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Monday, January 30th, 2006


Monday January 30, 2006

Liberia’s President, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf , has not been double-speaking about the fate of former rebel leader Charles Taylor , many Liberians in the diaspora clarified yesterday . The Liberians were responding to media reports , especially by COCORIOKO,  insinuating that Sirleaf was dragging her feet  in the matter of handing over Taylor to the Special Court in Freetown.  They even sent this paper a photo of the cell awaiting Taylor in Freetown, published originally by the VOA.

Each of the Liberians who spoke with COCORIOKO  said that they have the understanding that the U.S.  had told Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf to concentrate on her task of rebuilding Liberia. They drew reference to the statement made in Monrovia by U.S Secretary of State , Dr. Condoleeza Rice during the inauguration of the new President. Dr. Rice said that the issue of Taylor was finished and Sirleaf should concentrate on building democracy in Liberia. She promised that the U.S.  will work with West African leaders and the Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo , to ensure that Taylor faces justice.

The Liberians interpreted this statement to mean that the U.S.  was divesting responsibility for Taylor’s prosecution from Mrs. Sirleaf’s hands , since she had a monumental task on her head already, which is  to rebuild war-shattered Liberia.  Mr. Gabriel Quoih  of Jersey City , NJ  said : “More of less, the U.S  was telling President Johnson-Sirleaf : ‘You have a big task on your hands. You don’t allow Taylor’s business to distract you now. You leave everything with us. We will handle the matter’. ”

Since this issue of transferring Taylor to the Special Court became complicated with Obasanjo vowing not to ever do it, except to a constitutionally-elected government of Liberia, many people had formed the opinion that only the U.S.  is now able to make Taylor face trial. They suggested that Obasanjo had several ulterior motives for shielding Taylor from prosecution and believed that the U.S.  alone has the clout to force Obsanjo to change his tune.

However, all signs point to the possibility that Taylor will eventually be roped in  to the Special Court.  Pressure is  building on Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf to do the right thing  and it is reported that even the U.S.  is after her to ensure the possibility of Taylor’s prosecution, albeit subtly. Recently, Liberian journalists were invited to Freetown and taken on a tour of the Special Court cells. This, some Liberians, predict is another sign that Taylor will one day have his day at the Special Court.


Monday, January 30th, 2006
Monday January 30, 2006
First_Name:  Sheku
Last_Name:  Sheriff
City:  Brooklyn Prrk
State:  Minnesota
Comments:  Political Times, A thinking Assignment

I love cocorioko. When I come back to my house everyday from my daily toils, I
take some time to rest, start my computer, check my emails and go to, hoping to read about happenings in my country Sierra Leone. Some
postings make me happy, educating me and providing me with much needed
information about happenings back home. Other posting just make me sad.
Political postings of late just kind of depress me.

My roommate in school, who studied government in Secondary school, told me that
democratic governments are by the people and for the people. Up to this day,
given my science loving frame of mind, I have found it mathematically impossible
to have a situation in which there is a government for the people and by the
people as long as the number of people exceeds 5. If the government loves cars
and all the people love cars, then it might be a government for the people. But
if a single person loves trains rather than cars, then the government is
definitely not for the people.

Then we have a situation in which the government is not for the people, but for
the majority of the people, as some people’s wishes are definitely not going to
be the wishes of the government. What next follows is a civil dialogue in which
people assert their preferences and why they feel or think the majority should
choose these preferences. The dialogue should however be civil, as a man
convinced against his wish, is of the same opinion.

The problem we have in Africa, including Sierra Leone, is that we value our
opinions so much that we do not have time for the opinions of others. Politics
is about differences. People look at life differently and have dissimilar
values, yet as long as they are all trying to achieve a similar objective, they
should try and have a healthy debate. Instead of attacking each other this
political season, let us attack each others ideas in a civilized manner. We all
want what is best for Sierra Leone, development, peace and prosperity. These
objectives can not be achieved if we develop a win or nothing mentality.

