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Gbanka community Junior Secondary School Wants Government Intervention

Friday, January 31st, 2014
 By Alhassa Spear Kamara in Freetown :

The Gbanka Community Junior Secondary  school  in the Bombali Shebora Chiefdon in the outskirt of Makeni , Bombali District,   has a couple of f year benefited from both a primary  and junior secondary  schools  through the humanitarian assistance of a Sierra Leonean born – Norway – based Muctarr Koroma who single handedly undertook such a laudable venture much to the appreciations of the community stakeholders,  including the Paramount Chief Bai shebora Kasanga 11.

The Gbanka Community Junior  Secondary School  currently headed by the substantive principal Alhaji Idriss Massaquo has an ultra -modern structure and a self – contained nine bed staff quarters also privately financed by Muctarr Koroma but struggling to gain access to basic facilities like the paying of staff ‘s monthly salaries and upkeep of day- to-day administration  of the school
‘We are calling on the government of President  Ernest Bai Koroma and the Ministry of Education Science and Technology under the able leadership of Dr. Minkailu Bah as Minister to ensure that our schools are approved’ of ” , were the words of the community people led by Chief Pa Kaprie Lawyer Koroma.
A vox pop interview conducted by these medium with the community people especially the youths and the aged community the philanthropist Muctarr Koroma for his giant strides , noting that both the primary and Junior  secondary  school  are free of cost and that evening school uniforms are given to the pupils free.


New Jersey Chief Imam showers praises on Cocorioko Publisher for incomparable community service

Friday, January 31st, 2014

The Chief Imam of one of the leading muslim jamaats in New Jersey has highly commended the Publisher of COCORIOKO , Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, for the incomparable service he is providing the New Jersey community. Imam Alhaji Abdullah Savage made the commendation when members of the Mabohanday Social Club of New Jersey and the All People’s Congress ( APC ) New Jersey Branch congregated at his residence in Piscataway, New Jersey last Friday  to express condolences to him on the death of his wife, Haja Sally Savage.



Responding to messages of condolence delivered to him and his family by Mabohanday and the APC New Jersey Branch, the muslim cleric did not only spend a lengthy and valuable time appealing to the New Jersey Community to summon courage for the latest death in their midst but also larvisly praised Rev. Kabs-Kanu for the service he is rendering the community through his information news outlet, the COCORIOKO Newspaper.



About the death of his beloved wife, the muslim cleric said it was the will of God. He told the gathering that it was God who lent out his wife to him and it is God’s pleasure to take her back. He religiously philosophied that when somebody lends one something, he has the right to come back to take that thing because he is the rightful owner and the receiver  does not question the lender why he took back his property.

The Imam thanked God for giving him his wife whom, he said, rendered valuable services to him as a spouse. He enumerated the many ways that his wife supported him in his regular life and in his service to Allah. He recalled the love, respectfulness, kindness and prayerful attitude of his late wife and comforted the community to continue to have faith in God.

What was most conspicuously remarkable about Imam Savage since his wife died was that he is so steeped in his faith and service to God and community as a clergy that instead being the one to be comforted, he was in fact the one comforting mourners to have courage and to continue putting their faith in God. He said that the parting that death brings is very sad but God does nothing wrong. God gives and he has the right to take back what he has given .

The muslim leader appealed for unity in the community and he called on members to continue supporting one another . He extended thanks separately to the Mabohanday Club and the APC New Jersey Branch for their condolences and support to his family.

Turning to the Rev. Kabs-Kanu, the muslim leader said he will not complete his remarks without mentioning the valuable service the diplomat and journalist was rendering to the New Jersey community. He noted the contribution the Reverend was making in reporting the events happening in New Jersey through which people in Sierra Leone  and all over the world were able to follow up what was happening in New Jersey. He said that when his wife died, the COCORIOKO  coverage of the bereavement led to him receiving condolence calls from Sierra Leone and all over the world. He stated that people he had lost contact with for decades called him to sympathize with him because of the news report on the death by COCORIOKO.

