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APC poised for a landslide victory – Tarawalie tells New Jersey APC caucus

Friday, August 17th, 2012

APC poised for a landslide victory – Tarawalie tells New Jersey APC caucus thumbnail

Sierra Leone’s Deputy Minister of information and Communications who doubles as the Co- Government Spokesman, Hon. Sheka Tarawalie, has on Tuesday August 14, 2012 assured top All Peoples Congress (APC) Party caucus in New Jersey, USA, that “the November elections will not only be peaceful , transparent, free, fair, credible, unique and admirable, but will produce a landslide victory for our party because of the concrete results we have registered under the able leadership of President Ernest Bai Koroma.”   (Photo: group photo of some of the caucus members)

Addressing the august body of over thirty men and women at the Somerset residence of APC strongman Foday Mansaray, Co- Government Spokesman Tarawalie said New Jersey played a significant role in the pre-election consolidation of President Koroma’s campaign in 2007 “and I am here to tell you that your efforts have yielded great dividend, the President has delivered, and I am here to galvanize New Jersey again because we are on the verge of delivering not only the most convincing but the most significant victory of our party on first ballot. The signs are clear, the defections are glaring, the development efforts are concrete, the people are aware.”

He categorically stated that the government has put in place all necessary mechanisms to ensure that the elections are not rigged, by giving autonomous powers and all the support necessary to the National Electoral Commission; and also ensure a peaceful conduct of the elections by equipping and marshaling a robust security apparatus which would include at least one thousand five hundred military personnel in addition to the police and paramilitary forces.

He said the government is working in consultation with all the relevant stake holders including opposition political parties, the National Electoral Commission, the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), civil society groups, and the security forces.

He said the newly introduced biometric system will forestall the notorious malpractice of over-voting.

“I am not here to make a campaign speech, because I cannot preach to the converted since all of us here are APC, yet I will take this opportunity to tell you that the All People’s Congress (APC) party is poised to deliver a landslide victory in the November polls,” he had reiterated.

The Hon. Minister confirmed that there is a scramble for the APC party symbol, and stressed that President Koroma has prepared the minds of all aspirants, that the party will not be moved by any sentiment in the awarding of symbols, as only deserving aspirants that are chosen by the people would be awarded through a kind of primary election system that has been put in place at all levels.

He systematically told the top guns of the New Jersey All People’s Congress North America chapter how the President Ernest Bai Koroma led Government has done a lot to improve and rebrand Sierra Leone.

He said President Koroma restored electricity in record time through the completion of Bumbuna Phase 1 and changing Freetown’s image from that of the darkest city in the world to one of West Africa’s cities with regular electricity supply. He said even Bumbuna Town and Makeni are now enjoying a constant supply of electricity, while other mini hydro projects are being pursued around the country.

He said the marine sector that had once lost much-needed revenue has been boosted through the construction of modern well-equipped fish-landing jetties that would see fish being processed to international standards and could then be acceptable in the international market. He also said President Koroma’s private sector approach to investment has seen a big boost in large-scale investments like the First Step economic zone from where fruit concentrates are now being exported to Europe, London Mining, African Minerals, Addax Bioenergy, the Gold Tree Foundation, and Sierra Rutile which are all improving the communities through corporate social responsibility activities and also providing lots of employment opportunities. “While people are losing jobs in Greece, Portugal, Italy, England, and even here in the United States, we in Sierra Leone are actually recording an increase in employment opportunities. I cannot say we have achieved everything, I cannot say we are already there, but the government has laid a solid foundation during its first term, and the President therefore deserves a second term to complete the work,” he maintained.

Hon. Tarawalie said President Ernest Bai Koroma has demonstrated some of his unique qualities to Sierra Leoneans in particular and the world at large. His government stands unique to be the first to rein without orchestrating treason charges against his opponents. His Government has never arrested and detained any Sierra Leonean for political reasons. Soon after his assumption of power, when many people thought President Ernest Bai Koroma was going to prosecute some alleged corrupt officials of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, he decided to retain them in office for almost three months contrary to what used to happen. President Koroma introduced a transition sytem in Sierra Leone.