The internet has provided a forum that enables all of us to communicate easily,
let us not use this opportunity to make enemies. Your opponents need not be your
enemy. They are simply people whose opinions and values differ from yours.
Attacking their personalities and dragging down their reputations will only
widen the gulf between you.

Let us use this opportunity to ask our leaders important questions. If your
opponents’ party leaders say they are going to make all the roads in Freetown,
ask them how. Where are you going to get the money from? How long is it going to
take? Which area of Freetown are you going to start in? How much is it going to


Monday, January 30th, 2006


(By Mohammed Legally-Cole : Cocorioko reporter in the Gambia )

Monday January 30, 2006


The Libyan President Muamar Al-Ghadafi has announced the birth of a new project called ?Ghadafi Plan for the African Youth, Women and Children’. This unique Multi Million Dollar project is geared towards the improvement of the quality of life of the youth, women and children on the African Continent.


Unveiling the details of the new project to the press in a conference at the Atlantic Corinthian Hotel in Banjul, The Gambia, the Libyan Ambassador to The Gambia, Muhammad Ammar said that the initiative is an eruption of a new African plan being initiated by Col. Ghadafi which id geared towards promoting socio-economic development and growth in Africa.


Ambassador Ammar expressed the need for Africans to participate actively in the realization of the noble dream of President Ghadafi for a new Africa. “I want you to give this project its dimensions and its social implications, the importance and efforts it deserves”, Ambassador Ammar said.


While emphasizing the significance of the project, Ambassador Ammar expressed that the efforts of cooperation and support of the International Organizations and concerned parties, he said, would be utilized in the realization of the President Ghadafi’s dream for a new Africa.


The Libyan Ambassador further stated that Al-Ghadafi’s new plans would channel support to areas such as Education, Health and Culture through the establishment of Skilled Training Centers, Health Facilities, Branch Associations, Voluntary fund etc.


He said the project, which will kick off this 2006, would have structure in all parts of Africa. The Libyan envoy also said soon a team of Constructor, Propagandists, Awareness Campaigners and Explorators would soon take off the project. In essence, he said, the new initiative forms part of President Ghadafi’s dream of a United Africa. 


Saturday, January 28th, 2006

The government’s attempts to subvert justice in the Harry Yansaneh beating death has clearly demonstrated that Sierra Leoneans still have a long way to go to boast of a nation where justice and the Rule of Law hold domain. It is very disappointing and frustrating not only for the citizens of the country but stakeholders that nothing done and said have changed our politicians one bit. They have been corrupt from Day One and their plight is just worsening.



No less a man than the highly-respected and credible Magistrate Adrian Fisher has publicly accused the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Frederick Carew , of misleading the public. Fisher last week decided not to take things lying down and launched a vitriolic onslaught on the Attorney General  who said he was not prosecuting the alleged killers of the late journalist, Harry Yansaneh, because Fisher did not provide  evidence and there were insufficient grounds to prosecute those his  inquest found culpable for beating Yansaneh to death.



The Attorney General said : “Mr. Fisher did not follow the Rules laid down in law that is Cap 9 of the laws of Sierra Leone 1960 , more especially Section 25 of the said Act… As a result of the non-compliance of the provisions of Cap 9 it was difficult…to institute legal proceedings..” The Attorney General complained that his office has still not received any records of evidence from the inquest and was therefore obliged to turn back to the records of evidence contained in the Police file, which he said he used, plus the medical report of the causes of Yansaneh’s death.  The Attorney General concluded : It is clear therefore that there is no nexus  between what happened on the date of the alleged incident and the death of the late Yansaneh “



Nobody needs to be told that  not only the Attorney General  is misleading the nation and the world.  with these unbelievable provisions .. Fisher’s  inquest proved that there was a causal link between the beating the poor journalist received from SLPP Parliamentarian , Dr. Fatmata Hassan and her thuggish sons and Building Evaluator  and the complications  to his health that led to his death. 

