Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


President Ernest Bai Koroma and the Minister of Information, Hon. Alpha Kanu, are seen here working to ensure that Ebola treatment centers in Port Loko are up and fully operational.



President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has paid glowing tribute to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for the great work they have done, in spite of the huge deaths suffered by its staff to help contain the Ebola outbreak. He also commended the tireless efforts of the Sierra Leone Police and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces to get the treatment center, which is the largest countrywide, up and running.

As new cases of the Ebola disease continue to increase in Port Loko and Other Districts,Hon. Alhaji Alpha Kanu’s new assignment by his boss His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma,is to provide leadership to help prevent the spread of the Ebola virus in PortLoko. Hon. Alpha Kanu is really contributing immeasurably in saving the lives and stopping the Ebola outbreak in PortLoko. A whole Ebola treatment centre was presently on construction at portloko district for Ebola affected people in the district, this was done by the singular effort of the Hon. Minister,to complement the effort of his Boss His Ernest Bai Koroma in the fight against the dreadful Ebola virus in the country as a whole.

The President described the activities of the treatment center as a turning point in the fight against the Ebola virus disease.
President Koroma thanked God Almighty for sparing the lives of the 49 survivors. He urged them to take the news to thier communities and tell the story that if the symptoms are detected early enough, the chances of survival are high.
He also called on Sierra Leoneans to desist from stigmatizing patients discharged from Ebola as this will pay little or no dividend for the fight against EVD.

The President further appealed for more treatment centers and up to 1,000 beds to intensify this fight. “We know it is our role as a government to do these things but we want those who want to help us to hurry as time is not on our side,” he said, and added that the Ebola fight is a fight for government and its development partners.

President Koroma encouraged all to continue the collaboration which had resulted into this ceremony being witnessed today.
Meanwhile, a dynamic group of young Sierra Leoneans from all works of life donated assorted provisions, food stuff, sanitary pads and condoms worth over Le16 million to the 49 survivors, including the children.


President Ernest Koroma visits Connaught and Lakka

Monday, August 25th, 2014

By State House Communication Unit :

President Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has this afternoon visited Connaught, Emergency and Lakka hospitals respectively where he was taken on conducted tours of the the different facilities.



At the Connaught Hospital, the President visited the isolation unit where he was briefed by Dr TB Kamara on the challenges facing the hospital in the wake of the Ebola outbreak. He also visited the Emergency and Lakka hospitals. At the Lakka hospital, President Koroma inspected the newly installed Ebola mobile lab brought in from South Africa under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The President also inspected the ongoing construction of the isolation center at Lakka to find out progress made so far.



President Ernest Koroma addresses Ebola issue in State House Press Conference

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

By ABC News :

Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma has called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to do more to fight an Ebola outbreak that has killed 348 people in the West African country.

With the death toll over 1 000 and still climbing, the UN health agency is facing questions over whether it moved quickly enough to declare the months-old outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern”, which it did on August 8.
“WHO, I have just urged them to increase their responsiveness because of where we are, and it’s not only WHO, I indicated to you that I spoke to the secretary-general of the Unite Nations and we need a more robust response to the nature of the disease and the way it is affecting us. And it is an extraordinary situation and we all agreed that we’d require an extraordinary response, so that is why we wanted a quick response. It’s only after our meeting in Conakry that the WHO went out to urge the other partners and then we heard reactions from the World Bank. And all of these are pronouncements, they still had to go through processes to make whatever has been committed available, and time is of the essence,” Koroma said at a press conference in Freetown.

Medical charity MSF (Doctors Without Borders), which has been one of the most active groups in fighting the outbreak, said its spread had created a “wartime” situation in the worst-affected states of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Nigeria is also facing a smaller separate outbreak.
Koroma said his nation’s only two treatment centres were “overwhelmed”. In neighbouring Liberia, Information Minister Lewis Brown said Ebola-affected rural areas quarantined by troops faced serious food shortages.  
“This is a call we are now making to the world because we need treatment centres, and in treatment centres we need clinicians that require specialised training, we don’t have that. We need nurses that require specialised training, we don’t have that. We need sprayers that require specialised training, we don’t have that,” said Koroma.
“And if our people are dying, the response should be an extraordinary response because it is an extraordinary situation. We must limit the bureaucracy and come and save our people, as we are doing to ensure peace in our country and to save the lives of other nationals of other countries,” he continued to say.
The worst-affected countries are recovering from a decade of civil wars and have some of the weakest health systems in the world. Liberia has one doctor for every 70 000 people, Sierra Leone one for every 45 000, compared to one for every 360 people in Britain and one for every 410 in the United States.
Alarm over the risk of the disease, which can kill up to 90% of those it afflicts and is spread by contact with the bodily fluids of infected persons and animals, has triggered a wave of travel warnings and restrictions, cancellations of events and flight suspensions to the region by some airlines.
The consequences of the Ebola outbreak will be felt in Sierra Leone for a long time to come, said the president.
“It has been difficult but the realisation has now improved and the fear that most people had is now subsided and we are getting to the point where very soon we will be able to contain the situation, and when we contain the situation we go back to normalcy. Of course we will have the post Ebola challenges, on the economy, on the society, we are already experiencing it even within the epicentres of the children that are now affected, who have been orphaned as a result of the Ebola. These are challenges that have been with us and we will have challenges of trying to get the whole economy back to normalcy,” said Koroma.
The WHO said on Friday the death toll from this epidemic, first declared in Guinea in March, had risen to 1145, as 76 new deaths were reported in the two days to August 13 in the four nations affected so far.