At the international level, the Minister said President Koroma is respected at the Mano River Union level (where he has excellent relations with his colleagues and was instrumental in particularly the resolution of the Ivorian crisis), the ECOWAS level (for which he has on several occasions acted as Special Envoy), the AU level (where he has acted as Chairman), and the UN level (where even President Obama publicly acknowledged him).

In the area of Agriculture, the government met thirty (30) tractors, and now there over three hundred tractors and all of them are currently with the farmers, through the smallholder commercialization programme.

Minister Tarawalie said President Koroma has made immeasurable progress in five years, and therefore need another term to lift the country higher.

Almost all attenders were given an opportunity to ask questions, and the minister responded to all of them.


Deputy Information Minister pokes fun at Maada Bio in New Jersey meeting, as he outlines APC government’s achievements

Friday, August 17th, 2012

By Cocorioko Reporter :

Sierra Leone’s Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Hon. Sheka Tarawalli,  rocked New Jersey  with laughter on Tuesday evening while addressing a high-powered All People’s Congress ( APC ) Meeting in Somerset, New Jersey.  In a  hearty moment, the  hilarious minister joked  that  he did not know that he would have had the distinction of speaking  to audiences in the United States before the opposition Presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio, whose supporters in the U.S painted the internet green while lining  up many speaking engagements for him  in the U.S. in June. While Bio failed to come to the U.S, the minister said he had already addressed audiences in Maryland and New Jersey.

Bio’s failure to honour the massive programs planned for him in America was attributed to his continued failure to get an entry U.S. visa because of his appalling human rights records while serving a military junta that ruled Sierra Leone from 1992-96. Minister Tarawalli  was apparently  mocking the SLPP Presidential candidate for his failure to accomplish what seems to  to be the easiest task for President Ernest Koroma and officials of the APC–Entering the U.S. The minister’s jibe sent the hall rocking with laughter as the audience absorbed the absurdity of a presidential candidate of a sovereign country who is unable to  enter the U.S.

  PHOTO : Kabs Kanu and Foday Mansaray enjoying Minister Tarawalli’s joke on SLPP Presidential candidate , Maada Bio 

During the meeting held at Bennet Lane , Somerset,  at the residence of Mr.Foday Mansaray, the Deputy Minister delivered a masterpiece as he kept the audience captive for almost two hours outlining all the achievements of President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC.

He  assured the audience that the upcoming Presidential, Legislative and Local Council elections will be free, fair and credible. The Minister said that free and fair elections are the palm oil with which Sierra Leone’s politics are eaten under the democratic governance of President Ernest Koroma. He joked that there will be no need for anybody to be choked by bones  as they eat it because politics is not war. He assured his captive audience that security will be very tight during the elections to ensure that there is no violence and  the  APC Government, he disclosed, will be deploying about 1, 500 soldiers all over the country under the program called Military Assistance to Civilian Power ( MACP).

Minister Tarawallie also clarified the issue of the tons of ammunition bought by the APC Government that the former Executive Secretary to the UN Secretary General, Mr. Michael Von Schullenberg , spoke about in the UN Security Council after he learnt that he was about to be replaced . Mr. Tarawalli explained  it was wrong for the ERSG to have given the impression that the arms were bought for the oncoming elections. He disclosed that the arms and ammunition were bought years ago when it became known that the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office (UNIPSIL ) would be winding down gradually and were only delivered last year.




He said Sierra Leone is a very rich country, with diamonds, gold, bauxite and iron ore , with  oil soon  to follow. Because of the abundant mineral resources at the country’s disposal, Sierra Leone is vulnerable to encroachment on her territory by other nations eyeing her resources  and thus the government had a duty to secure her territorial integrity . “You all know that if you are rich, thieves will attempt to break into your home and steal your  riches. You have to  protect your home from these dangers” , he emphasized, stating that it was the same dilemma faced by the Government, which  also had the duty to protect the lives and properties of citizens and foreigners. He complained that the  reason for the purchase of the weapons was deliberately misconstrued and misrepresented for political capital , though it was meant to defend the nation. The Government, he stressed , did not need such arms and ammunition for the elections because  the polls are going to be peaceful, thanks to the structures so far put in place by the government to combat violence or lawlessness.