 The government never disputed Magistrate Fisher’s report when it was delivered.  Why is it only now, months after the inquest , that the government is coming out with this explanation ? To any reasonable person, it  seems that this shameless government has chosen to  bring Sierra Leone to international disrepute once more by ignoring the evidence and setting the alleged killers free . We do not believe that a Magistrate of Fisher’s calibre would conduct a whole inquest and not furnish the Attorney General’s office with the files of the evidence obtained.

The nation needs the truth from the government. We need to be given a more convincing reason  why Fatmata Hassan and her gang are going to walk free , inspite of the mountains of evidence against them that their beating of Yansaneh contributed to his death. . We do not want to believe that Magistrate Fischer bungled the inquest.  Is the government releasing these people  because in Sierra Leone today, justice belongs to the highest bidder ? Is the government releasing them  because in Sierra Leone today, the wealthy and the powerful are above the law ?

While waiting for the government to come clean with credible answers , we want to call on the people of Sierra Leone to stop looking the other way and make this Yansaneh case their business.  Getting justice for the late Yansaneh should not be the concern of  the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists ( SLAJ) alone. Citizens alike must question the decision of the government and if no satisfactory answers are given, demand a new inquest. We cannot afford to sit down and see this government trampling on the laws of the land they had sworn to uphold.

Justice must be done in the Yansaneh case and it is the duty of every citizen to see that this is done.



The same old Kabbah issue. The Final Chapter

Saturday, January 28th, 2006

TEJANKABBAH12 (600 x 450)


By Kai   Pokawa                                             

 Croydon  UK



For sometime now I have endeavoured on this sight  and elsewhere to assist readers in putting the record straight on the Kabbah issue relating to the commissions of inquiry.


The situation had become axiomatic when I saw even so called well educated contributors, fromAmerica, United Kingdom and even Brussels continuing to misrepresent the situation and therefore misinform the public.


May be my contributions had been too legalistic. Just when I was losing all hopes that Sierra Leonean will never understand the difference, then I saw a letter from a Mr Mundo Tombo from Bo town. It is ironic that he actually wrote to condemn Kabbah, but ended putting the record straight. He said..Kabbah has been recommended to be barred from holding office..’ Thank you Mr Tombo.

This is the point that detractors, political opponents, mischief makers or people simply with supercilious minds wanted you to forget.‘Recomended’



1.  Kabbah has never been convicted of theft, by any judicially established court of Law in Sierra Leone or elsewhere. That been the fact he can never be called a convicted thief. Kabbah has every right to institute action of Libel against anyone who makes such allegations. (Wheather it will be seditious will be matter for the courts to decide) As long as the Law remains on our statute books The Courts should never feel shy in implementing it and individuals be they Presidents or farmers should never feel constrained to use it.


2 A commission of inquiry may have recommended that Kabbah should not hold public office.but that is all. ?A Recommendation’ a recommendation had to be implemented. To my knowledge there is no record or document anywhere indicating that those recommendations were ever implemented. Quite why no one knows. I have my own theory on that.


Finally, how legal were those commissions of inquiries set up by Authorities whose very own legality was at best dubious. Since it is illegal to overthrow a properly elected Government and suspend the Constitution in the first place.


Whether we like him or not  Kabbah, has earned his good place in the history of Sierra Leone. He will leave a Country in good health, vibrant democracy, freedom of the Press, respect for Human Right, well functioning Judiciary and the Rule of Law as its underpinning factor..(We have no secrete torture chambers, and no political prisoner any where) even President Bush agrees with that. But those who break the Criminal Law will be subject to Laws of the land without exception. And finally PEACE. Peace which Sierra Leonean are enjoying now, for without peace, all the above will be but a dream. Sierra Leonean will never forget the APC years. SLPP will fight the next election on just one word PEACE. Peace in our life time.


