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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005


Tuesday August 23, 2005

The world’s largest steel-making company , Mittal of Rotterdam, has been awarded the contract to revive Liberia’s lucrative iron ore mines in Yekepa, Nimba County . The former Liberian-American-Swedish-Minerals Company ( LAMCO ) , whose operations were grounded in 1990 due to the civil war , is to restart operations with a $900m investment by Mttal, according to the contract signed in Monrovia between the company and Liberia’s interim leader, Gyude Brant ( Pictured left ).

Mittal will rebuild the Yekepa mines, resuscitate the railway and repair the port facilities in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. Operations on the mines should start late this year, if all goes well.

lLAMCO  started operations in Liberia in 1953 and at one time Liberia was the largest producer of Iron Ore in the world, while the exportation of the mineral  accounted for a significant portion of annual revenues earned by the Liberian governments. LAMCO  also provided employment facilities for thousands of Liberians and foreign workers.



Friday, August 19th, 2005

The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone today heard final arguments in the matter of Sam Hinga Norman versus Sama Banya, Prince Harding and SLPP.  For the past two days, the High Court galery has been standing room only as spectators jammed the court to hear the historic lawsuit by Chief Norman against the SLPP and its leaders over the issue of electing the Party leader at the SLPP Delegates Conference originally slated for Friday, August 19 -20 in the Regional Headquarter town of Makeni.


Mr. Norman’s suit, if successful, wil prevent the party from selecting a Party Leader who will in turn be the party’s only candidate for President in the 2007 General Elections.  The lawsuit also contends that no person holding party executive position can at one and the same time hold cabinet level position.  It will also bar President Kabbah from relinqushing the Party Leader position without relinquishing the office of President of the Republic on the grounds that the titles of President and Party Leader are integral and one cannot expire without the other.


The High Court on Monday issued an injunction against the selection of Party Leader until it decides the legality of the selection process.  Although lawyers for the party have offered to postpone the Delegate’s Conference altogether, Mr. Norman’s lawsuit only sought an injunction against selecting the Party Leader.


Our sources tell us that the packed court room gave Mr. Norman’s lawyer, Dr. Bubuakai Jabbi, a standing ovation for his performance before the High Court.  At the same time, SLPP Counsel and former Attorney General, Eke Halloway, is said to have received a tongue lashing from the judges for his performance – or the lack of it.  The judges admonished Mr. Halloway to better prepare himself before appearing before the High Court in the future.


The High Court adjourned until Monday when it is expected to deliver its verdict.  It is now left with party officials whether they will go ahead with the convention without selecting the Party Leader.  Many delegates from abroad are already in Sierra Leone for the Conference.


Meanwhile, we are highly encouraged that solidarity among the various aspirants is growing as some of the presidential candidates consider consolidating their efforts for the sake of party and national unity.  More on this later.


A. SamForay,

Campaign to Elect Hinga Norman.



The coalition of parties is not a third force ?

Friday, August 19th, 2005


 Analyst Edie P.J. Vandy- Takes a look at the Coalition’s Dilemma.


Friday August 19, 2005


Mainstream media continues to blog on the rising prominence of a Third Force as count down to the 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections looms near. Already five political parties, with more to join, under the guise of a coalition are set to replace the dominance of the SLPP and the APC. A laudable venture, aimed at streaming down the proliferation of parties (without substance and have no business to be around in the first place), from crowding the political arena. Good.


The question many are asking is, “why the label of a Third Force to bolster this agenda”? Proponents of the initiative walks tall, take credence on their current numerical strength, and supposedly new direction and a leadership underpinning the merger. Opponents contend the notion, and promulgate that mere political pitching and tactical re-grouping of parties does not constitute an ideology of a Third Force: which emphasizes morality and performance, with a leadership structure depicting proven accomplishment in all walks of life. By design, the Third Force symbolizes a new breed of politician’s with a mindset of change. Failed and recycled politicians who’ve outlived their usefulness, and others caught up in corruption scandals should be non-participants in the new dispensation code-named the Third Force. Accountability is a watchword. To them breaking new grounds means taken such tough stands on key core values, on morality, corruption and good governance. A new party, Sierra Leonean Advocate for Progress (SLAP), seems position to hammer home the vision of a THIRD FORCE.  They must be commended for taken on this challenge, and we wish them well.