The Imam lauded Rev. Kabs-Kanu and assured him that many other people in the community appreciated his efforts and he had heard them praising him. He called out his sister whom he described as one of the fans of Cocorioko. He said he perfectly agreed with an article written by the Reverend when he won the GEMS OF AFRICA Award in October ,  titled : GIVE ME MY FLOWERS WHILE I AM STILL ALIVE. He said that when somebody is yet alive, it was the best time  to let him/ her know how much he/ she is appreciated. The Imam said he too received the GEMS OF AFRICA Award , though he did not attend the Awards program. The organizers however came to his masjid to confer the award on him and he said he appreciated the gesture of being give the award because it showed that he was rendering valuable services to the community.

In separate statements, the Mabohanday Club and the President of the APC New Jersey Branch, Mr. Pavi Jalloh , the Secretary General Mr. Alimamy Turay and the Rev. Kabs-Kanu equally commanded Alhaji Savage for his magnificent services to the community in New Jersey. The Imam has helped many people in the community who appreciate his kindness and religious service to them.



Dr. Samura Kamara impressed with Addis Ababa Embassy project

Friday, January 31st, 2014

 Hon. Dr. Samura Kamara, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on Wednesday 29th January 2014 toured the site of the Sierra Leone Embassy building project site in Addis Ababa to assess the work done there so far.



He took time off his busy schedule whilst attending the African Union Summit to visit the project site for which His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma turned the sod a year ago.


The complex consists of a Chancery, the Ambassador’s residence and a Presidential VIP Suite. The building project is situated in Bole, Addis Ababa’s prime area.


Dr. Samura Kamara who was so impressed with the progress of the project said that upon his return he would brief President Koroma fully about the work on the site.


He also indicated that he would talk to his counterpart, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development to remit the remaining money for the completion of the work.


Receiving the Foreign Minister at the site, the General Manager of MEEG Building Contractor, Mr. Mehari Enyew disclosed that 80% of the construction work on the Chancery was completed.


He said the building materials imported from Dubai including the interior fixings and ceramics have arrived.


“If I have all the funds needed, the Chancery building will be completed in the next three months,” Mr. Enyew said.


He said the Chancery building has 12 office rooms, a meeting room and a hall to host receptions, excluding the Ambassador’s office.


The Chancery, he said, when completed will be a ground plus three story building with a very spacious car parking space and a guard house.


Welcoming Dr. Samura Kamara to the site, Ambassador Andrew G. Bangali, Sierra Leone’s Envoy to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia said the Chancery was almost completed as a lot of progress has been made.


Ambassador Bangali pointed out that work on the Ambassador’s residence was put on hold to fast track the completion of the Chancery building.


“I hope funds will be remitted soon to complete the Chancery building,” he said.


The Foreign Minister’s delegation to the site also included: Ambassador Vandy Minah, Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York; Mrs. Rasie Kargbo, Director General and Ambassador-at-Large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Sierra Leone’s newly appointed Deputy Chief of Mission to Ethiopia, Mr. Ismeal Koroma and Mrs. Juliana Fallah, Acting Head of Chancery in the Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone in Addis Ababa, among others.




Abdul Karim Koroma


Information Attaché


Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone


Addis Ababa



Performance of state institutions being assessed in Sierra Leone

Friday, January 31st, 2014

The Performance of State Institutions is being assessed with their leaderships at various working sessions in Freetown.

The three-day interactive Reporting and Review meetings on the year-2013 Performance Contracts, also attended by Presidential Advisers and Civil Society Activists, is being coordinated by the Performance Management and Service Delivery Directorate in the Office of the Chief of Staff, State House.



Declaring the process open, State House Chief of Staff, Dr Richard Konteh stressed that Ministers and their Deputies are equally held responsible for their stewardships in accordance with their respective schedules of duty.

He described the Reporting and Review process as a joint effort geared towards enhancing efficiency and improve the culture of service delivery, adding that the leaderships will be held responsible for any weaknesses in their respective institutions.