Solomon Berewa will follow Kabbah, and will continue the Good work without a doubt. People must remember that our Party has a past and has a future, Apart from Berewa, we can choose from at least one of 10 individual men and women who can be successful leaders of SLPP  and hence Sierra Leone,  that is how rich our party is. But for now we have Kabba and then BEREWA…the rest of us will have wait our turn. we won’t leave to form another Party.There is some called LOYALTYand CONVICTION.


Happy New Year


Hinga Norman spits fire at Special Court

Friday, January 27th, 2006


By Chernor Ojuku Sesay
Cocorioko Correspondent in Freetown
Friday January 27, 2006
Chief Hinga Norman, the former SLPP Deputy Defence Minister, Internal Affairs Minister, National Coodinator of the Civil Defence Forces and now an Indictee of the Special Court for crimes against humanity continued his self defence which he started last Tuesday at the Special Court in Freetown.
Chief Norman informed the court on Wednesday that after the overthrow of President Tejan Kabbah on 25th May 1997, the entire SLPP government including himself went into exile in Conakry, Guinea.
He explained that when he realised that President Kabbah was residing at Bellevieu in Conakry, he attempted to see him on seven consecutive days but was not permitted to see him. He said he therefore decided not to see him again.
A day later, according to Norman, he received a telephone call from  someone whom he later identified as President Kabbah who told him (Norman) that there is only one Captain to a ship and that he (President Kabbah) was that Captain. Chief Norman said in response, he told the President that ”if I’m aboard a ship that is about to sink and I have one or two things to do, I will do all I could to help it not to sink”.
Norman said two days later he was reached at his Novotel hotel by four foreign diplomats who were in Sierra Leone at the time of the coup namely; Ambassador John Hirsch of the American Embassy, Peter Penfold, the British High Commissioner, Berhanu Dinka, the UNDP Resident Representative and Chief Alhaji Abubakarr, the Nigerian High Commissioner.
Their mission, according to Chief Norman was to broker reconciliation between him and President Tejan Kabbah which was not cordial at the time.
Norman said during the meeting with the four diplomats, Chief Alhaji Abubakarr told him that their countries were ready to assist Sierra Leone from sinking further but that assistance would depend largely on the combined efforts of all including himself and President Kabbah.
Norman further disclosed that he was further reassured that the former Nigerian Head of State, Gen. Sani Abcha was prepared to convince other ECOWAS Heads of State to assist Sierra Leone and have the government re-instated .Norman then said that it was then that President Kabbah directed that  they would need the hunters of the country to help in that respect with the assurance that arrangements had already been made for Norman to be flown to Liberia to meet with some ECOMOG military officers.
Chief Norman said after the reconciliation between him and President Kabbah, he was later appointed as the National Coordinator of the Civil Defence Forces (CDF) comprising of all the local militia fighters in the country with President Tejan Kabbah as the Chairman of the War Council which also comprises of other notables like Dr. Prince Harding, Momodu Koroma, Momoh Pujeh, Ho. Ansu Kaikai, late R.E.S.Largao, Thorlu Bangura and T.K. Vandy.
Norman said he was sent to Liberian on the 17th of June where he met the then ECOMOG Commander, Gen. Victor Malu and the other day they held a meeting alongside other Kamajor Commanders.
He added that ECOMOG promised to support the Kamajors with food, medicines, arms and ammunition and cash. He added that he was constantly in communication with President Kabbah reporting to him every moment on the progress since the President was the Defence Minister and Commander-in-chief and therefore his immediate boss.
Hinga Norman further testified that following verbal reports he made to President Kabbah, the hunters of Sierra Leone were supplied between 500 to 5, 000 pieces of short guns and cartridges as well as oil, rice and dollars . Norman contined his explosive testimony by revealing that Mr. James Jonah, who was then Minister of Finance, sent him a satellite communication set which was delivered by Mr. Momoh Pujeh.
Hinga Norman said he was sent the equipment after he moved to the BASE ZERO Camp of the Kamajors in Sierra Leone following threats by Liberia’s then President Charles Taylor that if he did not stop moving  into his country to and from Guinea , he will have him arrested.