A cross-section of the audience at the meeting  

He stated that the biometric system of registration and voting, for their part,  will ensure that there is no over-voting in the forthcoming elections and also  there is no possibility of the results being rigged. Therefore, Sierra Leoneans should look forward to free, fair and credible elections.

The Minister lauded President Koroma for his socio-economic and political developments . He emphasized the point that the President does not discriminate between any region and  implements his development projects  all over the country, even in the strongholds of the opposition. He said that because of this, President Koroma is popular in all parts of the country.  He noted that whenever President Koroma went  to Kailahun and Kenema, more people came out to welcome him than in Makeni  because of the manner he had developed their regions. He predicted that President Koroma will capture Kailahun, the leading SLPP  stronghold,  because only the APC Government has brought development to that  region and the people will show their appreciation .

Minister Tarawalli justified President Koroma’s infrastructural developments. He argued that whatever development projects are  implemented, if the roads are terrible , these development projects will not be meaningful .Farmers , for instance, would not be able to get their produce to the markets. He said that when the roads are good, produce will reach the towns, villages and the capital on time , and this will  boost the supply and availability of food.

On education, the Minister spoke about the incentives the APC Government has provided since it came to power , to motivate teachers. He said that the Government has built more schools and boosted the number of children now in school. He disclosed that the government would not only be rebuilding and rehabilitating the students dorms at Fourah Bay College, but that more hostels will be constructed to tackle the students’ accomodation problems for once. He indicated that the APC Government plans to make the FBC campus the envy of other African nations.


He spoke glowingly about Sierra Leone’s abundant fish and marine resources and  the commendable efforts being made by Government to make sure that the country fully utilizes these resources. He told the audience that Government has constructed depots in the major cities around the country to boost supply of fish and marine resources.

The Minister also told his audience that he was certain that Sierra Leone would soon join the company of oil producing nations. Though the study on the market value of the oil is still being conducted , there are indications that the oil will be of appreciable value to make Sierra Leone an oil-producing nation.

Still on the extensive road construction being undertaken by the government , the Hon. Minister assured his audience that the chronic traffic jam in the capital of Freetown will soon be a thing of the past when construction is completed on the four-lane road that cuts through the back of the Pademba Road Prisons to Blackhall Road, bypassing Kissy Street, Kissy Road and the East End. He said that construction work has also started on the Peninsular Road which will also improve traffic and the movement of people and services when completed.

With regards to travelling to the neighbouring Republic of Guinea, the Minister disclosed that it is now a smooth journey that takes about three hours , compared to the past, when it was a whole day’s journey. While assuring the people present at the meeting that government was doing everything to tackle the menace of street traders who block traffic in the capital, he however vigorously dispelled the allegation by a member of the audience that the problem was also manifest at the newly constructed Wilkinson Road. The Minister insisted   that traffic  was moving smoothly at the new four-lane highway. He demonstrated this fact by referring to an article in COCORIOKO  recently which had a photo of traffic moving with consumate ease at Wilkinson Road.

The Minister also boasted about the outstanding human rights records of President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC Government. He told his audience what they already knew that since the government came to power in 2007, not a single journalist or politician had been arrested for criticizing the Government.He said that there were over 50 newspapers in the country, most of them opposition papers but journalists are free to express their views without any fear of arrest. He also noted that there had been no treason trials as in the past and nobody had been executed for politics. President Koroma, he went on, has brought pride to himself, the APC and the country.

Minister Tarawalli also highlighted the tremendous international respect and trust enjoyed by President Koroma. He said that Dr. Koroma is the Chairman of the AU Committee of 10 states on UN Security Council Reform and was called upon both by the African Union  and  the Economic Community of West African States ( ECOWAS ) to mediate the crisis in the Ivory Coast two years ago.


The program was called to order by the Minister Plenipotentiary to the Sierra Leone Permanent Mission to the UN, Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu , who welcomed all present and said that the Deputy Minister of Information was invited to New Jersey by him and Mr. Foday Mansaray , in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Community in New Jersey to address them about latest events back home and allay fears they may have about the forthcoming elections because of the vile propaganda being peddled by the opposition. He then called on the Secretary General of the APC New Jersey Chapter, Mr. Dauda Shekou Bangura , to introduce the members of the APC and distinguished members of the Sierra Leone Community present.