The Coalition of Political Parties on the other hand, depicts a party for all, and downplays the importance of high morals and achievements. Theirs is a win mission at all cost and the formation of the next government, is all that matters. If this is the avowed goal, I see no distinction between the Coalition and the SLPP or APC targeted to replace? I see a continuation of the status quo, as the same political faces: stained, recycled and tired faces, keeps jumping fences from one party to the other for greener pastures. The UNPP, PNC, PPP, NPP and PDP, etc. are all offshoots of the APC, and their leaderships at point in time big time play-makers of their former party. Well meaning citizenry will give a serious thought on their defection, if at all to the coalition on this simple fact.   


The Coalition of Parties vow, to take on the might of the ruling SLPP and their patron the APC, but will they? Very doubtful. They will be plaque with a leadership hassle and will not have the numerical strength and funding to play the game like the two targeted for replacement. Along the line, disaster looms. Mark this. The Coalition is going to crumble before you even know it. This is not the first time. Remember the Grand Alliance in 2002? It was another grandiose plan, but choice of leadership sent each parking own way. I hope not this time around. You see, political hallmarks indicate that Coalition of Political Parties has always included key political parties, to take on the incumbency, and victory is certainly assured in most cases. Political Veteran Mwai Kibaki and his National Rainbow coalition (Narc) won a landslide victory over the ruling KANU party in the Dec. 2002 elections. The opposition was formidable. Not the case with the Coalition. For how could they put up a serious fight with the SLPP, without APC participation? Its all media hype and politicking by a few section of the press, who might have a stake in the process itself?


Forget about an en-mass defection by die-hearted SLPP or APC party stalwarts to the Coalition, as it a false premise of hope. Of course, there is frustration in the rank and file of party memberships, and some cross carpeting will definitely happen, but will not translate into massive pledge of alliance with the Coalition. The grass root support base for the SLPP and the APC parties are solid and unshakeable. And they have representation from all walks of life, just like for every other party including the Coalition. Don’t even say that the SLPP and the APC have no representation, because they do. The difference though is in numbers. These two giants have numbers, more than the coalition. Politics is all about numbers.


A review of the current Coalition membership shows terminally brain-dead parties, rejected by the electorates in the 2002 elections, and again marginalized in 1996. The parties cowing under a coalition canopy only exist as labels, and have nothing to show as proof of a serious political party. Their membership is restricted to only the cities? And where they do, could not even put up candidates and representations for contested elections, like parliamentary and local government election across the country. They simply lack manpower, recognition and founding for party politics. See what I mean, In the 2002 Presidential elections, the RUFP, MOP, CUPP, YPP, GAP and UNPP leadership combined, only pulled a mere 4.5 % of the total votes cast, which was disgraceful to say the least. Don’t you get the picture: UNPP is history, with or without Karefa Smart, and he knows it. His best shot is, show solidarity for the Coalition at least in writing. That charismatic leader, the chemistry that once connected with the electorates has evaporated, and he is now forgotten. PDP is obsolete, and dead with the passing off of the founder, late Thaimu Bangura (of blessed memories). Where lies the much talked-about coalition? Come on, this is media rhetoric’s and propaganda? The UNPP, and PDP’s emergence as a force in 1996, has been dubbed as a political miscalculation, and the mistakes now corrected. They were perceived as an appendage of the APC, and voted for thinking that the APC’s political life span was over, following a disgraceful exit from the seat of power in 1992, after near some three decades of stranglehold on power. That was then, this is now, as the APC has made a come back, taken over their support base, and rendering these break away parties impotent in the process.


1996 was the best opportunity for a coalition victory, as the APC was in disarray, at the same time, the SLPP was recuperating from political wilderness after years of hibernation. Self interest, lust for power and pettiness, from amongst there rank and file blew this life giving chance asunder. Ernest Koroma’s APC suffered a humiliating defeat pulling a mere 5 %, whilst Tejan Kabbah’s SLPP managed a moderate 36 % of the total votes cast, far short of forming a government. And the rest of the park, some 11 parties led by UNPP, and the PDP, united they were, would have had a wining streak of 59 % votes, and just enough to have given then a political mandate, under a coalition? The second ballot again perfected a coalition opportunity, under a UNPP alliance. This never happened, as some PDP supporters and SLPP breakaways overwhelmingly supported Tejan Kabbah, given him the needed victory by some 60% over rival John Karefa Smart’s 40%. Weird though few people still do not believe in this victory. Low mindedness, possibly, but who cares?