Salone prepares for Bird Flu pandemic

Thursday, January 26th, 2006
By Chernor Ojuku Sesay
Thursday January 26, 2006
Ministry of Health and Sanitation, (MOHS) Minister  Mrs Abator Thomas has told Parliament that the MOHS is putting modalities in place to combat any incidence of a new disease ‘Bird flu,’ now ravaging parts of the world.
The Health Minister was speaking before members of Parliament last Tuesday after being summoned by the Speaker, Hon. Edmund Cowan to answer to questions regarding the new but threatening disease.
Mrs. Thomas said the disease is otherwise known as Avian Influenza and is caused by the H5N1 Virus called ?Bird flu’.  She added that this disease is caused by every bird and not just one particular species.  She noted that the disease has been identified in Kenya, east of Africa, adding that it could get closer as it spreads.  Other areas where ‘Bird flu’ has affected areCambodia, China, Japan, Russia, Romania and Turkey.
The Health Minister promised that henceforth, the MOHS shall concentrate on more education of the masses with regard the disease.
Hon. Dr. Princess Baba Jigida (SLPP) speaking under Standing Order (SO) 024,  noted that ?Bird Flu’ is gradually becoming a major threat to populations all over the world.  She maintained that the source of its spread emanates from migrating birds from South-East Asia to other parts of the world, adding that Sierra Leone is one country where migrating birds from other countries gather during the dry season.  She urged the Health Minister to do everything possible to sensitize the public so as to be able to combat the disease in the event it does appear here

SLPP Government to Account for $36m

Thursday, January 26th, 2006
By Chernor Ojuku Sesay
Thursday January 26, 2006
Civil society organization members have said even though the European Union (EU) in recent months donated a total of $36m towards the food security drive, “very little has been achieved.”
Information gathered by this correspondent indicates that the said $36m donor support was especially meant to improve on areas such as road networks, health, education and food security.
However, several civil society groups including donor agencies and the FAO Right to Food Secretariat, farmers and other stakeholders, claim that the manner in which the fund was allocated and utilized lacked accountability and called for a proper investigation to be carried out so as to know how the fund was used and who the beneficiaries were.
Responding to questions on the above anomaly, the Director of Agriculture in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security, Patrick Hammer, said “the Ministry did not receive any money from the EU for food security.”  He added that though he was aware of such a fund, the Ministry is yet to officially receive it.  He went on to say that as far as accountability goes, the National Revenue Authority (NRA) is the proper body to tell the public how the said money was spent and who benefited from it.



Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
By Abdul Magba Kamara
Wednesday January 25, 2006
Dear Editor:
The people of Sierra Leone will owe a heavy gratitude to you and the crew of dedicated editorial staffs, writers and contributors of the Online edition of COCORIOKO. Your paper has provided a forum for the discussion of objective and sound intellectual political, economic and social dialogue  that is of paramount importance to our beloved mother land.
Like many Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad, I am very concerned about the future of our country. But, unlike many pessimists, I am optimistic about the future of our country. I have great faith in the people of my country, they have shown to the world their resilience and steadfastness by refocusing their energies away from a senseless and misguided  bloody civil conflict, to drafting a National Constitution and electing a democratic government.
My heart and soul goes out to each and every of my countryman, especially, those who were courageous enough to stay in the country during those ten to eleven tumultous years. My heart and prayers goes out to the many children who became orphans, and the many mothers and fathers who lost their children and to the many others who will forever remained mammed for the rest of their natural lives. I can’t think of a single family that that was not affected in one way or the other by that senseless and brutal war.
Now, that is all behind us, and I do pray and hope, that something good, comes out of that senseless, brutal and bloody carnage. As a people, we  Sierra Leoneans are very future oriented, we do not have the luxury or the time, to reminiscence about the past. It is imperative, that we think only of brigher days ahead.
I, firmly believe that each one of us, is aspiring to for a stable, peaceful and democratic Sierra Leone. A Sierra Leone, that is economically vibrant,  peaceful, strong and at peace with its neighbors. Each one of us has a moral responsibility to make sure, that our beloved country is politically stable, and and frre from foreign economic dependency.
We as  people have a right, not to allow Sierra Leone to be a failed state. We should make it our moral duty, to make sure that each and every one of us, contribute in our own small way to the best of our God given abilities, to make sure that our great nation is back on its feet.
Those of our countrymen living abroad and at home, with the financial resources, should endeavor to invest some of their dollars, pound sterlings and euros, at home to help kick start the economy instead of waiting for the Americans and the Europeans to bear the burden.
If we are waiting for foreign investors to jump start our economy, then, my fellow countrymen, we have a long wait ahead of us. We just have to do it ourselves, we should not expect foreign investors to bear the economic burden alone, the price is too great for that type of gamble.
Our National Constitution has guaranteed to us as citizens of the Republic of Sierra Leone, many rights. To each and every Sierra Leonean, the National Constitution has guaranteed security and maximum welfare and freedom of equality of opportunity. To each and every Sierra Leonean, the National Constitution has guaranteed the right to free compulsory basic education; the right and freedom to publish what we want to publish and the freedom to say whatever we want to say in the form of both spoken and written speech; the right to petition our government for redress;  and numerous other rights have been guaranteed by the National constitution. But of paramount importance of all rights, is the right to elect those whom we want to represent us in parliament.
But with these numerous rights comes obligations, that we as citizens are expected to fulfill. It is the obligation and paramount duty of each and every Sierra Leoneans to make sure those rights which are guaranteed by our National Constitution are protected. The most sacred of those rights, that we as citizens of Sierra Leone has, is the right to choose whom we think will represent our common interest.
We have a right to reward those in parliament who have done the job we the people of the different constituencies have sent them to Freetown to do by re-electing them to another term in parliament, regardless of what our personal feelings against them are. As long as they have done what we sent them to Freetown to do.
With the same token, we the people, have the right to punish them for doing a poor job in Freetown by not giving them our vote. The right to reward, those candidates that have done the peoples work that they were elected to parliament to do, and the right to punish those who failed in their duty to faithfully represent all of us, is a very sacred right, and must be guarded from being corrupted by greedy and selfish politicians.
The days of factional sentiments are over, it’s a new political awareness. Those politicians that are not equal to the task at hand should not be rewarded, they should be punished by not voting for them. Your sacred right to vote should be guarded for your children, childrens sake. To make Sierra Leone a better place that your childrens, childrens will be proud to call home.
Our conscience and the common good of the nation should be our guarding moral principle, but our tribal, factional of party affiliation. Guard your sacred right to choose those who will secure a better future for you and your children, childrens’ you. God Bless the People of Sierra Leone.

A Rejoinder to Vandi Kallon (Cocorioko Jan. 23 2006)

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006


By Abdul Hashim Daboh

January 25, 2006


Dear bro.Kallon,

Certainly, I have never been short of breath by your kind for always asking the unobvious, but your recent piece at ?Rico sent me gaping for air. Of interest, here is your recent reaction to S.I. Kamara’s piece regarding Tejan Kabbah’s alleged Conakry estate. Your obnoxious question ?to show evidence or proof ?to S.I clearly depicts how much of your kind have been schooled to think as if we should rather think and live like communist school loyalist. It is Just a clear manifestation of how politically and morally malnourished Berewah sympathizers like those that you have become in this new age of political and social awareness in our country.


 As usual, the messenger rather than the message is attacked .Your vague insinuation of S.I Kamara ?to prove your allegation’ is actually nothing new in our political circles.  Moreover, it is no hidden secret that your die-hard sentiments about Solo do not reflect the aspirations of the wider SLPP realists. Ngor Kalilu Totangi in a well-written piece at the ?Vanguard’ in a measured intellectual coup on his beloved party decimated your uncensored support for the party leadership. Had you matched Totangi to Berewah in that kahlow hkalow makeni convention, given them equal opportunity to sell their agendas to the masses, and, without any back door hand wringing, surely kalilu would have thrown your standard-bearer into political oblivion.

