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More questions than answers : Maada Bio does not own jeep used to kidnap victim, but did he lie to the Police that he’s the owner ? If so, Why ? Why? Why ?

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

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There are more questions than answers about the incident that happened at Moyamba Junction on Saturday. A HUMAN BEING was allegedly kidnapped by some operatives of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP ) who claimed that the man had tried to cheat them on the price of petrol at a fuel station.


According to reports, they beat the man up, then tied  him and threw him into  the boot of their jeep .They said they were planning to take him to the Police station ( What a way to arrest a man ) but passed by many police stations and drove 71 miles with the victim before they said they took him to the Masiaka Police Station. Versions vary .While the lawless men claimed they voluntarily took the man to the Police station, a relative of the victim told the press that he called the Police and alerted them about what seemed to him like a kidnapping incident involving a green jeep. The man is saying that the alleged kidnappers only took their victim to the Masiaka Police Station when they knew that the Police was already looking for the jeep.



While these versions remain hanging over the incident, a very troubling QUESTION that haunts the whole saga  is who owns the jeep used for the alleged kidnapping incident ?  Sylvia Blyden , the investigative journalist and Publisher of the Freetown hit newspaper AWARENESS TIMES  WAS THE FIRST to break the story to the world in her FACEBOOK Page .So far, not much has differed from the version Blyden fed the world on Saturday. In fact, the issue of the owner of the jeep has since became one of the puzzling matters of the saga  . We are now learning from Dr. Blyden that  the SLPP Presidential candidate, former junta leader Maada Bio had called the Masiaka Police  “over the issue of the vehicle and requested that the vehicle be released by the Police as he was the owner. ”

If as we are now learning from Dr. Blyden herself that the jeep did not belong to Bio , we want to ask a few questions that should be pertinent to any investigator : Why did a whole presidential candidate ask that a vehicle that had been involved in a suspected crime be released ? On what grounds was Bio asking for the jeep to be released ? Why the interest in the jeep anyway ? We learn that he uses the jeep once in a while . Really ? Does he have any ties with the individuals who used the jeep to commit an alleged kidnapping ? Did he know their mission that day ? Did the presidential candidate tell the Police he was the owner of the jeep ? If so, why, why , why ? If the jeep did not belong to him, why did he lie that he owned it ? Was he trying to subvert justice ? What is the nature of his interest in the whole saga ? Why did one of Bio’s paid hirelings, Kalilu Totangi lie in an article to the press that the jeep belonged to the violent individual that won the recent bye-elections in Fourah Bay after his supporters stabbed five members of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ), Mr. Mohamed Kanu-Mansaray ?  Why all these lies by people claiming to be honest and the only ones fit to rule Sierra Leone ? What do they really know about this alleged kidnapping affair ? What are Bio and his graceless stooge Totangi trying to hide   ?




Last Saturday, I was told by senior police officers at Masiaka that persons from the SLPP Headquarters in Freetown had phoned Masiaka to tell them the green jeep with number AFQ 968 belongs to JULIUS MAADA BIO. I asked the police officers if they had seen the documents (license & insurance) for the vehicle stating the owner to be Bio and they responded that they were sure because Maada Bio himself had called the Masiaka Police over the issue of the vehicle and requested that the vehicle be released by the Police as he was the owner.

With my wide experience in newspaper journalism (spanning over 20 years now), I know that when it concerns an important figure in the national polity, even if you hear the allegation from top police sources, you do NOT take it for granted but you check and double check and triple check to cover all bases. This is why I REFUSED to mention the name of Julius Maada Bio as the owner of the Jeep even though the Masiaka Police Officers had claimed thus.


Other local newspapers (notably Paul Kamara’s FOR DI PEOPLE) were not as cautious as me and they ran the story with screaming front page headlines today about Bio being the owner of the vehicle. Well, this morning I set my investigative team to carefully unravel the ownership of the vehicle and I can definitely state with full authority that contrary to what Maada Bio allegedly told the Masiaka Police, JULIUS MAADA BIO is not the owner of the vehicle although he has been using it in his convoy of vehicles. So, who owns the vehicle with registration number AFQ 968? Well, our research today has taken us from Road Transport Authority at Kissy Road, to #17 Fourah Bay Road to the Administrator and Registrar General’s Office at Roxy Building, Walpole Street to the United States of America and back down to the Awareness Times offices.

It is an interesting tale to tell… Stay tuned for it in either tomorrow’s Awareness Times or in Wednesady’s edition. We are still waiting for a phone call from America. If the expected phone call comes in to the office on time, the full details of the ownership of the vehicle will be out tomorrow. If it does not come in on time, the details will be out on Wednesday.


One thing I can CONFIRM authoritatively is that the vehicle does not belong to Maada Bio nor does it belong to Councillor Mohamed Kanu-Mansaray as is now being alleged by the pro-SLPP New People and Kalilu Totangi. Maada Bio and Kanu-Mansaray both use the vehicle but neither of them is the owner. Meanwhile below this post, I will post an article by Kalilu Totangi which speaks volumes of the role I played in ensuring this matter was not swept under the carpet by the Sierra Leone Police. When reading the article, please ignore the fluff in the article (i.e: insults he throws at me) and focus on the issues Kalilu has unwittingly raised of how the police almost killed this SERIOUS CRIME had it not been for my LOUD intervention.

Meanwhile, my information is that the SLPP kidnappers will be charged to court tomorrow on a range of charges to include kidnapping, unlawful detention, assault occasioning bodily harm, wounding with intent. It appears that the missing person who was ‘present’ from Moyamba to Masiaka but ‘absent’ from Masiaka to Freetown has been apprehended by the Police and will be co-charged alongside the four other detainees I earlier mentioned to be Gibril Conteh, Hindolo Moseray, Victor Vandy and Mohamed Kanu-Mansaray.