The political dynamics is now changed, the population more conscious and enlightened. Many called it “awareness”, at all levels, with the grassroots and women fully involved, and a dynamic civil society, just some of the good things coming out of the war. Sierra Leoneans are no longer fools. They know that their own destiny is in own hands. This mindset, translated into a resounding 2002 presidential victory for Tejan Kabbah’s SLPP with a comfortable 70% (in a wow tee-tee victory) of the votes cast, followed by Ernest Koroma’s APC of 22%, with the rest of the other parties trailing by a mere 8%. Could you believe that, just 8%, very awful? What a pity for these parties, now re-grouped under a coalition. Do they stand a chance, definitely no!!


These statistics speaks by themselves. The people will once again reject a Coalition of Parties without APC participation. An APC re-emergence as a political force has been manifested in the 2002 elections, and in 2004 local government election, within the municipality of Freetown, where they made huge inroads, clinching the mayoral seat by a comfortable lead in the process. They are the party position for a meaningful challenge on the SLPP third term bid in 2007. A must win for the Coalition of Parties, is to court the APC to join their rank, which is doubtful, at least for now. Maybe the Coalition should pay homage to the APC, what about that?I see an uphill task for the Coalition to garner victory (with all the cross-carpeting trumpeted) over the APC, let alone the ruling SLPP party.  Take my advice, or leave it: This Coalition will only be a force of contention with APC participation. Anything other than that is an illusion. Forget it; don’t even try it whilst you can. What a dilemma in the game politics for the Coalition. 

Inquest into Editor’s death starts

Friday, August 19th, 2005



Friday August 19, 2005


Tamba Borbor reports from Freetown


The enquiry into the death of journalist Harry Yansaneh started yesterday with the Coroner Magistrate Adrian Fisher calling for the observation of a full minute silence in respect for the dead man.


Admonishing journalists to stick to the facts of the case and avoid speculation, the legal battle started with Counsel watching the interest of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists and the family of Harry Yansaneh, Blyden Jenkins-Johnston applying that the venue be changed and for recording equipment to be installed, so that proper record of the proceedings will be made.


 He was supported by lead counsel watching the interest of the State O.B. Robin-Mason though he questioned the time it would take to install such equipment. Enquiries were made and it was found that it would not be possible, and in the words of Magistrate Fisher “We have to make do with what is available”. What was available was a stenographer who started recording the address by O.B Robin-Mason to the Jurors.


He explained that in normal court the jury bench would contain 12 people but they are six because it is an enquiry, “to look into the issues surrounding the death of Harry Yansaneh.” He announced that the Chief Justice had appointed Magistrate Adrian Fisher as Coroner and admonished the jurors to “arrive at a decision that would satisfy the public.” Mr Robin-Mason also announced that he intended to put forward about 20 witnesses.


The first witness Inspector Edward Aiah Samadia relayed how he was informed by the police communications that a fracas was taking place at Short Street. He disclosed that he went there with a team and found a crowd of people. After identifying himself he said a woman emerged from the crowd who introduced herself as Hon. Dr Fatmata Hassan, who told him that some journalists had assaulted her son and daughter, and they had been taken to a hospital, which she did not identify.


 From the crowd he said somebody pointed out a man who was believed to be involved in the issue, but when he asked the man, he was told by the man that he was not a party to the fight, but had witnessed the son and daughter beating up journalist Harry Yansaneh. The Police Inspector recalled how at that moment he heard Dausy Kuyateh a journalist in a tensed mood talking at the top of his voice saying, “You feel say dis nar force for pwell, dis nar force for good. U nor go tell policeman for cam arrest me.”