The State House Director of the Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU), Professor Victor Strasser-King stressed the need for the joint sessions to cover vital areas like Performance Tracking table, Managerial indicators and project Trackers, to enable institutions rate each other, as a first step.

The first day of the Performance Contracts sessions focused on various ministries of Government, represented by the respective Ministers and their Deputies.

The presentations of the Ministries covered their Roles, Mandates and Missions, highlighting completed and on-going projects and programmes, as well as challenges being encountered.

The current status of the proposed new Mamamah airport and rehabilitation of the current one at Lungi were highlighted by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, while provision of one hundred buses any time now to ease transportation and the plan to increase vehicle registration fees were disclosed.

The computerization of data, the high completion of court cases, and success in passing the Access to Information Act and improving internet connectivity, through fibre optics, as well as the challenges in the networks of mobile telephone companies were covered in the presentations of the Ministries of Attorney General and Justice, and Information and Communications.

The Ministries of Energy and Water Resources focused on the achievements in providing electricity and water supply in many parts in the capital city, Freetown and other parts in the regions, including on-going projects.

The Performance status of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Trade and Industry, Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, among others, reflecting the targeted variables in their contracts was also reported and reviewed by their peers and professionals at State House.

Follow-up presentations at the Performance Contracts sessions are focusing on other institutions, including Departments, Commissions, Local Councils and Tertiary institutions.


Independent and final evaluations of the Ministries and other institutions will be co-ordinated by the Performance Management Service Delivery Directorate (PMSD) at State House to fully assess the performance of the various institutions on their contracts with the president and Head of State.


The “J – TEAM” Provided a Booster Seat for The APC-USA Interim Executive

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
The “J – TEAM” Provided a Booster Seat for
The APC-USA Interim Executive.
By Abdul Modie Kargbo – Woodbridge, VA
  • I must first of all congratulate you all for your sincere efforts in initiating and maintaining the peace accord in North America. Since December 7, 2013 after the Peace Talks in Laurel, Maryland, and the appointment of the interim executive, the atmosphere in North America has been very quiet for anyone to hear a pin drop from Maine to Florida, and from Washington DC to California. This silence portrays that we all respect and accepted the decisions made there and then. The 13-Man delegation from Freetown did their homework well, hence delivered a marvelous job. A big thank you again folks, and the leader of our APC Party – His Excellency Dr Ernest B Koroma for his vision for this party.
The Interim Executive is very busy behind the scenes working towards the benchmarks laid down by the said 13-Man Delegation in the Communiqué signed by all parties. According to the Interim Chairman – Mr Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara’s movements and meetings feedback, he is very determine to re-vamp the entire APC membership registration system in North America and to eliminate the inflation of member’s list by chapters during election or convention. The new system will account for any currently registered member with authentic documentation to prove so at any time when needed. These folks are really busy planning, and will soon implement their plans for your evaluation of their efforts. This is a man who is very meticulous in doing things, and he always excel in what he does.
You and I know that there is nothing in the coffers of the Interim Executive, they need cash badly to operate basically. Despite their voluntary efforts in this part of the globe where time is money, and everyone regards the “hour” to be money, knows that it is extremely important for this interim executive to have some cash at hand right now to facilitate their work. It is in this regard that one of the aspirants for the chairmanship of APC-USA, Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara from Washington Metropolitan Chapter came to the rescue to show his seriousness in supporting the work of the interim executive.
On Sunday January 26, 2014. Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara, Aspirant for the APC-USA Chairmanship, on behalf of his “J – Team” donated the sum of $1,000.00 (One Thousand US Dollars) to the Chairman of the Interim Executive – Mr Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara to serve as a booster seat for his team to seat on and sail the ship to it’s desired destination. Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara (No relation to the Interim chairman) verbalized the need for the cash donation as urgently needed by the team to do their work as expected. He also hope that others will emulate his foot-steps by donating to the interim executive in order for them to do the job assigned to them in the communiqué. The interim chairman, thanked Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara and his team for the generous donation, and assured all present at the meeting at the APC Party office in Lanham, Maryland, that the money will be wisely spent to implement their plans accordingly.
Please see photos below.
Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara (1st from Left) presenting a check of
$1,000.00 US Dollars to the Interim Chairman – Mr Ibrahim S. Kamara (Center)
As the Acting President of the Washington Chapter – Mrs Beatrice Conteh looks on.
(L-R) Ms Abie “De Queen” Mansaray (Campaign Manager), Mr Joseph B Kamara,
Mr Ibrahim S Kamara (Interim Chairman) and Mrs Beatrice Conteh
(Acting President of the Washington Metropolitan Chapter)
Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara
(Aspirant for APC-USA Chairmanship)