Crack down on this lawlessness trying to gain roots in Sierra Leone

Monday, January 30th, 2012

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How do you continue to  take the law into your own hands  with such depraved indifference to civility in a country where there is a fully functioning Police force  and a judicial system ?  Somebody tries to sell fuel to you at a higher price than the normal .What do you do ? Don’t you report it to the Police if you are really seeking justice ? How dare you take the law into your own hands by forcibly grabbing the person , tying him up like a pig trossed for slaughter , toss him into a jeep and drive him 71 miles, bypassing police stations on the way and when you are caught with the victim you claim that you only wanted to teach him a lesson for trying to defraud you ?  Are we now living in the old Wild West where it was free -for-all between marauding cowboys, drifters, lawless bushwhackers,  two-bit gunslingers,   freebooters, cattle thieves and bandits ?


This kind of surreal, sordid and  unbelievable spectacle reads like a page from a cowboy novel and  can only happen in a country where people have decided not to obey the laws any more  but to introduce jungle law and jungle justice . The versions  being bandied about by supporters of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) about  last Saturday’s dramatic incident in Moyamba,  where a man was allegedly kidnapped by officials of the SLPP , tied up and thrown into a jeep and taken 71 miles from the scene  before being  intercepted by the Police after a tip-off , does not augur well for the the promotion of truth and  peace and security in the nation. The SLPP is not only taking Sierra Leoneans to be morons; they have a dangerous agenda for this country that will witness a complete breakdown in law and order and they want Sierra Leoneans to accept that status quo without question . The SLPP  version is insulting to the collective intelligence of our people.

Let us forget for a moment allegations doing the rounds that the kidnapped man could have been a victim of ritual murder , which is an even more serious crime than kidnapping and depriving somebody of his freedom. The very fact  that certain people have started  playing Police , judge and jury in a land where there is a well-trained and functioning Police Force and a judicial system  is frightening enough to give every Sierra Leonean the jitters.

Incidentally, one of the men detained for the Moyamba incident is Mohamed Kanu-Mansaray, the newly-elected councillor from the Fourah Bay constituency whose supporters stabbed five APC people during the recent violent bye-elections. After all the insults heaped on some of us for highlighting the violence, the councillor has gone and proved us right  that he is part of an elaborate plan to subvert law and order in the country. By being involved so early  in alleged kidnapping for alleged ritual murder purposes  just after his supporters engaged in the butchery of  APC supporters , Mr. Kanu-Mansaray has shown that he was chosen for a purpose. Sierra Leoneans can now clearly draw a parallel between the orgy of stabbings and brutality at Fourah Bay by the SLPP and the violent and sinister character of the people the SLPP wants to rule Sierra Leone, like Mr. Kanu-Mansaray and former junta leader Maada Bio. It can now be clearly seen that the bestiality and violence at Fourah Bay were  well-orchestrated and fall within the  game plan of the SLPP  to strike terror in Sierra Leone this year. Kanu-Mansaray could well be frontman for somebody who wants to gain power by violent and diabolical means.

When journalists who have yet not been bought over by the BIG MONEY POLITICS  being played by Maada Bio, John Benjamin, Khadi Sesay , Suliman Banja Tejan-Sie and other SLPP Big wigs (who are definitely receiving massive funding from an odious source  interested in regime change in Sierra Leone ) report on these acts of lawlessness , SLPP supporters rain insults and threats on them and accuse them of hating their party. But really, some of us have nothing against the SLPP. WE BELIEVE IN MULTI-PARTY DEMOCRACY AND BELIEVE THAT THE SLPP HAS THE RIGHT TO EXIST IN SIERRA LEONE  . However,  anybody who loves civility, decency, law and order and acceptable norms would have a lot to quarrel  with a party that seems to have a penchant for not obeying the law and constitued authority.

Sierra Leone has come a long way in post-war reconstruction with security sector reform  being one of the efforts underpinning the country’s earnest endeavours to build back a society where law and order , constitutional democracy  and peace and security of every person prevail. Since he came to power in 2007, President Ernest Koroma  has boosted national peace and security by providing more training for the Police and legal practioners and accentuating the full operation of the Rule of Law in Sierra Leone. With civil society , women’s groups and the media strengthened and operating freely in the country, Sierra Leoneans  and international stakeholders are impressed with  the post-war evolution of a society governed  by the Rule of Law and the constitution. However, since former junta leader  Julius Maada Bio  joined the race to be  the SLPP  flagbearer for the 2012 presidential elections,  law and order are systematically breaking down in the nation.

Maada Bio’s candidacy,  built around the axiom of “Pa-O- Pa” ( Power at all costs )  politics , has started to cost this nation her hard-earned peace and security. It has divided the ranks of the very SLPP, leading to many defections to the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) ; it has polarised the media with some sections of the Sierra Leone press being wooed over through heft cash handouts to remain silent about Maada Bio’s past, his diabolical machinations to gain power and his injection of violence in the country. Stringers and correspondents of foreign media including the BBC,  are silent once again over the alleged ritual murder attempt as they were when APC supporters were stabbed and left in pools of blood at Fourah Bay recently. . If it had involved APC operatives, the BBC and  the foreign media would have been awash this morning with stories that officials of the ruling party had been arrested with a human being they were going to kill for human sacrifice. Bio’s candidacy has also polarised the nation and brought back violence. Bio started by brutalizing his own SLPP  supporters who opposed his candidacy and he turned the SLPP Headquarters into a hotbed of thuggery, drug-peddling and smoking and prostitution. He even brutalized journalists of the Awareness Times newspaper. As soon as he was handed the flagbearership, Bio and his supporters laid down the marker that it is either their Presidential candidate for State House this year or it will be violence.  This was clearly demonstrated in the bye-elections at Tongo and Fourah Bay  and the Bo disturbances during which  SLPP thugs unleashed mayhem and terror.

