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Friday, February 13th, 2009

Written by By Cocorioko reporters on the ground

Friday, 13 February 2009

Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP) candidate Mr.Solomon Berewa’s latest boloney that he loved Sierra Leone so dearly ( Love indeed ! !) that he conceded defeat in the 2007 Presidential Elections to avoid a Kenya or Zimbabwe-type chaos is not only a wicked and diabolical lie. It is a continuation of the culture of deception that has marked politics in Sierra Leone since time immemorial. The fact of the matter is that the SLPP was prepared for war and to contest the results to the bitter end . They had even taken concerted steps to have the Attorney General and Minister of Justice issue a writ of injunction forbidding the Chief Electoral Commissioner, Ms. Christiana Thorpe, from announcing the final results.
What saved Sierra Leone from another civil conflict was the intervention of the United Nations Secretary General ‘s Executive Representative in Sierra Leone, Mr.Victor Angelo and stakeholders, including diplomats and of course the refusal of former President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah to play up to the SLPP’s game to disrupt the announcement of the results.



VICTOR ANGELO : He stuck to his guns that the verdict of the people at the polls will be respected

This is a fact known so well to Sierra Leoneans that Mr.Solomon Berewa owes the whole nation an apology for standing at the Special Court and lying that he willingly conceded defeat to avoid chaos . Mr. “Lie-Lie ” Berewa, was it not Mr. Victor Angelo and stakeholders who pointed out to you that the elections were free and fair and that you will be held responsible for any chaos that ensued as a result of your stubbornness to accept the inevitable–Your sound defeat at the polls by the All People’s Congress (APC) Candidate, Mr.Ernest Bai Koroma ?

Ex-President Kabbah did not only dissociate himself from the SLPP plans to continue fighting the obvious elections defeat , but he pre-empted their unpatriotic plans by beginning the handing -over process as soon as the final results were announced.Kabbah infact the previous weekend had turned over his official vehicles and urged ministers to do the same. Is that not the reason why SLPP supporters are still crying for the blood of former President Kabbah ? Was it not the reason that Kabbah and Berewa fell out ? Was it not the reason that the SLPP barred Kabbah from attending their activities ? Whatever way Kabbah may have mismanaged the affairs of the country and the economy , which contributed to the SLPP’s ignominous defeat, one thing stands sure : He demonstrated extraordinary statesmanship by dissociating himself from Solomon Berewa and the SLPP ‘s plan to bring back chaos to the nation by disputing the most free and fair elections in the history of Africa. And this is one reason Kabbah is held to such acclaim in the international community.Had Kabbah listened to Berewa, John Benjamin, JJ Saffa , John Karimu, Patrick Foya, Victor Reider and others, there could have been another war in Sierra Leone. Kabbah wisely realized that there was no purpose continuing to fight the inevitable.

Mr. Berewa was even shameless to continue taking to task the Chief Elections Commissioner , Ms.Chritiana Thorpe, for nullifying the votes in the polling stations where overvoting was discovered . When a so-called statesman like Solomon Berewa stands in public and not only lies through his teeth but questions a legal act taken against dishonesty , what kind of respect does he expect from the populace ? With such dishonest claims and inclination to support rigging of elections, what confidence does Solomon Berewa inspire that, if he had won , he would have upheld the constutution and the laws of this land ? CHRISTIANA THORPE HONESTLY AND LEGALLY NULLIFIED VOTES NOT ONLY IN SLPP STRONGHOLDS BUT IN APC STRONGHOLDS AS WELL . SO WHY IS THE SLPP COMPLAINING AS IF THEY WERE THE ONLY VICTIMS ? IF SLPP DOES IT AGAIN IN 2012, THE SAME ACTIONS WILL BE TAKEN . THE SLPP MUST EITHER ACCEPT THAT THE WORLD IS ENJOYING A NEW DISPENSATION OF DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS OR BE PREPARED TO FACE DISAPPOINTMENT WHENEVER THEY TRY TO STEAL AN ELECTION. 1967 AND 2007 SHOULD BE LEARNING CURVES FOR THE SLPP.

The SLPP were clearly and comprehensively defeated in the 2007 elections and the sooner the party accepts the defeat and move on , the better for the SLPP’s prestige , respect and credibility. All the grandstanding about yielding because of the nation’s interest only go to make the party look ridiculous and foolish. Who doesn’t know that the SLPP never accepts defeat at elections ? Who does not know that if the SLPP had not been forced , they would not have yielded, even if Sierra Leone had become a Rwanda.