Yet another sad day in New Jersey as Haja Sally Savage laid to rest

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014


Grief and sorrow lay thick in New Jersey once again last Sunday as the Sierra Leone community buried another one of their own in what is now a distressful regular feature in the state. This time, the deceased was Haja Sally Iyatunde Savage , the wife of the Chief Imam of Jamatul Haq of New Jersey, Alhaji Abdulai Savage. Haja Savage , 54, passed away at the Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ  on Saturday January 18, 2014 after a brief illness .

Late_Haja_Sally_Savage (1)


Sunday’s service took place at the Anderson Funeral Home in New Brunswick and it was followed by Janaza prayers at the Islamic Society of Central Jersey at Monmouth Junction before the burial at the Makbarat As-Salaam Cemetery at Conover Road , Millstone. The Repast ceremony was held at the Ukranian Orthodox Cultural Center at Davidson Avenue , Somerset.



The funeral drew a huge crowd ,  with mourners coming from different states in the U.S. and other countries . A large number of Muslim cleric was also in attendance.  The Anderson Funeral Home was so jam packed that the crowd spilled out into the corridors outside with some mourners having to endure the brutal cold . Inside, mourners sang sorrowful muslim funeral dirges while awaiting the program to start as the coffin draped with a green shroud bearing the mortal remains of Mrs. Savage sat in the corner of the pulpit . Women sobbed freely and many more burst into tears when statements made during the tributes struck a chord. The funeral service was moderated by Sheikh Ballah of Jamatul Haq.



The program started with elaborate quoranic readings and prayers by different muslim clerics, interspersed with mournful dirges. Then it was time for tributes .

SALLY SAVAGE'S FUNERAL 302 (600 x 448)


SALLY SAVAGE'S FUNERAL 307 (600 x 448)


SALLY SAVAGE'S FUNERAL 310 (600 x 448)


SALLY SAVAGE'S FUNERAL 312 (600 x 448)


SALLY SAVAGE'S FUNERAL 313 (600 x 448)



SALLY SAVAGE'S FUNERAL 314 (600 x 448)


SALLY SAVAGE'S FUNERAL 320 (600 x 448)


The elder brother of the deceased , Mr. Tejan Rahman, said that his sister lived a good life and was kind ,  loving  and generous to her family and others . “She dedicated her life to her husband , family and Islam” , he went on .  He appealed to family members and well-wishers to continue his sister’s legacy of giving and not to forget her children. “Whatever good she has done, please return it to her children “, he appealed.

Late Mrs. Savage’s  sister, Mrs. Lambree  Sesay , lamented that she had lost her best friend who was always with her during good and bad times and was never judgemental. “She would cook and send food for us in Maryland “, she reminisced .



Haja’s elder son, Omar , confessed that it was tough on him to speak at his mother’s funeral , but recovered to powerfully eulogize her as a good mother who always advised him that what you put in life is what you are going to get back. His mother, he went on, touched many lives  and this was manifested by the crowd at her funeral. He addressed his mother directly : “You were a good woman. You had a genuine care for people .This is what people are going to miss–The love you put out. I was blessed to have you . Thank you for what you did for us . Thank you for the discipline .” He assured his mother that he is going to take care of his younger brother, Alhaji and their father. “We will take care of one another. Thank you for being the best mum anybody would wish for “. Some women sobbed bitterly as emotions overcame the man on the podium.