The ball is now in the government’s court to crack down now and stop Sierra Leone from descending back into chaos. People are testing the government’s resolve to enforce law and order in Sierra Leone and the government should rise to the challenge and nip the encroaching lawlessness in the bud. We cannot afford the evolution of a lawless fiefdom in the country. We have only one government and central authority . All persons and political parties must remain subject to the authority of the government and the Rule of Law. Nobody has the right to hold the government and the country hostage.


© 2012, COCORIOKO. All rights reserved. – Discuss this and other related articles on the Salone Forum

Who owns jeep used for alleged ritual murder attempt ?

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

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When the Sierra Leone Police would have announced the owner of the jeep used yesterday in the attempt to kill and extract parts from an innocent man for ritual purposes, all in the name of gaining power, Sierra Leoneans will believe what we have been telling them all along.  Just who the owner is aligned with is sufficient. We stop so far and leave the Police and journalists busy investigating to deliver.


President Koroma and Sierra Leone’s delegation to the African Union Summit arrive in Addis

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

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His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is leading Sierra Leone’s delegation to the 18th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union which commenced today 28th January 2012 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. President Koroma arrived in Addis Ababa on Friday 27th January, 2012 to attend the Summit which is of great importance to the Continent. This year’s Summit is holding under the theme: “Boosting Intra-African Trade.”



Members of the President’s delegation include:  Her Excellency Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma-First Lady, Hon.  Joseph Dauda-Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo-Minister of Information and Communication, Hon. Dr. Richard Konteh-Minister of Trade and Industry, Ambassador Andrew G. Bangali- Sierra Leone’s Envoy to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Permanent Representative to the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Dr. Osman Gbla-Chair of the APRM National Governing Council.



Other members also include Ambassador Soulay Daramy- State Chief of Protocol, Mr. Brian Gilpin-Personal Assistant to the President, Mrs. Musu Matturi-Dao- Personal Assistant to the First Lady, Superintendent Reuben Shyllon- Aide De Camp to the President, Mr. Unisa Kamara-Director, Africa Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Mustapha Kalokoh-Medical Practitioner, Mrs. Razia Bash-Kamara-Press Officer, Mr. Abdulai Tarawali-TV Camera Man/ Photographer and Mr. Ibrahim Sesay-Personal Security to the President.


Meanwhile, the Executive Council which is composed of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in the Continent had considered and adopted the report of the Permanent Representatives’ Committee (PRC), which will be presented to the Heads of State for Decisions and Declarations.

 Abdul Karim Koroma

Information Attaché

Embassy of the Republic of Sierra Leone

Addis Ababa


Charles Margai must realise that he has destroyed his own relevance in Sierra Leone’s politics through his arrogance, dictatorship and unreasonable attitude

Friday, January 27th, 2012

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Before Charles Margai opens his mouth and talks about impeaching a President who is doing a great job for his nation and has physical and concrete evidence of what he has accomplished as Head of State  to make Sierra Leone a better country, he should first find out if he is still  a relevant factor in Sierra Leone’s politics. In 2007, COCORIOKO joined Sierra Leoneans in hailing him  for the role he played in helping to destroy the irredeemably corrupt, worthless and pugilistic  SLPP  .The people of Sierra Leone listened to him because he was a relevant factor then  in the political renaissance that took place.  We all  thought that  he was a serious politician and a patriot and we put high premium   on everything he said. But the Charles Margai of 2007 is no more . What we have today is a shell and a  sad antithesis of the Charles Margai we once knew and hailed.   All because Charles Margai has gone and foolishly bungled his own credibility , respect and relevance in our nation’s politics.



If there should ever be an impeachment, it should happen and  it will likely happen  in Charles Margai’s backyard where partisans of his People’s Movement for Demotic Change ( PMDC )  want him removed for his dictatorial leadership, high-handedness, parochialism, authoritarianism and tyrannical tendencies.  With good, old Charlie Boy, it is his way and nobody’s else’s. He is the megalomaniac that our democratic dispensation does not want. And this sorry message  was  delivered  by Mr. Margai himself, who repulsed his own partisans who in turn  demonstrated their disapproval by resigning  in droves from the party because of the narcissitic tendencies of the “Mot-Mot ” (Mouthy )  political dictator. Never before in the history of Sierra Leone was so much trust invested in a politician  but that trust was cruelly dashed by his own folly .  Because of Charles Margai’s totalitarian leadership, a political party that once stood out an an important and relevant THIRD FORCE is now only a shadow of its true self. Most of its important cadres have left in protest and most of those who have remained do not want Margai as their leader.

Not even the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) he is pandering to trusts him implicitly. The SLPP operatives know that he is a very unstable  and untrustworthy man sifted around  by every wind of happenstance that does not go according to his magalomanic obsessions. In fact , any Sierra Leonean that wants to be serious will tell you for a fact that there is no way Charles Margai will get along with the equally despotic and exponent of “PA-o-Pa “( I-ME-MYSELF AT ALL COSTS ) Politics, the SLPP Presidential candidate, Julius Maada Bio. Give these two madhatters only some time before they turn on each other and treat the captive nation to the most absorbing of political infighting ever seen in this nation.  Charles Margai will resort to legal brinksmanship to do Bio in while Bio  will  retaliste by expatiating  the only recourse he is good at–VIOLENCE.  Another Samuel Doe-Thomas Weh Syen political tragicomedy is in the offing, this time in Sierra Leone. Two people who love to have their way will never work amicably together. It is Charles Margai’s unstable nature,  his arrogance and narcissitic character that make him irrelevant in Sierra Leone’s politics today. After a fine start as a radical , he has demonstrated that he is nothing but   a dictatorial pseudo-presidential material  in the making and his PMDC partisans were right when they  delivered that message in living colours to the Sierra Leonean people.