The Police Inspector said he went to Dausy and enquired why he was so furious. Dausy he said told him that Lawyer Osho Williams had instructed the Police to arrest him. He said he pacified Kuyateh, telling him that no arrest would be made at that point. Inspector Samadia who is attached to the Operations section at the Central Police Station explained how he dispersed the crowd and later went to the Central Police Station where he met Harry Yansaneh sitting infront of Woman Police Officer 7998 Rachel Abubakarr who was issuing a medical report to him. He said he questioned Harry Yansaneh, who told him that he had been beaten up by the son and daughter of Dr Fatmata Hassan. He said Yansaneh even showed him his mouth which had blood stains.


He said he then took the two parties, Yansaneh and Dr Fatmata Hassan to his boss the Local Unit Commander Kalia Sesay. He said Kalia Sesay admonished both parties to hold their peace. The second witness WPC 7998 Abubakarr narrated how she issued a medical form to Harry Yansaneh on the 10th of May and the form was returned to her on the 12th may, which was when she took a statement in Krio and written in English from Harry Yansaneh. Next in line was Inspector Ismaila Samura Crime officer, who said his duty was to read all the files and give follow up instructions. He explained how he sent investigators to No 1. Short street on several occasions and found the building closed. So they could not get in touch with Yansaneh nor the son and daughter of Fatmata Hassan.


 Later he said the investigator met Mrs Paul Kamara who told him that Yansaneh was not idle to go to the Police station any longer. When the investigator went to the No 77 Thunder Hill residence of Hon. Fatmata Hassan he said she claimed Parliamentary immunity and asked the investigator out of her house, telling him to report her to the Inspector General of Police. The Crime Officer who disclosed that he has been in the force for 13 years agreed with Magistrate Fisher that it was not the normal procedure that any case he has before him he would send the file to the Director of Public Prosecution for advise, as he claimed to have done in this case.


He denied Counsel Jenkins-Johnston assertion that he had failed woefully to perform his duty by doing nothing between the time the report was made and the death of Yansaneh, even though he had a file with statements of witnesses and even a medical report. He also denied that he had been cowed into doing nothing, because of the threat by Dr Fatmata Hassan. The last witness was the exhibit clerk who tendered in evidence the white pull-over that Yansaneh had been wearing that day showing the part that was torn around the collar. The enquiry was adjourned to today.

Anger against Maada Bio for threatening APC with another coup if they win 2007 elections

Friday, August 19th, 2005


Friday August 19, 2005

First_Name:  yankay
Last_Name:  seisay
Address:  london
City:  london


Comments:  COCORIOKO  pls keep the good work . I alway read your articles. This is from the ordinary Sierra Leoneans ,who love there country so much that we don’t want anybody or any thing to put this nation through hell again . The  likes of THE MAD MAN  MAADA BIO wants to reignite  the wounds of people  in times like this when Sierra Leone is still bleeding. Bunch of them should know that they are nothing but PRODIGAL SONS  with a military mind,  with no vision for Sierra Leone but bullying tactics.

 Bio  gave up power only because of his SLPP link and after he had done his own loot. He thinksthe people are real fools , not knowing that the only thing restraining us is that they were holding the guns bringing fear and terror to the nation. I am not anti any party because i will always carry the good work of any good government in my country where we need a leader who takes peace and stability as a priority in a united nation. Sierra Leone does not belong to one tribe or to clan but to all and may God help who ever has the nation’s interest and serves it well.

Secondly,  pls Daramy, mr preso and speaker,  can you stop your undiplomatic type of politics always talking of your material education against the opposition .The nation is still waiting for your PHD TO deliver. How come the post office is one  sick parastatals in sierra leone ? .some of us don’t have doubt on Pa Kabba but some of his apprentices . Good guys like Prince Harding  talk that much but his ministry is trying. HEY like mad Bio will say , gt this straight i am not pro APC COS I dont even know Ernest Koroma only that we have seen in many country people with less books and balances in there head delivering to there nation .That does not  mean we are not proud of our educated elite only that there legacies are questionable.

First_Name:  yankay
Last_Name:  seisay
Address:  london
City:  london



Monday September 19, 2005

First_Name:  Thunballah 
Last_Name:  Dayma
Email_Address:  rks61203
State:  U.S.A

Comments: MAADA BIO insulted the whole of the sierra leone population> Boasting
about staging a coup. That is an insult to every sierra leonean. The slpp
government is making a roadmap for democracy. It’s the responsibility of every
sierra to support that government while it is in power.