Berewa should be ready to accept the reality of his defeat to maintain his respect. He should concede the fact that there was no way that he could have won the 2007 elections . The owners of the land of of Sierra Leone had long spoken before the elections : The SLPP would be evicted , come the 2007 elections and that was what happened. Can somebody please play them the hit song ‘INJECTMENT NOTICE’ to remind them, if they have already forgotten ?


That Dream Team Hoax : SLPP Radicalism at Odds With Disclaiming Insidious Military Letter

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Written by Allie Formeh Kamara :

Monday, 09 February 2009

The mystery letter circulating in the armed forces with the intention of inciting trouble should come as no surprise to historians because Sierra Leone’s history, since independence, is replete with SLPP complicity in attempting to topple previous APC governments by force.

In 1967 disgruntled members of the SLPP party, unwilling to accept defeat, staged Sierra Leone’s first historic coup d’état. This was the first instance of military violence in the nation’s history which copy cats later emulated there by earning Sierra Leone the unenviable title as one of the most politically unstable region and an unfavorable place for international business. The SLPP has its finger prints on most military incursions in Sierra Leone.

As some in the Diaspora have correctly pointed out, the SLPP party has yet to denounce this latest act of trying to incite instability in the military. To all who took at face value the cadre of the so called intellectuals in the SLPP and the literally very loud online newspaper called the ‘New People’ it may seem quite a surprise that no one amongst them has the temerity to speak against the writer even though by doing so they would be showing themselves as peace lovers who want to play by the rules. The gulf between the expectations of the public and the activities of the brains behind the SLPP should give people reason to take a hard look at the SLPP party.



The failure by the SLPP to denounce the writer of the mysterious letter is an act of irresponsibility. It demonstrates that the SLPP will not part from its old ways. All eyes are on the SLPP as a culprit behind the mystery letter. And this development cannot help but damage the party’s reputation further.

Now, in fact, it behooves me to point out that pictures speak volumes and the so called mouthpiece of the SLPP party, namely the ‘New People’ appear to be full of personalities with visually appalling dispositions. Take for example the smiling Dr. Sama Banya, whose portrait shows his natural disposition as a playful old feller. Would you trust such a man as a revealer of truth? Again, would you trust such a man with your money or your daughter or your government? What about James Osaio Kamara, whose portrait, with his mouth deliberately twisted, gives him the appearance of a slick person not to be trusted and devoid of seriousness? These individuals decided, for what ever reason, to select such despicable pictures as the winning pictures for display when representing their party. It seems that in one of their strategy meetings they decided that they should give the appearance to the party of the day that all is well with them and that they are the razors edge with the killer instinct.

Perhaps they need to be reminded that politics is not just about bad mouthing the other party in order to win an election but about showing love for your country men and women in order to win.

What it boils down to is that the SLPP has shown through its mouthpiece the ‘New People’ that it has embraced the far left. At a time when Sierra Leoneans are reeling from the wounds of the ten year civil war, this position by the SLPP will cement their fate as a looser.


Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

That mischievous letter that was circulated in the Sierra Leone army and which prompted Monday’s emergency press conference by military and Police chiefs in Freetown should not be taken lightly. Though a military coup is no longer possible in Sierra Leone, the authorities should not overlook any threat to national security.



This is more so considering the fact that the rumbles in the army must have been prompted by a desperately overambitious and devilllishy power-conscious clique of tribalists operating especially in the United States of America and some other parts of the diaspora. . What kind of coincidence is it that as soon as certain confusionist online began bandying misleading stories about tribalism in the army , such a letter should start circulating in the armed forces ? Sierra Leone Defence Chiefs should not overlook this essential link at all. There are desperate Sierra Leonean tribalists living in the U.S. who want to scupper the peace and security in Sierra Leone. The worst thing that can happen to Sierra Leone is for the army to become infected with the malicious virus of tribalism being packaged in the U.S. by some unpatriotic urchins.

We wonder when people will learn that they cannot always be in power and that Sierra Leone does not belong to any one tribe or region. We also wonder when certain people will start learning how to accept defeat.

We think the government should launch a thorough investigation to determine the source of that letter. Having a press conference and issuing threats to troublemakers is not enough .The government must get to the bottom of the source of that dangerous letter, which has the potential to bring tears, lamentations and suffering to our beloved nation once again. If there is a nexus and link between certain reckless utterances in America and that poisonous letter, the government must take appropriate actions to ensure the peace and security of the land. We cannot afford to be taken back to our painful past by disgruntled people who have placed parochial, partisan, tribal and regional interests over the national welfare.

Please don’t let the matter dissipate tamely. We want peace in Sierra Leone and government must be ready to go the dog’s end to ensure it.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 February 2009 )