Charles Margai’s  unreasonable and unreal  behaviour compete  for  supremacy with his arrogance whenever he speaks. After  a PMDC Press Conference,  the AWOKO newspaper of Freetown reported that Charles Margai told the media parlay that “ If the President fails to address the spate of violence in the country before the elections, impeachment proceedings against the President should be considered in tandem with Section 51 of the Constitution Act No. 6 of Sierra Leone. ” Is Charles Margai real ? Has he gone  crazy ? How can you commence impeachment proceedings against somebody who is not responsible for the violence going on in the country and is fighting doggedly to combat it  ?

Even President Koroma’s most ardent detractors –unless they have themselves  gone coocoo in the head –will refuse to buy this latest tirade by Charles Margai against a very innocent person in all the violence going on in Sierra Leone in the person of President Ernest Koroma. All Sierra Leoneans know two things : Firstly, that President Koroma is a very mild, non-violent and gentle person. He eschews violence in all its forms. Gentility is one of the President’s greatest strengths , even as a student over forty years ago. Secondly, President Koroma has been addressing violence with all the seriousness required.  As a matter of fact, only last week President Koroma delivered a very strong and uncompromising warning  at the Brima Attouga Stadium in Freetown to perpetuators of violence , threatening that henceforth his government  would not just ‘investigate’ matters, but, would take resolute action to prevent  such violence, and bring perpetuators  to book . If officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC ) are visiting Sierra Leone before the all-important November elections , it is because they were invited by President Koroma as a safety measure  and a rehearsal for future intervention by the ICC in Sierra Leone , should people take the law into their own hands.  Furthermore, to show how serious the President is with his efforts to curb violence during the elections, usually reliable government sources are even saying that President Koroma might invoke the use of Military Aid To Civil Power (commonly known as MAC-P)  , if violence persists. Therefore, on what grounds can Charles Margai  justifiably threaten the President with impeachment  ? Even Parliament knows that his charges against President Koroma are wrongheaded .

Charles Margai just wants to be always seen and heard talking big about matters in the nation. He is a dramatist who for dramatic effect to his political tomfoolery has to always say something startling to give the false impression that he is a factor in Sierra Leone’s politics.  It is high time that Margai realised that he no longer has the political spunk of yesteryears. He has made himself a joker in the country’s politics because he does not stand for anything sustainable and durable. He is an ill-wind that eventually blows nobody any good , all because of his temperamental and chaotic and unstable politics.

The people of Sierra Leone, as  usual, are unimpressed by Charles Margai’s big talk . They know that it is just puffing out of unnecessary wind  and bluffing by Charles Margai. They know that President Koroma is very serious about curbing violence in Sierra Leone and that if anybody needs to be impeached it is Charles Margai himself  whose partisans do not want him as leader of their promising party.


Former Liberian Dictator Charles Taylor Worked for CIA

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

When Charles G. Taylor tied bed sheets together to escape from a second-floor window at the Plymouth House of Correction on Sept. 15, 1985, he was more than a fugitive trying to avoid extradition. He was a sought-after source for American intelligence.

After a quarter-century of silence, the US government has confirmed what has long been rumored: Taylor, who would become president of Liberia and the first African leader tried for war crimes, worked with US spy agencies during his rise as one of the world’s most notorious dictators.

The disclosure on the former president comes in response to a request filed by the Globe six years ago under the Freedom of Information Act. The Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s spy arm, confirmed its agents and CIA agents worked with Taylor beginning in the early 1980s.

“They may have stuck with him longer than they should have but maybe he was providing something useful,’’ said Douglas Farah, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Washington and an authority on Taylor’s reign and the guns-for-diamonds trade that was a base of his power.

The Defense Intelligence Agency refused to reveal any details about the relationship, saying doing so would harm national security.

Taylor, 63, pleaded innocent in 2009 to multiple counts of murder, rape, attacking civilians, and deploying child soldiers during a civil war in neighboring Sierra Leone while he was president of Liberia from 1997 to 2003. After a proceeding that lasted several years, the three-judge panel of the UN Special Court for Sierra Leone is now reviewing tens of thousands of pages of evidence, including the testimony of about 100 victims, former rebels, and Taylor himself, whose testimony lasted seven months.

“We hope the verdict will come in the first quarter of this year,’’ said Solomon Moriba, a spokesman for the court in The Hague.

Moriba said any relationship Taylor had with American intelligence was not related to his case before the court, but those who investigated the atrocities said it might explain why some US officials seemed reluctant to use their influence to bring Taylor to justice sooner.

After Taylor stepped down as Liberian president in 2003 following his indictment, he lived virtually in the open for three years in exile in Nigeria, a US ally. The Bush administration came under intense criticism from members of Congress for not intervening with the Nigerian government until Taylor was finally handed over to the court in 2006.

Allan White, a former Defense Department investigator who helped build the case against Taylor on behalf of the United Nations, said the news reinforced suspicions he had for years.

“I think the intelligence community’s past relationship with Taylor made some in the US government squeamish about a trial, despite knowing what a bad actor he was,’’ White said in an interview.