The younger son, Alhaji, was charged with so much grief he sobbed intermittently during his tribute , which took the form of a personal letter to his late mum. He said his mother taught him to handle trials amd losing her was like losing his life. She did good things for a lot of people and “I just want to be like her”, he remarked, drawing wails of grief from women in the hall . Calling her fondly by her full name, he ended by saying : “Sally Iyatunde Savage, I will ever remember you ” .

The late Haja’s mother, Haja Barkisu Rahman, who was later overwhelmed by grief on the podium and had to be delicately led away by mourning cleric and women, described her late daughter as a “good child”  about whom nobody used to complain. “Her husband did not have problems with her . She worked towards attaining blessings from her mother and father , as well as her husband, ” the grief-stricken mother said.



The husband, Imam Abdulai Savage, who remarkably had been the one comforting the community (Instead of being comforted ) repeated what he had been telling sympathizers that the death of his wife was the will of God and another test to the community. He said that God will not leave his creation alone without testing them and he called on the community to sum up courage. The muslim cleric, who loves quoting the Bible as well, highlighted Job’s test from God and his suffering and stressed Job’s affirmation of faith in God : Though  you slay me, yet will I trust in you ” . He also quoted James 1 : 12 in which God’s creation are admonished that they will receive the crown of life when they would have successfully endured testings from the Lord. The Imam , ”Before man and God “ then made an attestation to his wife :  ”She was a very faithful and dedicated wife in whom I am well pleased. I call on God to grant her the highest paradise .She was also dedicated to her service of God. ” When he travelled out of town and was on his way back, if the time for prayer came while he was still on the road, his wife would call him and ask him to park the car somewhere and let them pray. Even in the hospital where she eventually died , she was always praying , “And we had to always wait on her “, the Imam told the mournful congregation.

In his funeral oration, Sheikh Isagar Kanu said that Allah has tested the community  for it  to take a lesson about who would be next to die . “Death is not blind. You do not meet death. Death meets you and the place you least expect it, that is where it meets you . Nobody can escape death”  , he warned. “Take your lessons from here. You are nothing but dust “, he admonished the congregation.  He advised people to stop being proud and asking “Do you know who I am ? ‘.  The cleric said : “Stop asking that question because you are nothing ” . He also condemned man’s obsession with amassing material things . He described the riches people spent all their time in life seeking as  worthless . “God wants us to prepare for the journey for which there is no return. The time you never expect it that is when death would come . How have you prepared for the journey ? “, he asked  the congregation . “You will never escape it .Your iron-clad armour cannot help you escape the bullet of death “. The muslim preacher comforted the congregation to have courage and trust in God.

After another round of prayers over the corpse of Haja Sally Savage, the coffin was then slowly wheeled out of the funeral home for the trip  first to the mosque and then the final journey to the graveyard. Women burst into tears, screaming in grief as the coffin was being wheeled through the funeral palace , knowing that for  them it was the last time they would see the coffin , because by muslim tradition , women are forbidden from attending burials at the cemetery.

Haja Savage was later laid to rest at the Conover  Cemetery where some of the many other members of the community who died within the last two years were also interred, notable Haja Fatu Dumbuya, Alpha Tejan, Brima Bangura ( BB ), Ahmad Mustapha,  Shekou Dauda Bangura , Aziz Nabe,  Momoh Unisa Kamara etc. The graveside ceremony was moderated by a Pakistani Cleric , Alhaj Chibli. Tears rang the cemetery as the wooden coffin bearing the body of another New Jersey resident was lowered into the grave.

Haja Sally Iyatunde Savage was indeed gone for good.

May her soul rest in peace.


Sierra Leone’s Renewable Future and Maada Bio’s Cry Wolf Tactics

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014
 By Mohamed Rashid :

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) was established in 2009 to promote the accelerated adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy. The intergovernmental organization provides a global networking hub, advisory resource and unified voice for renewable energy across the globe.