Every body has the right
to oppose the SLPP democratically when its term of office ends in 2007. Whether
APC comes to power or not, the coup strategy is outdated. Bio should have lead
from the stories 0f George Washington, Jefferson and Paine, how they were
excellent leaders that raised America above other nation. Bio has 100 percent
right to contest for leadership, but mentioning a coup signals that he is not
the right person sierra leoneans are looking for. At the fore front of
leadership in sierra leone, personally, I have big respect for our President,
Vice president, Charles margai and Emmanuel grant. They are always addressing
issues and not persons in sierra leone. If the Heavens allow them to rule sierra
leone no one has the right to threaten them with a coup plot. But, if on the
other hand they fail to maintain power and lost to the APC or any other party,
who are you to threaten them with coup plot.

It is the the mandate of the people
that you are denying. I have a personal respect for Retired Brig. Bio, but his
statement is very scaring for the progress of sierra leone. The present
government is working hard to heal the sierra leone wounds. Let’s give them the
support. Thunballah Dayma

Charles Margai Camp cries foul

Thursday, August 18th, 2005


Friday August 19, 2005

Tamba Borbor reports from Freetown

A member of the Charles Margai Campaign Team, Mr. Dauda T. Bangura has complained that up till now, a comprehensive list of delegates has not been displayed. He was speaking at a Press briefing held at their Campaign Headquarters at Rawdon Street Tuesday 16th August. 

Mr. Bangura maintained that the list should have been out according to the SLPP Constitution, 30 days before the holding of the convention. He went on to disclose that they have information that the Koinadugu and Kenema list of delegates have been tampered with. He noted that with this list, they would be able to verify the names of each delegate and the constituency they represent.

The Spokesman of the Charles Margai Campaign Team, Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie also disclosed that as at present, they do not know who the Electoral Commissioner is nor the mode of voting that would be used during the Conference. He maintained that these issues should be clarified to make room for objections if there would be any. On the present Court injunction, Mr. Tejan-Sie noted that the Conference has not been postponed but put on hold. He added that only the National Executive Council of the SLPP has the constitutional power or mandate to postpone or defer such a convention.

 Asked whether they are disappointed about the hold put on the convention, Mr. Tejan-Sei stated that indeed they are because having done their homework very well; they were in high gear to go to the conference and clinch the leadership of the SLPP with their candidate, Mr. Charles Francis Margai. He disclosed that after going to eleven out of the twelve districts in the country, 70% of the people in those places expressed the urgent desire and need for change and that this should be effected by their candidate.

 The Campaign Spokesman boldly stated that they are confident they will win the leadership election not only in the South but also in the North and the Western Area. On the issue of Charles Margai not going to the conference as a delegate, Mr. Tejan-Sie said that this does not in anyway pose a problem to their campaign as even Vice President Berewa would not be a delegate. “Even President Tejan Kabbah was not a delegate during the past elections and he won the leadership position,” he stated.

SLPP convention postponed indefinitely

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005


Wednesday August 17, 2005 

Tamba Borbor reports from Freetown

Lawyers for the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) have agreed not to hold any conference until the court case filed by Presidential aspirant Samuel Hinga Norman is disposed of in the Supreme Court.

 This was made clear in court yesterday by Lawyer Eke Holloway lead counsel for the SLPP after lawyer Bu-Buakei Jabbie representing Hinga Norman had filed for an interlocutory injunction to stop the SLPP from “choosing selecting or electing” a presidential nominee at their conference which was scheduled to be held this weekend.

Addressing the panel of judges, Lawyer Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbie emphasized that they are not opposed to the party holding its conference this weekend, but that if they do, the SLPP should not nominate or elect a Presidential nominee or candidate or leader of the SLPP. He further argued that it should be done at the conclusion of the matter before the Supreme Court. Lawyer Eke Halloway replied saying that were ready to make an undertaking that they would not hold the conference until after the case had been decided on by the Supreme court.