Those very pertinent questions Kalilu raised in that piece have been flying high off the lips of every patriotic Sierra Leonean except the Parliament, which has abrogated its fundamental duty as guardians of our individual Rights, and the balancing organ within our constitutional framework to the Executive. Those lawmakers who have been entrusted a constitutional mandate to act as a counter balance between us and the other two branches of government is more of a contract-seeking gathering of men and women, rather than a body of intellectuals paid to work for the good of the nation. The only famous act the parliament is known for the speedy summon and dismissal of Val Collier for the offence of calling things by their name. The culture of misnaming things in Sierra Leone is so prevalent that even the pa. named his high flying ?going  to bed hungry  as  ?food surplus’ ?  come his retirement in 2007.


The John Leigh pre -convention allegations of financial impropriety within the party hovering over the President and Berewah should have underscored an urgent in-house investigation of the party machinery, but as usual, who dare ask solo and the Pa. – ask JBD, Pujeh or Harry. Worst  of all  is the induced failure, if not a blatant refusal of parliament to cause a special commission to investigate the Abass Bundu allegations especially the question bordering on his ?factual exonerating’ evidence that further detaches him from all those charges read before magistrate Tunis in 1997.


To crown it all, Bundu’s press conference was a devastating blow to the political convenience the SLPP arraigned for his re-entry into the political atmosphere, and more so, on the SLPP government’s credibility as an honest and reliable entity. It seems, and as Berewah and Kabbah would want us to believe, that the matter was a political discretion between Bundu and the two power brokers, not necessary the state vs. Bundu. Such manifestation of the new government should have ranged an alarming bell to all sierra Leoneans that the first mis-step was a political and moral disaster, which may a general characteristic of that leadership. Nevertheless, as usual, no one paid attention to that unwholesome development as we were all too overwhelmed by the Pa’s UN credential and the resurrection of the palm tree. But this time around until the issue is properly addressed in a public forum, nothing will change the course of a precipitated legal action against both the parliament and Solomon Berewah for misleading the nation in an effort to score personal favor from Abass Bundu and hoodwinked the nation into believing that Abass Bundu had intentionally sold our passports and fraudulently converted proceeds to his personal use and benefit.


It is unfortunate, if not a contemptuous attitude from Tejan and his men that they tend to swiftly respond to matters they consider personal blow to their character than anything of national interest. If the recent Paul Kamara’s allegation of Kabbah’s Conakry real estates   report can be so swiftly addressed, why should national issues such as Abass Bundu’s indictment of the government cannot be addressed? Is our bristling Harvard schooled intellectual kanji Daramy around to talk to the nation on this? Solo where is the ?bounced cheque ?you had referred to in your famous 1997 statement on the matter? Moreover, can someone please show the receipt of Abass Bundu’s money paid into the consolidated fund? Of course Mr. Vandi, I am sure Solo and bra. did pocket that money. Otherwise, is there any independent way to establish that such money was deposited into the national treasury ? I dare the Anti Corruption commission to stray into that ?Green Zone’ of power to establish receipt of that particular money.


 Back to basic. Asking S.I.Kamara to substantiate what you may refer to as allegation is like asking Ghadaffi to substantiate his RUF/NPFL connections.

However, to put it succinctly, it would rather be a folly hardy for kabbah or any of his looting appointees to store their loots under their names. As history would show you, all most all  of our corrupt officials have time and again used the names of children, close relatives and trusted friends to tie up the loose ends in their thieving spree.  In fact, some even have more than one passport and such traveling documents are usually issued with different names- not the known name of that official. Alternatively, are you in position to tell the suffering masses why Kanja Sesay only built his Freetown place after few years at the then triple R ministry rather than when he owned an NGO with offices No.5 lamina Sankoh Street.  It is high time you buffoons stop abetting these state looters just for the luxury of riding high whenever you land at lungi.