According to a statement published on its website, the founding members of IRENA were inspired by the opportunities offered by renewable energy to enable sustainable development while addressing issues of energy access, security and volatility. Please follow link:

Last week we read in the newspapers and on many websites that President Ernest Bai Koroma attended the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2014 and the World Future Energy Summit. If you ever wonder whether President Koroma is a leader that has this country at heart, or whether what he is doing to transform Sierra Leone is genuine, just first of all think about how far he has taken this country and also go through his responses or watch video clips of his performance during the panel discussion with Macky Sall, President of Senegal and Hailemariam Desalegn, Prime Minister of Ethiopia moderated by Adnan Z. Amin, Director-General of IRENA.

As a country we have had a lot of ups and downs, but we have fought so hard to rebrand this nation and we’ve made tangible progress. Responding to a question posed by the Director-General of IRENA, Adnan Amin, with regards the challenges Sierra Leone is facing as well as its needs in terms of engagement with the private sector for the future of renewable energy in the country, President Ernest Bai Koroma said that Sierra Leone is home to huge number of mineral resources and arable land, and the responsibility of the government is to create the enabling environment, and said that the legal framework is already being put in place in ensuring that investors partner with the country to exploit the mineral resources in gold, diamond, bauxite and rutile. He also stressed the need for the energy sector to be developed as it is critical to the exploitation and development of the mineral wealth of the country.

According to President Koroma the legal environment that will give space for private sector participation has been created by government and that focus is now on regulation. “But we are of the view that private sector independent power producers can come in and participate in the generation and distribution of energy”, the President said, and went on to note that the potential for energy is great. President Koroma highlighted the huge potentials the country has in harnessing hydro, solar, and even the possibility of biomass, saying that markets are not only limited to Sierra Leone. “We have the West African Power Pool connectivity that we are now engaged in and the possibility of moving beyond that”. He called on private sector players in the energy sector to come to Sierra Leone and invest as the country is ideal for business.

“Now for us moving forward, we have been engaged with UAE, and in fact, our proposal is one of the proposals that were accepted yesterday and the Freetown Solar Park is going to be an example of how we can create the engagement for opportunities for employment, create a green energy situation which will continue the development process that we have started”, he said amidst rapturous applause.
We have faced many challenges but the truth is we are very fortunate to have a leader that is respected across the world. An aftermath of the ADSW 2014 was the approval of a proposal to establish a Solar Park in Freetown with a capacity of 6 megawatts that will produce sufficient energy to power approximately 3000 average type households in Sierra Leone. “The overall performance of the plant” stated a press release by Masdar PV, “complies with 8.5% of Sierra Leone’s total energy consumption and ensures access to a renewable, affordable and sustainable energy supply in the future. Sierra Leone has the goal to achieve 25% of the country’s energy generation from renewable sources by 2015”.

The Solar Park Freetown with a capacity of 6 MW and valued at $9 million is one of six projects which are selected from over 80 project applications for the first funding cycle of the IRENA/ADFD project facility. It is going to be one of West Africa’s largest solar plants in the country.

This is welcome news for this country and it shows that despite all what this president has done and continues to do, he is not seating on his oars. He is going all out to explore all avenues of power generation and distribution, mindful of the fact that there can be no sustainable development without sustainable sources of energy.

Unfortunately, the latest citizen of this country caught spreading myths and outright untruth about the state of affairs in the country is none other than the long-ago 2012 SLPP presidential aspirant. Brigadier (Rtd.) General Julius Maada Bio recently blamed President Koroma for assenting to the bill that outlined new qualifications for the office of Speaker of Parliament.

Research has proven that Maada Bio’s claims have no merit considering the fact that modern democracies nowadays hardly have a provision like the one Bio is bemoaning now. Even the United States of America’s Constitution doesn’t have such a provision that only persons with legal minds could become Speakers of Parliament. In fact, research has shown that the American Constitution does not require that the Speaker be an elected House Representative, though all Speakers have been an elected Member of Congress.