Taylor’s lawyer in the war crimes trial, Courtenay Griffiths, did not respond to several calls or e-mails seeking comment.

The Pentagon’s response to the Globe states that the details of Taylor’s role on behalf of the spy agencies are contained in dozens of secret reports – at least 48 separate documents – covering several decades. However, the exact duration and scope of the relationship remains hidden. The Defense Intelligence Agency said the details are exempt from public disclosure because of the need to protect “sources and methods,’’ safeguard the inner workings of American spycraft, and shield the identities of government personnel.

Former intelligence officials, who agreed to discuss the covert ties only on the condition of anonymity, and specialists including Farah believe Taylor probably was considered useful for gathering intelligence about the activities of Moammar Khadafy. During the 1980s, the ruler of Libya was blamed for sponsoring such terrorist acts as the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland and for fomenting guerrilla wars across Africa.

Taylor testified that after fleeing Boston he recruited 168 men and women for the National Patriotic Front for Liberia and trained them in Libya.

Over time, the former officials said, Taylor may have also been seen as a source for information on broader issues in Africa, from the illegal arms trade to the activities of the Soviet Union, which, like the United States, was seeking allies on the continent as part of the broader struggle of the Cold War.

Liberia, too, was of special interest to Washington. The country was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves who named its capital, Monrovia, after President James Monroe. The American embassy was among the largest in the world, covering two full city blocks, and US companies had significant investments in the country, including a Firestone tire factory and a Coca-Cola bottling plant.

A former ally of Taylor’s, Prince Johnson, told a government commission in Liberia in 2008 that he believed US intelligence had encouraged Taylor to overthrow the government in Liberia, which had fallen out of favor with Washington for banning all political opposition.

Taylor’s ties to Boston reach back four decades.

He arrived in 1972 and attended Chamberlayne Junior College in Newton and studied economics at Bentley College in Waltham. While in Boston, he emerged as a political force as national chairman of the Union of Liberian Associations. In 1977 he returned to Liberia and joined Samuel Doe’s government after a coup in 1980.

Taylor served as chief of government procurement in the Doe regime but fled Liberia for Boston in 1983 after being accused of embezzling $1 million from the government. He was arrested in Somerville in 1984 and jailed in Plymouth pending extradition.

The acknowledgment now that Taylor worked with US intelligence agencies at the time raises new questions about whether elements within the government orchestrated the Plymouth prison break in 1985 – as Taylor claimed during his trial – or at least helped him flee the United States.

Four other inmates who also escaped that night were soon recaptured.

“Why would someone walk out of a prison that’s never been breached in a 100 years?’’ said David M. Crane, who was the chief prosecutor for the Sierra Leone war crimes court from 2002 to 2005 and now teaches at Syracuse University College of Law. “It begs the question: How do you walk out of a prison? It seems someone looked the other way.’’

Taylor recounted the episode during his trial testimony, insisting that a guard opened his cell for him.

“I am calling it my release because I didn’t break out,’’ Taylor testified. “I did not pay any money. I did not know the guys who picked me up. I was not hiding [afterwards].’’

He said two men – he assumed they were American agents – were waiting for him outside the prison and drove him to New York to meet his wife. Using his own passport, he said, he traveled to Mexico before returning to Africa.

Brian Gillen, the superintendent of the maximum security jail in Plymouth who was director of security at the time of Taylor’s escape, declined to comment when reached last week by the Globe.

Taylor reemerged in Liberia in 1989 as head of a rebel army.

“I assigned an officer to maintain a watch on the Taylor people,’’ recalled James Keough Bishop, US ambassador in Liberia from 1981 to 1989.

Bishop said he was not aware of ties between American intelligence and Taylor.

After a series of bloody civil wars that lasted much of the 1990s, Taylor eventually assumed power. He was elected president in 1997.

Several former officials and specialists believe US intelligence had probably cut ties with Taylor by the time he became president, but Farah said he believes that even in the early years of their associations with Taylor, US intelligence agencies knew what kind of character he was.

“Even at the time, there were atrocities going on,’’ he said. “He wasn’t clean when they hooked up with him. We had a high tolerance for people who were willing to inform on Khadafy. The question is whether he actually provided anything useful.’’



Prisoners of War

Covenant Child World Evangelistic Ministry in Somerset, New Jersey holds second Sunday Service

Monday, January 23rd, 2012


The newly-formed Covenant Child World Evangelistic Ministry headed by the wife /husband team of Rev.Tigidankay Kabs-Kanu  and Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu, which was outdoored with its first maiden Sunday Service on Sunday January 15, 2012 held its second service at the Caribbean Palace Hall at Hamilton Street, Somerset, Franklin Township in New Jersey  yesterday.

Thankfully, God brought many more  people to the service from different walks of life–Africans, African-Americans, hispanics, philippinos etc-and for a church that was conducting only its second ever service, the attendance was very encouraging , according to the Rev. Leeroy Kabs-Kanu.


Taking her sermon from Judges 6: 6-16, the Rev. Tigidankay Kabs-Kanu , preached on the topic: ‘What Christians should do when faced with crises in their lives. ‘ According to the passage, the Midianites were oppressing the Israelites . They were seizing their oxen and cattle . When Israel had sown, the Midianites would come with the Amalekites and the Children  of the East;  all came against them , encamped against and destroyed the increase of the earth and left no sustenance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox nor ass. And Israel was greatly impoverished because of the Midianites.  Thay had to hide from the Midianites in caves and dens. This was  crisis time in the lives of the Israelites.