At this point lawyer Bu-Buakie Jabbie argued that lawyer Halloway had gone too far, and that they were not calling for a postponement of the conference. Chief Justice Renner-Thomas joking remarked that Dr Jabbie was asking for ten dollars and he was given one hundred dollars and yet he was still complaining. But Dr Jabbie clarified his point that he was worried at the wide latitude of the undertaking because of the implications, which might arise when it came to considering damages for the action.

The Chief Justice then agreed with him and after a few other clarifications the court was adjourned for an hour to allow both counsels to formulate their undertakings. When the sittings were resumed almost three hours later the Chief Justice gave a six point order, in which he called on Dr Sama Banya (Chairman) Prince Harding (Secretary General) and Brima Koroma (Administrative Secretary representing the membership of the SLPP) to make an undertaking to the court that the SLPP conference to be held on 19-20th August or any other time in 2005 will not nominate or elect a presidential nominee, “candidate and/or a leader or at any other party conference thereafter in 2005 until the determination by this court of the plaintiff/applicant’s substantive application in the originating notice of motion of 27th July 2005.”

The Chief Justice further addressed Dr Jabbie representing Hinga Norman to give a cross-undertaking on behalf of Hinga Norman that they “shall abide by any order which this court may make as to damages in case this court shall be of the opinion that the defendants/respondents herein shall have suffered any damages by reason of the undertaking they have given to this court on the 15th day of August 2005 and which the plaintiff/applicant ought to pay.”

He also ordered that, both the undertaking and cross undertaking shall be perfected and filed not later than noon today. The Chief Justice further instructed that the notice of motion shall commence tomorrow and that all copies of all authorities to be relied upon should be filled with the Registrar not later than noon today. He ordered no costs to either party.

Assisting Lawyer Halloway in the matter brought against Dr. Sama Banya, Dr. Prince Harding and the SLPP Party are D.B. Quee, E.E. C. Shares-Moses and Anthony Brewah. The other Judges that constitute the panel of Judges are, Mrs. Justice Virgina Wright, Justice M.E. Tolla-Thompson, Justice Sir. John Muria and Justice Jon Kamanda.



Energy and Power Minister denies Government release

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005


Wednesday August 17, 2005

Tamba Borbor reports from Freetown

Energy and Power Minister Emmanuel O Grant has publicly dissociated himself from parts of the content of the press release on the National Power Authority issued by the Office of the President.

 The release had accused the Board Chairman of having caused the breakdown of negotiations between the government and the Libyans when it stated that “it was later learnt that the NPA team that went on the trip tried to convince the entity that was designated to execute the project to increase its cost, no doubt to make the offer uncompetitive in relation to the IPP proposed. Trust broke down between the implementing agency and the Government as a result of the influence of the Chairman of NPA and the project was aborted.”

Asked by the Ex-Chairman to clarify whether what was written was what transpired during the Libyan trip as it was written in the press release, during the live broadcast programme “Leh di pipul Tok” Thursday, Minister Emmanuel Grant stated that he was not the one who prepared the press release.

 He said if he had prepared the press release and had seen such statements, he would have made sure that they are deleted. He disclosed that to his own knowledge the Libyan arrangement failed because the Libyans were changing their position anytime they met. That arrangement was meant to be a government-to-government business in which the machines will be secured at a reasonable cost.

 Later on he said they found out that it had been turned into a highly commercial business, which did not make it very competitive for the Sierra Leone government to enter that kind of deal. The Minister publicly emphasised that the person who wrote the press release should be called to answer where he got that information. In effect he was maintaining his innocence and proving that the information contained in the press release issued from the Office of the President was wrong.


Concerned citizens in New Jersey want Maada Bio arrested and charged with terroristic threats

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005


Friday August 16, 2005


Some members of the Concerned Citizens for the Restoration of Democracy in Sierra Leone–A powerful lobbying group that helped to build international concensus for  overturning  the 1997 RUF/AFRC  coup-yesterday called for the arrest and prosecution of former NPRC Junta leader Maada Bio for alleged threats to overthrow a government in Sierra Leone.

Maada Bio this week in Freetown threatened that if the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC )  returns to power following the 2007 elections, he will overthrow it again.