If we are to copy best practice as Bio never stops reminding this government, why is he so jittery about something that is best practice all over the world, especially in the US? A member of the minority party in Parliament has even described Bio’s conclusions as “silly” and “presumptuous.”

Personally I’m sure we will be hearing more from Bio as the SLPP seems bereft of effective opposition and therefore wanted to chip in and fill the void. This is the reason why I believe we can’t afford to let any myth like this go unchallenged as we go about the ongoing development and transformation of this country.

What’s more absurd is that Maada Bio talks about challenges facing the judiciary as if there was anything like judicial independence when he had a short at state office fifteen years ago. What is happening today in the judiciary is unlike any we’ve seen since independence, and Bio should know that since he knows nothing about judicial independence other than “governance by force”.
If Maada Bio wants attention he should first of all help bring his party together rather than beating the gun.

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Dr. Samura Kamara in Addis Ababa for Executive Council Meeting

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Hon. Dr. Samura Kamara, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation who arrived in the political capital of Africa, Addis Ababa via Cairo is attending the 24rd Ordinary Session of the Executive Council Meeting which is underway in Ethiopia.

The confab is taking place at the African Union Commission’s New Conference Centre from 27th to 28thJanuary 2014.

This year’s theme for the African Union Summit is: “Year of Agriculture and Food Security” and the Summit is marking the 10th Anniversary of the adoption of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme or CAADP.



The Executive Council is composed of Foreign Ministers of Member States charged with the responsibility of coordinating and making policy recommendations in areas of common interest to the Member States. It is answerable to the Assembly of Heads of State and is tasked with preparing Sessions for the Assembly.

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs today commenced discussions on Part B of the document which includes items on which agreement has not been reached by the Permanent Representatives’ Committee or PRC and therefore require debate by the Foreign Ministers.

Her Excellency Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission in her statement spoke about a number of issues including the 50th Anniversary of the OUA/AU and the Generational Dialogue which was organized by the Commission.

Hon. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gehberyesus, Foreign Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and out-going Chairman of the Executive Council who declared the meeting open lauded the PRC for preparing ground for the smooth work of the Executive Council.

Dr. Gehberyesus dilated on the Ministerial Contact Group meeting with the United Nations Security Council and cited how the latter rejected a draft resolution backed by African countries for the International Criminal Court to suspend the trials of the Kenyan President His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta and his Vice, William Ruto for a year.

Dr. Samura Kamara’s delegation to the meeting included the following: Ambassador Andrew G. Bangali, Sierra Leone’s Envoy to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; Ambassador Vandy Minah, Sierra Leone’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York; Mrs. Rasie Kargbo, Director General and Ambassador-at-Large in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; Mr. Ibrahim Kondoh, Director, Africa Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Mr. Sullay Mannah, Director, Policy and Research in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


Abdul Karim Koroma

Information Attaché

Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Addis Ababa


Ambassadors console grieving Serry- Kamal family

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The two Deputy Permanent Representatives at the Permanent Mission of Sierra Leone to the United  Nations over the weekend travelled all the way from New York to Maryland to console the Kamal family for the recent sad passing of the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice,  Hon . Abdul Serry Kamal. The legal luminary died at the John Hopkins Medical Center in Washington DC on Saturday January 18, 2014.



Ambassadors Osman Keh Kamara ( DPR  Legal ) and Amadu Koroma ( DPR Political Affairs ) expressed their deepest condolence to the widow , Mrs. Margaret Serry -Kamal and family members and extolled the impressive contributions the fallen former Attorney General made to the cause of the nation-building in Sierra Leone. They described his death as a big loss to the nation .



In response, Mrs. Serry -Kamal expressed her appreciation of the gesture  and thanked the two ambassadors for taking time off their very busy schedules at the UN  to visit the family during this difficult moment of grieving . She said that their visit was a manifestation of their care and concern for the Serry-Kamal family and for Sierra Leoneans in general.

Present during the visit was legal practitioner , Mr. Abubakarr Kalokoh , who also thanked the ambassadors for their gesture.