According to her, we too can face crises in our lives . Some people’s crisis , she preached , could be economic. They are broke and cannot pay their bills and sustain themselves. To others, it is sickness . They are afflicted by sickness that they cannot get out of their lives . To yet another set of people, it could be marital problems. Despite all they have done to make their marriages work, nothing seems to be succeeding. To others, it could be problems at their work places. Though they are working hard, they are being oppressed by their bosses and other highly-placed officials.


But whenever there is a crisis, it calls for intervention, she preached. A decision has to be made. Israel intervened by returning to God. They had not honoured the Lord ‘s covenant. They had turned away from God. But in their crisis they returned to God. Rev. Tigidankay Kabs-Kanu urged christians that whenever they face a crisis in their lives they must make a decision as was done by the children of God . The Israelites decided to return to God. And when they did he sent them a prophet , through whom God  refreshed their minds about who he was and what he had delivered them from. “We must never forget who God is and what he has done for us . God had to remind them that it was he who delivered them from bondage in Egypt and he had delivered them with a strong and mighty hand from all those that oppressed them”, she went on  . The female preacher said that the congregation too was being reminded about the things that God had done for them and who he is–A loving, merciful, good and faithful God.



Mrs. Kabs-Kanu reminded members of the congregation that when they were sick, it was God who delivered them. “When you had that motor accident and you survived it, it was God who saved you from it. When you had that financial crisis in your life and you thought that you were going to declare bankruptcy and become homeless, it was God who reversed the situation and gave you victory. When you lost your job and you were roaming all over the places looking for solutions you could not find, it was God who saved you and gave you a new job.”

Rev. Tigidankay Kabs-Kanu said that God can be anything you want him to be in your life  . “For instance, he can be Jehovah Rapha to you, the God who healeth thee. He can be to you Jehovah Nissi, the God of Victory ; he can be to you  Jehovah Shalom, the God who gives you peace. God can rescue you from any problem. God’s ability to save us knows no bounds. With God on your side, nobody can conquer you. When the enemy comes against you like a flood, God shall lift a banner against him. ” The congregation erupted with ‘Alleluias’  and  ’Amens.’

She went on to preach that God told Gideon that he would use him to deliver Israel from the Midianites and the angel of the Lord who delivered the message called him the Mighty Man of Valour. God saw in him the power to succeed and he has put that same power in us through Jesus Christ. She said that God has made us overcomers and through him, we have the capacity to overcome any problem.



However because of the things his people were undergoing, Gideon expressed doubts. He was too discouraged and thought that God has forsaken them. “We too have the tendency to think that God has forsaken us. We look at all our problems and tribulations and we feel that God has forsaken us. But I am here to tell you today that God does not forsaken anybody.Rather we are the ones who forsake him .However, God is ready to take us back when we return to him. God is always there for us . God told Gideon to go in his might and he will be with him. Though Gideon was doubting , God told him that surely he will conquer the Midianites.  Through Gideon, the Lord God delivered the children of Israel from the hands of the Midianites “, she continued.

She said that whatever problems anybody in the congregation is  having in life, whether financial, career, business , sickness or marital , he/she should surrender them to God through Jesus Christ and as  surely as God delivered Israel from the Midianites he will do the same for them if they surrender everything to God and believe .

Earlier, the Rev. Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu gave an exhortation on Faith.He said that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”, according to Hebrews 11:1. He said that God wants christians to have faith in him and that according to Hebrews 11: 6, “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  He also told them what the Bible says in Romans 10: 17 that Faith comes by hearing  and hearing by the word of God “. Rev. Kabs-Kanu said that many people think that salvation is by works but the Bible tells us in  Ephesians 2: 8 that it is by grace that  we  are saved , through faith and not of ourselves. It is a gift of God.

He admonished the congregation to have faith in God. He said that if  one constantly reads the newspapers, watches the TV or listens to the radio or people, he/she  is bound to fret because all that is  got from them are negativity and bad and discouraging  news.  “They saturate your mind with discouraging news that destroy your faith in God. The tendency when you get discouraged is to fear for your future because all they predict is  that dooms day is coming   . But I want you to know today that if you have faith in God, that doomsday will never come near your dwelling ; if you have faith in God, nothing will discourage  you  because you know that God is your provider and he does not provide for you according to the state of the economy or the  world’s system of things but according to his grace and goodness. Even though the media is predicting that the world economic system is falling, God is still blessing those who put their trust in him. All the gold, all the diamonds and all the riches of this world belong to God and he can bless you in the midst of the global economic crisis .God ‘s blessings do not depend on the state of the economy. They depend on his grace and goodness. You just trust in God and set out your sail and he will bless the works of your hands. ”

Members were once again blessed by the soul-touching and anointed worship and praise led by Sister Augustina Taylor.

The church conducts Bible class every Tuesday at 6 : 30pm and Sunday School at 2: 30 pm , before the sunday service. Every third Friday of the month, the church has all-night prayer from 12 midnight to 6 am. The church has a nursing home ministry two thursdays a month at 6: 15 pm.

The church’s contact address is :

P.O. Box 1115,

Somerset, NJ 08875-1115



APC Government to go tough on political violence in Sierra Leone

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Speaking with military firmness, President Koroma told the  jam-packed crowd at the Brima Attouga Stadium in the Eastend of Freetown on  Saturday, January 21, 2012 (where he had gone to launch the APC’s campaign to  urge its partisans to register with the new biometric system for the November  2012 General elections in Sierra Leone), that the recent violence that erupted  after a bi-election in the Fourah Bay area, Eastend of Freetown, “would never  happen again”. President Koroma told the crowd that his government awaits the “investigation” of the police on the matter to know whether the police are ready  to “live up to their responsibilities”; and, with a veiled threat – tinged with  his resolve that the “Law is Supreme” – he said that henceforth his government  would not just ‘investigate’ matters, but, would take resolute action to prevent  such violence, and bring to book perpetrators.The crowd cheered  wildly

He said the International Criminal Court has “grabbed Charles  Taylor…(former President of Liberia)”; and “Gbagbo is also facing the ICC”… (former President of Ivory Coast); “Some of them here will have to face the ICC  too….”, for he has invited the ICC into Sierra Leone, the President of Sierra  Leone said. He said that some of those who think they can  stimulate violence with impunity may not be around to take part in the November,  2012 General Elections in Sierra Leone.The crowd shouted their  approval.