The President of the New Jersey APC Chapter , Mr. Allie Badara Kamara welcomed the Deputy Minister to the program on behalf of the party , while at the end of the program, Mr. Foday Mansaray gave the vote of thanks.



Late Capt. Hanciles Bangura’s Wife Tells How NPRC Murdered Her Husband For No Just Case

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Late Capt. Hanciles Bangura’s Wife Tells How NPRC Murdered Her Husband For No Just Case



As the families of the 29 people extrajudicially executed by the National Provisional Ruling Council ( NPRC ) in 1992 begin demonstrating in front of the U.S. Embassy in their determined bid to seek justice, the wife of  the late Capt. Hanciles Bangura, one of the murdered soldiers , has granted Cocorioko an exclusive interview to explain how her husband was killed  for no reason by the depraved junta and the tremendous trauma  and suffering her family had undergone since that fateful day.

Mrs. Samira Bangura is still grieving her late husband who left her five daughters and a son to look after following his senseless murder by the NPRC junta members . She told this paper that Col. Bangura was the love of her life and she has not stopped grieving for him and missing him since he was taken away from her 20 years ago.  Her voice was punctuated with grief  as she narrated the story to this newspaper.  Her children  too  have never stopped grieving what was a monumental loss to them at a tender age –A loving, doting and devoted father whom they loved with a passion but who was suddenly snatched away from them for no reason by fellow soldiers who did not understand the value of human life. .Mrs. Bangura  remembered with sorrow that the unfortunate event occured on December 29, 1992.

The soldiers came to Benguema Barracks  around 1 am that early morning  to get her husband . Capt. Bangura , who was then Quarter-master of the Army,  was fast asleep. The soldiers  said that they had come to invite him to a meeting at Brigade Headquarters .The late Capt. Hanciles Bangura got up, dressed and wanted to drive himself to the meeting , but the soldiers refused and asked him to ride with them in their truck . There were lots of trucks outside. The soldiers left with her husband. That was the last  time  she and her children would ever see their breadwinner.

The tearful woman said she  had a terrible sense of premonition and this was confirmed around 5 am when she heard that her husband had been executed along with 28 other people. Alarmed, Mrs. Bangura went out to verify the story. She had been told that at the Military  Headquarters people had seen some  military trucks being hosed down  with water that morning  to clean  off the blood of the victims of the killings. She said she went to the CID and was referred to the  Military  HQ , where nobody could tell her anything about why her husband , who had been taken away to attend a meeting, ended up being slain by his colleague soldiers.

One of the most disturbing things Mrs. Bangura told COCORIOKO  was that when she went to the Officers’ Mess to enquire about her husband, the soldiers were having a massive party and celebrating the extrajudicial killings of the 29 people . She was aghast that human beings would be so callous as to throw such a jubilant party to celebrate the senseless killings of their fellow humans.

Continuing her pitiful story, the woman who found herself as a widow she never dreamt herself to be so unexpectedly ,  told COCORIOKO  that matters worsened that morning  when the soldiers  stormed their military quarters  , claiming that they had come to search for arms and ammunition. The soldiers put the whole family under house arrest and banned  people from visiting them that whole day . She said that there was no food and the whole family was subjected to hunger that lasted the whole day . The soldiers lied to her that her husband was killed during an exchange of gunfire between the junta soldiers and dissidents at Juba Hill , but diplomats  living around Juba  doubted the story as they had not heard any exchange of gunfire that morning around Juba Hill .One of Mrs. Bangura’s daughters  said that the soldiers attempted to rape the women in the barracks  but  luckily for them, neither her, nor her other sisters were molested. Her other sister  also confirmed the atrocities  committed in the barracks,  but she too thanked God that she and her sisters were not touched . However,  they were made to suffer hunger that whole day.

The marauding soldiers ransacked the whole house and stole Mrs. Bangura’s  sewing machine and the personal belongings of the family, leaving  her with only the dress she had on. The soldiers also cleaned out her husband’s bank account.  “Col . Samura was the C.O.  I cried to him . I had 5 girls and one boy .One had just taken his GCE. Samura came and did his best to try to free us . That night, soldiers came to the area and raped women in the barracks . “We were protected by Mr. Samura and Major  Thomas Momodu. .Major  Momodu came and decided to save me and my daughters and son. We escaped the beseiged barracks by  walking  through the bush from Benguema to Waterloo”, she explained  .  She commended Major Thomas Momodu highly for saving her and her children. When they got to the main road, Major Momodu arrived with a truck . “Nigerian soldiers at checkpoints were crying for me and my children. “, she narrated tearfully.