Cocorioko Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Leeroy Wilfred Kabs-Kanu , Morgage Banker and activist, Foday Mansaray and Proprietor of the America-Africa Delivery Services, Mr. Alex Mansaray , three of  the leading officials of the Concerned Sierra Leoneans organization,  are at the forefront of the protest against Bio’s dangerous and terroristic threats , which have the potentials of destabilizing the country and plunging the country once more into another war.

The three officials had a meeting and released this statement to the press afterwards :

“As per our meeting today,  please deliver this message to Maada Bio and let it be known to all those who will read this newspaper that the Serra Leonean people  are really outraged by the answer given by Maada Bio in a recent interview.”


“This is an attack on the peaceful existence of the Sierra Leonean people. This  is an attack on the very existence on the rule of law.  Maada Bio’s comment went beyond imagination and demonstrated what  people like Mr. Bio  will  do for power. This in fact is a crime amounting to treason  for  which Mr Bio  should be arrested and tried. He should be used as  an example that barbarism, rampant corruption and disrupting the peaceful  existence of Sierra Leoneans have no place in  the civilized world. Maada’s  junta soldiers were  the very ones who  infiltrated  the military and turned  the army upside down through Foday Sankoh and  a bunch of idiots to bring Sierra Leone down to her knees through a bloody 12 years war and a lost generation for the next 50 years. Is this the kind of people  who want to rule Sierra Leone ?”


“At this junction, we the people will post a web page as well as establishing free phone lines  to  present to His Excellency  the President , Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah, our demands  to bring Mr Maada Bio to justice.This should at this point interest all those who love Sierra Leone — especially those who swore to uphold the rule of law , to prosecute`this incident and to take all necessary precautionary measures to send a strong message that Sierra Leone’s  democracy is here to stay.”


“Just this statement by itself is enough to send enough doubts in potential investors interested  in Sierra Leone that our country is not safe.”

“We the people  also want to know more about Bio’s real estate holding here in America and Ghana  and what his real relationship  is with his  so -called Ghanaian friend. We are further requesting the U S State Department  TO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT MR BIO’S  LINKS TO AL-QUIEDA DURING  HIS FORMER MILITARY GOVERNMENT’S  RULE FOR 3 YEARS. ”


Below is a transcription by the SALONE TIMES  newspaper of the statements from Maada Bio that have caused such anger against him. He made the statements during a panel discussion and Call-In Program on one of Freetown’s FM  radio stations.


CALLER: Bio took arms to overthrow a constitutionally elected government.
Now he feels it’s fair for him to ask people to democratically elect him.
Secondly, if it’s democracy he’s talking about how can he justify human
rights abuses such as the killing of 21 (sic.) people without justice,
without going to court? Does he think the people are fools?


BRIG. (RTD) BIO: I’m sure that the person (the caller-ED) is an APC
supporter. I’ve never regretted overthrowing the APC because the APC at
that time was not a democratic party .  it was an authoritarian government
which was responsible for most of the problems we face today. It laid a
very strong foundation for the problems Sierra Leone faces today. It caused
people to “toe line” for rice and petrol, it caused the war…If that APC came back

today and did the same thing, I’m ready to overthrow

them again.

them…There’s no way I regret overthrowing the APC and it’s one of my
greatest achievements.We have the new APC and we have some very good  people in there. We will
encourage them to be part of the new democratic dispensation.Talking about the 29 people (executed), as a member of that government (the
NPRC-ED), I take collective responsibility but it was a decision by an
individual, as well-stated in documents .

COCORIOKO  is working on an exclusive interview with Maada Bio on the issue at hand and his Presidential aspirations.



Monday, August 15th, 2005


Monday August 15, 2005

Freetown was slapped with another increase in the price of petrol over the weekend, according to reports coming in from the Sierra Leone capital.

A usually reliable source called COCORIOKO to announce that he bought petrol at Le.10,000 a gallon this morning. The explanation from the Manager of a filling station was that when last Sierra Leone contracted the price of petrol, crude oil was below U.S. $ 60  but the price is now approximately   U.S.$65.

The prices of some basic commodities are expected to rise as the price of petrol often affects market factors. Our source said the price of a can of soft drinks went up from Le. 2, 000 to Le 3 , 000 .