While insisting that the ceremony was not one for political  campaigning, President Koroma apparently lashed out at his political opponents  who he obliquely accused of being  behind the spate of political violence in the  country: “Don’t take us back into the Darkness from which we have come  from”.And, using the apt imagery of the APC party symbol, the  sun, President Koroma said, “You can’t cover the sunlight.The  sun’s light can’t be blocked.Even if you are in a hole, the sun’s  light would manage to penetrate there…We are not turning back  with the development we engaged in now…”. The crowd chanted  praises to him enthusiastically; and the women broke into a Temne song that  said, ‘It is not just bluffing that you will do this or that…You must show us  what you can do, like our Ernest has done for us…’.


The progress thus far made by President Koroma in fulfilling his campaign promises to the Sierra Leonean people

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

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Addressing Members of Parliament at past Friday’s State Opening of the Fifth Session of the Third Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone, His Excellency President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has outlined successes made by the ruling APC since its election to governance in 2007 and re-echoes commitment to political tolerance, socio-economic independence and non-violence.




“A little over four years ago, the people of this country affirmed their belief in the manifesto of the All People’s Congress and my ability to lead the implementation of our programmes by electing me President. Just after those memorable elections, I laid before this Honourable House the translation of our manifesto into government policy, and my government’s strategies for moving forward the transformation of our country.  We promised to restore electricity to our capital city, and we did; we promised we would restore people’s confidence in the ability of government to bring its projects to fruition, and we did; we promised to remove impediments and pave the way for our international partners to unfreeze funds for development and other projects, and we did. In our Agenda for Change we stated our commitment to improving the lives of our people by transforming agriculture, energy, infrastructure, health and education. We stated that we would be a government of infrastructure; a government of implementation; and a government of action. We said we would be a government of visible achievements, a government that puts greater emphasis on programmes for the common man and woman, and a government with a sense of urgency, self confidence and fair distribution of services to every region, district and town,” President Koroma started-off in what political commentators describe as the most eloquent and forthright speech of a head of state in post-war Sierra Leone.

President Koroma pointed out to Members of Parliament that from Tower Hill where our Honourable House stands, to the streets of Bo, Kenema, Makeni, and Koidu, the signs of infrastructural transformation are very visible and from the completion of Bumbuna to the building of medical stores in all districts, the APC government’s commitment to implementation is evident.

“From our support to the smallholder farmer to our provision of free health care for mothers, pregnant women and children under five, our dedication to action for the common man and woman is manifest. From our independent funding of the widening of road projects at Wilkinson Road and Spur Road, to our commitment to shoulder the greater costs of our elections; from our increased budgetary allocations to local councils irrespective of which political party controls them, to our construction of roads in many towns regardless of which party stronghold they are located; our increasing self confidence and fair distribution of services to the ordinary citizens of our country is very noticeable,” President Koroma highlighted.

The President further spoke on the need for political tolerance and for Sierra Leoneans to co-exist in peace and work concertedly for development.

“Mr. Speaker, out there, within the boundaries of this great House of Parliament lie the mortal remains of the two towering figures of independent Sierra Leone. Sir Milton Augustus Strieby Margai and Dr Siaka Probyn Stevens had their political differences, but they are eternally united within this great house of the land. This shows that our country wants a unity of the great men’s respective legacies of tolerance and infrastructural development as the best way forward,” the President pointed out, adding “this country wants us to harmonize the better values that they asserted, to pray for their souls together and to garner strength of purpose from those prayers to move the country forward.”
“In this gathering, I see partners for transformation.  I see them in the SLPP, the PMDC, and the APC,” the President said.
The President said he believes politicians share much more than opposing each other in the political arena.

“Most of us share a disposition for tolerance, friendship and non-violence.  I call upon all of us to use the great resources of our friendships, our common dispositions and values to build bridges over the antagonisms of politics. Let us use these resources to keep the extremists and the violent at bay. The force of our determination must be the greatest deterrent against those who seek to debar our progress,” President Koroma admonished.

“We the peaceful, the non-violent and the development-oriented are in the overwhelming majority in all political parties, all ethnic groups and every region in the country,” he further pointed out.

President Koroma outlined the APC government’s achievements in the agriculture, infrastructure, energy and water, health, education and mineral resources sectors. He also spoke of gains made in the economy and attracting private sector investment.
President Koroma also spoke about the APC government’s unblemished human rights record pointing out “We have created the space for freedom of expression to thrive, allowing for independent voices everywhere, respecting the rights of journalists to freely practice their profession. Our support for the independence of the Human Rights Commission has allowed it to improve its effectiveness resulting in its recent elevation to “A” status by the United Nations.  The Commission has maintained a third comprehensive annual state of human rights report thus complying with its statutory obligations to government and to this House.  It has also provided assistance to government that ensured successful reporting and participation in the United Nations Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review.”