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Thou Shall Eat Foundation Feeds Aberdeen Children

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

By A. R. Bedor Kamara
Thou Shall Eat Foundation, a charitable organization that caters for the welfare of orphans, vulnerable children and youths, in collaboration with Municipal Schools in Aberdeen, West of Freetown and Fire Omega Deliverance International Ministries on Saturday 25th January, 2014 fed over 200,000 children at Aberdeen at a ceremony held at the Tity Hotel, Aberdeen.
Christopher Norman, founder and Executive Director of the organization said it caters for the wellbeing of orphans and other disadvantaged groups to create impact in their lives through selfless service.
He further stated that there are children in the streets and in homes suffering who are in dire need of love, care and unity to enhance the development of the country pointing out, “if we love one another there will be no crime. We should learn to live in harmony and see ourselves as brothers and sisters.”
Christopher Norman went on to state that the event would be held annually and admonished children to love one another, share together, help their colleagues, especially the needy underlining, “thou shall eat for me, thou shall eat for you and thou shall eat for all of us.”
Pastor Daniel Gbewah of Fire Omega Deliverance International Ministries said that Jesus emphasized on love stressing, “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” also maintained that love would reduce violence in schools and admonished children to see themselves as one and respect elders.
Madam Bangali, who represented the schools in Aberdeen, commended the founder of the foundation for the support observing that there are many prosperous Sierra Leoneans who do not cater for the less-privileged or demonstrate love for children.
She further affirmed, “nobody wants to be an orphan. So when you support a child, you support the development of the community and the country as a whole as our children are the future leaders and human resources of the country.”
Gifts will be donated to the schools for the children.
A party climaxed the ceremony.
Conservation Society-SL Concludes Migrating Birds Count
By Abdul R. Bedor Kamara
The Conservation Society of Sierra Leone (CSSL) was established in September 1986 with the mandate of preserving wildlife and natural species in the country and since its establishment, the organization has worked with Government, local and international partners to ensure that the country’s natural resources are protected.
CSSL Executive Director, Dr. Sama Mondeh stated that over the years, hundreds of millions of birds have been migrating from Europe during winter to Africa where they nest, breed, feed and later return to their various destinations in the summer.
Dr. Sama Mondeh strongly believes that human action is destroying the activities of species and their habitats and since they have linkages with partners across the globe, the society has deemed it necessary to contribute immensely towards the protection of thousands of species of birds migrating to Sierra Leone.
He disclosed that this year’s migrating bird count costs €4,500 and commended Government for providing the legal framework to protect the environment.
He added, “Government has the political will to conserve the environment for which CSSL is collaboratively working with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) among others, to enhance the conservation of the country’s natural resources.”
Dr. Mondeh continued that CSSL has been involved in policy framework, advocacy, sensitization and program implementation noting, “CSSL remains committed to participating in developments related to environmental management.”
CSSL Biodiversity Officer, Papanie Bai Sesay said that he has learnt a lot of skills from the three experts that include David Paynter, Chas Holt and Richard Hearn from the United Kingdom who arrived in the country to trace migrating birds and also empower Sierra Leoneans with the necessary skills on the preservation and importance of birds.
He further disclosed that the team completed its two-week mission and left the country over the past weekend disclosing, “even though the resources are limited for this year’s migrating bird count, yet we copped with the exercise.”
Papanie Bai Sesay further stated that policy implementation is a problem in the country observing that plans are underway to review the law, especially penalties for defaulters although he admitted that sensitization campaigns are minimal due to the lack of funds underscoring, “it is the business of every Sierra Leonean to conserve our natural resources.”
He also revealed that they discovered ten Important Bird Areas (IBAs) at the Sierra Leone Estuary, Toto Island, Sherbro River and Yoribay among other places informing that some of the migrating birds are closely monitored with devices like sim card placed on their brain for data collection to trace their locations.
The experts acclaimed national efforts in preserving the migrating birds underlining, “we have seen a lot of fantastic birds and we now know that Sierra Leone has the potential to manage the environment and maintain its habitats.”

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