Mrs. Bangura said her husband was an agriculturists also . Germany had donated him a truck, but it  impounded by Col. Fallah Sewah. She said she and her children had to be going to the Lebanese to beg for food. While undergoing all these sufferings,  She and her family found out that the soldiers were secretly surveillancing and trailing her and her children wherever they went. She realized that  their lives were in danger .

A Nigerian soldier would later teach  her how to play the lottery which was how she and her children came to the U.S.

Mrs. Bangura complained that she never saw her husband’s dead body. Nor did she ever see his grave. “Even the  body of the late President Samuel Doe  of Liberia was displayed. In our case, none of the bodies of our family was  ever returned. We do not even know where they were buried. No single dime was ever given to me, though my husband had accrued benefits  . Words can never explain how me and my daughters suffered. We could not even get one cup of garri  to eat .  If I ever go to Freetown, I will demand my husband’s grave and death certificate . I learnt that the body was dumped in the No.2 River . ”

Mrs Bangura and her two  daughters told COCORIOKO that the soldiers commited atrocities against relatives of some of the other soldiers   who were mourning their relatives at Benguema Barracks .  She explained  that the late Lt. Col. Yaya Kanu, who was accused of being the coup leader, was not involved in any coup plot . He was in prison where he was picked up and executed that morning with the other victims. “How could somebody in prison take part in a coup plot ?”  , she asked. She said her husband was a very peaceful, loyal and obedient soldier and he too did not participate in any coup plot.

Mrs. Bangura said that what the NPRC  did to her husband was very unfair to him because he had served the army meritoriously for 25 years. It was his first job since he left school. He served the army faithfully for 25 years without any query,  only for him to be killed by his colleagues without a just cause ,  his accounts frozen and his family made to suffer extremely.

The daughters, who were lucky that they were not molested  said  however that it was a double loss for them. Their father, Captain Hanciles Bangura was not the only family member killed. Their uncle, the late Col. Kawuta Dumbuya,  was also murdered that morning by the NPRC. One could therefore imagine the grief the family went through at the hands of the NPRC.

The family lamented that though the NPRC  committed these evil acts , their leaders Capt. Valentine Strasser , Brigadier Maada Bio ( the present Presidential candidate of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party -SLPP -) and others were paid off fabulously by the International Community to force  them to  conduct elections ,  hand over to a civilian government and  come to the U.S. to live flamboyantly .Maada Bio, one of the junta soldiers ,  lived in the U.S. for a while before leaving for Ghana where he opened a car dealership. He is now trying to be President of Sierra Leone. Mrs Bangura  accused the NPRC of selling Paramount Hotel, the OAU  villas and the country’s gold and diamonds.

The family is calling for justice for their beloved father as well as husband and the children’s uncle  . They told COCORIOKO  that life has been bitter for them without Capt. Hanciles Bangura . They miss him every waking moment of their lives and  they don’t want his needless killing to go in vain. “Human life is very precious and those who killed him must be made to account for their wickedness”, they asserted.

Mrs. Bangura is passionately appealing to  the UN, the United States, all human rights organizations and people of  goodwill to help the family secure justice for her  late husband, who did not deserve his gruesome end at the hands of wicked soldiers.” We want them to show us where they dumped his body and also we want those who killed him to account for their murder.


V-P leads high-power Sierra Leone delegation to Saudi Arabia

Monday, August 13th, 2012
Posted by  on August 13, 2012

V-P leads high-power Sierra Leone delegation to Saudi Arabia

By Alhaji Jalloh :

V.P Sumana Leads Nine-Man Delegation to Saudi Arabia    Politics Written by Alhaji M.B. Jalloh, Information Attache, Riyadh    Monday, 13 August 2012 11:51 Sierra Leone’s Vice President is scheduled to arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, 14th August, 2012 to attend a two-day Extraordinary Islamic Solidarity Conference to be held in the holy land of Mecca from the 14-15th August 2012.