The President re-echoed the APC government’s determination to ensure free, fair, transparent, and violence free elections.
“We will not allow the perpetrators of violence to derail our continuing transformation into a democracy respected by all, a development-oriented nation lauded by multi-lateral and other institutions, and a country of immense potential that is courted by investors from all over the world,” he warned.

The President maintained Sierra Leoneans should not allow the violent to take the country back to the era of gross violations of human rights insisting the era of impunity is over.

“We will enforce the laws to the fullest and ask for the maximum punitive measures for those engaged in electoral violence and other human rights abuses and violations,” the President assured peace loving Sierra Leoneans disclosing further that government will be seeking the cooperation of the International Criminal Court to ensure that no one escapes the net of fair, just and impartial trial for electoral and other gross violations of the rights of our people.
“There will be no hiding place for perpetrators,” he said.

President Koroma concluded his 15 pages statement by appealing to Sierra Leoneans that our national heritage should be the cord that binds us closer as one people and that the people should all accept that we have a common destiny as Sierra Leoneans and work together relentlessly for peace, freedom and prosperity.

“I hereby call on all peaceful Sierra Leoneans to come together in an alliance of strength, unity, and commitment and prevent our country from being taken over by the agents of retrogression,” President Koroma said.

SLPP Faction Leader, Boss Fallay’s Atrocious Lies and and Propaganda about President Ernest Koroma

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

SLPP Faction Leader, Boss Fallay’s Atrocious Lies and and Propaganda about President Ernest Koroma

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Joseph S. Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Salone Monitor (
SLPP’ s Faction Leader, Agustine Boss Fallay

Whenever we talk
about patriotism and love of country, we have to rule out sell outs, political
opportunists and SLPP faction leader Augustine Boss Fallay et al., a man who has
spent years in the U.S.A.’ with nothing to account for in Sierra Leone or his
village.  He is not ashamed of venting out his frustration and lies to decent
people in the United States to cover up the atrocities and mayhem the SLPP party
is re-introducing in Sierra Leone.  However, if Mr. Fallay feels that the
international community is blind to realities on the ground in Sierra Leone,
then he must be dreaming and living in a utopian world.  Not to mention his
track record of dishonesty and mafia activities in the U.S.A.,  it should remind
every sensible and patriotic Sierra Leonean that the credibility of Augustine
Fallay is at stake because of telling fabricated lies about the Government of
President Koroma in a calculated attempt to sell his cheap propaganda to the

It should be noted that Augustine Fallay, a man who is heading a
divided SLPP faction in the United States was in 2006 charged with criminal
conduct. FBI agents, working with the San Francisco district attorney’s office,
led him away in handcuffs when he was a building inspection supervisor on
suspicion of bribe-taking.   InUnited States judicial system once a man is
charged with criminal conduct, his credibility is at stake and his character
becomes questionable.  Criminal procedure is the branch of American
constitutional law concerned with the state’s power to maintain an orderly
society.  So if a lawyer like Augustine Fallay could distort the truth by
reporting that there is “arbitrary arrests, detention and torture in Sierra
Leone, “where is Fallay’s moral conscience?  Or can we say that he is still
inclined to his criminal activities? Democracy in display-butchering and stabbing of innocent Sierra

Indeed it is no surprise that Augustine Fallay is among
the clique of criminals in United States that are still blind to realities of
the SLPP’s thuggery and violence which they exhibited in Kono, Bo and recently a
Bye-Election in Constituency 104 at Fourah Bay in Freetown.   Why these cabals
of criminal men didn’t report the butchery and mayhem they did to innocent
Sierra Leoneans at the elections which they want to use as a camouflage to hide
their dastardly and atrocious deeds.   Why didn’t they report those ghastly and
atrocious photos the SLPP partisans meted to innocent Sierra Leoneans during the
conduct of the elections which Augustine Fallay is hypocritically complaining to
the international community?

Truth is certainly a branch of morality
and a very important one to society.  This is most definitely true because where
would we be today without the certainty of truth?  Some of the difficulties that
we encounter while living in a civilized world is, would-be intelligent men to
distort truth and embrace falsehood and lies.  As a result, numerous wars have
been fought over interpretations of the truth, and continue to be fought today.
In addition to the principle parties in the conflict, other sources may also be
held accountable to distorting the truth and key among them is a biased media
source which the SLPP has employed to propagate their sinister plans against the
government of President Ernest Koroma. Fadika an APC convert stabbed by SLPP thugs

To be
completely honest or truthful, I have learned and thought about the many
different ways of truth.  To many people truth is perceived differently, but
inevitably there is really only one absolute truth.  There can be much deep
thought and philosophical teaching on truth, but what I have learned is that it
is really simple.  Truth in my mind is a very black and white subject, it either
is or isn’t.  Whether someone is telling the truth or not is a whole different
story.  At the end of the day Jesus says it best, “Then you know the truth, and
the truth shall set you free.”  (John 8:32)

In conclusion, Augustine
Fallay if you are a true patriot of Sierra Leone devoid of ethnic and party
interest, then you should be cognizant of the irresponsibility, violent and
thuggery that have defined the SLPP in Sierra Leone.  Intimidation and coercion,
outlaw and political ineptitude have been the hallmarks of the SLPP since they
lost power in 2007 and no amount of propaganda can hide these stark political
realities.    All these clearly indicate that the hypocrisy of hiding the truth
by people like Boss Fallay and the SLPP is a dangerous illusion and road map to
greater disaster.

All and sundry should know that the SLPP catastrophic
mistakes that they made over the past decade by years of misrule and bad
governance should come to an end.  Democracy cannot be built and fostered by
lying, distorting facts and self-righteous myths of ethnic-based and highly
personalized regime but by collectively focusing on a common agenda that will
benefit the common good