Your incomparable comparison of Bush to Kabbah is a sound display of intentional dishonesty, ignorance and contempt for all progressive Sierra Leoneans. Firstly, Bush has never been addressed in the states as His Excellency (a hallmark of corrupt and anachronistic authoritarian display of power) – a simplistic style and assurance to the people that the leader is not a monarch.


Compare that with Kabbah’s bags full of titles – titles that must precede his presidential title. More over, Bush was only taken to an undisclosed location within United States, and not somewhere else like the Pa. who thought that Conakry was a safer haven for him and his cabinet whilst the masses bore the scourge of the marauders. That simply is an abrogation of his constitutional oath of office to ?protect and defend’ the nation and its people.

Coming to the Omarie Golley debacle, I doubt if is any News to any Sierra Leonean that Golley was a staunch RUF man until the end of Sankoh. Unfortunately, this was a man the president hailed as a partner in progress and probably he was, one way or the other. However, I have a hunch for the charges against him, but let the trial move on albeit our corrupt and unreliable judiciary. Nevertheless, there is something about recent disturbances in Sierra Leone that we all should watch carefully. That is since the makeni convention every trouble the police have uncovered is around Berewah. There is something fishy about these occurrences. Why in heavens sake can Golley and co plan the assassination of Solo and not Kabbah? Quite a strange development eh! I hope solo is not stage managing events that will name Charles in his quest for power. I hope not, because that will not augur well with all of us. However, there is something fishier about this treason against Berewah and I would advise every Sierra Leonean to go deeper than the police statement in court. Solo did that to Abass Bundu just to keep him quite. He is not new to such maneuvering.


On Norman, though I remain in his defense for being wrongly indicted at the Special court yet, I am fast coming to grip with his wild political ambitions. He might have, in his rambling state of mind unintentionally uttered those infamous lines to both IBK and Ernest Koroma in frustration. His age and sagging health coupled   with his loud mouth spokesperson Sam Foray could have played role in this saga. Again, it remains to be established from the police the degree of his involvement (if any) because the utterance should be backed by an agreement between two or more persons to constitute conspiracy.  Unless legal luminaries in this and other forums educate me, but I doubt the offence itself was complete. The cops should have rather established a mechanism through which the entire allegation would have been in the clear. However, if just telling one or two people who were never going to be part of the allege conspiracy, then I should be on record to say that the police went too fast too soon. Nevertheless, poor Aicha and Lappia too were implicitly ordered to get him, I feel for you Aicha.


I know your force could have done it in a more professional way.

I still recall those days when cabinet ministers and high ranking  party officials can see Tom and friends on the beach and alarm the police that they?re engaged in subversive activity. The newly appointed ministers in a rush to establish their loyalty and niche for information endlessly maligned those poor people whose heroic efforts ushered in our current democratic atmosphere. Most of them (the ministers) faked events and coaxed people to fake incidents as a means to scare all NPRC boys. Well they did succeed temporarily and probably bought the pa’s attention through those bogus claims of security threats from Tom and co. However, every one of them missed that infamous January 6, onslaught. Probably that one was too authentic to reach them or their bogus informants.  Therefore, I pray and hope that no witness manufacturing will occur with these recent claims. Is there a Margai connection to the Omrie Golley party cha cha that could have triggered such a speedy blow against the former RUF man? I hope this is not the case.


 Lastly, I implore the Attorney General Carew not to invite the two alleged conspirators Bah and Kaitongi to become state witnesses against Mr. Golley. Knowing what I know, both could have been used to net Golley with the promise of being compensated and released form jail immediately the intended fast tracked trial is over..


Anyway thanks again to our foreign partners particularly the EU, British High commission and the Embassy of the United States of America for that unwavering statement on the resurrection of the Political Party Registration commission.  I hope Momodu, Vandi and others will soon summon those embassies for ?clarity.