Hon. Alhaji Abubakar Sidique Sam Sumana who is deputizing His Excellency the President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is leading a nine – man delegation, including, Presidential and Public Affairs Minister, Alhaji Alpha Bakarr Sahid Kanu, Deputy Minister 1, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Algassimu Jah, President of Imam Council, Alhaji Yayah Deen Kamara, among others.

The Fourth Extra-Ordinary Islamic Summit was initiated by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdallah Bin Abdul Aziz Al- Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. The summit, according to a senior Saudi Foreign Ministry official, is aimed at strengthening Islamic unity and solidarity, adding that, theSyrian crisis would top the agenda amid mounting international pressure on Damascus.

Invitations have been extended to heads of states of the 57-member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Gulf States to attend the conference. The Fourth Extra-Ordinary Islamic Summit will be preceded by two meetings, the first at the level of senior officials and the second at the level of Foreign Ministers to prepare for the heads of states meeting.

The OIC is the second largest inter-governmental organisation after the United Nations with a membership of 57 countries. Sierra Leone became a member in 1972 under the presidency of Late President Dr. Siaka P. Stevens.


President Koroma’s good governance pays dividend, as more SLPP stalwarts cross over to the APC

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012


Many stalwarts of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) in the Southern Province crossed over to  the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) last Saturday during the official visit of President Ernest Bai Koroma to the Southern regional  capital city of Bo .The SLPP Big whigs , many of whom had served their former party in Sierra Leone’s Parliament during the Ahmad Tejan Kabbah era , said that they had taken the decision in the supreme interest of the nation.



According to our roving reporter, Joseph Kamanda, the former SLPP  leaders commended President Ernest Bai Koroma for his outstanding performance in power which has resulted in Sierra Leone accelerating the pace of her socio-economic and political developments within the short time the APC Government has been in power.  They thanked the President for restoring  electricity  in the country , thereby bringing to an end a regrettable era of darkness and stagnation in the lives of the people. They also commended the President for his brilliant efforts in seeking to attain food security in Sierra Leone by accelerating agricultural activities in the country. The SLPP defectees  also praised the President for all the road and infrastructural developments going on in the country. Some of the SLPP members told a massive gathering in Bo last weekend that they had decided to abandon the SLPP for the APC  because the APC stands for development and progress in the nation.

Receiving the new members into the APC, President Koroma thanked them for their preference for progress and national development and called on them to help him restore Sierra Leone’s old glory. The President said that Sierra Leone belongs to all of us and it was incumbent of all to help him bring developments to the country.The President assured the people that under his rule, all parts of Sierra Leone will be developed, citing the Bo-Kenema and the Kenema-Kailahun and Koindu highways.

Some Sierra Leoneans interviewed by this newspaper told COCORIOKO  yesterday that the news signals a good sign for the future development of the nation. They cited the example of the United States where at the end of often acrimonious elections, the Democrats and the Republicans join hands to develop America. They predicted that the cross-carpeting of SLPP members to the ruling APC  will unite the country and bring much-needed focus to the national interest and national development.

SLPP  members have been declaring for the APC  all over the country. It happened in Kenema, Pujehun and Makeni and there are reports that more members of the opposition plan to desert their party and pitch tent with the APC as the 2012 elections draws closer.

Bo Town went wild with jubilation and merriment last weekend as supporters of the APC and the former SLPP members celebrated the upturn in the political careers of the politicians.

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  1. Mohamed Salieu Kamara/UKAugust 2, 2010Edit

    I will like to comend and congratulate the president and his fellowers and the nation as a whole for their coperation and commitmenttowards the changes in our country.secondly i will also like to thank the media in sierra leone who are putting pressure and helping the citizens of sierra leone across the world to understand the needs for changes and also given us access to know what is happening in our country.As a a sierra leoneans our heart and soul is always to contribute and looking forwa\rds to the development of our nation.I will also like the media to put pressure to all the political members for a comprehessive transperency of policies and justice to be practice to our people and to make an end to the dark terrible erra of the past.I wish the government and the nation as a whole to continue the good work and i pray for peace and blessing of allah be up you all and the rest of the sierra leoneans accross the world.


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