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Sunday, July 31st, 2005
Sunday July 31, 2005
On behalf of all Sierra Leoneans of good will, the Sierra Leoneans Advocate for Progress party wishes to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to the international community for their fraternal gesture in coming to the aid of the country by providing troops, material and financial resources during the country’s “holocaust”.
 This  _expression of concern by the international community, which was better late than never, has at least  quelled the most barbaric _expression of hostility ever experienced in Sierra Leone or indeed in the history of human kind as a whole. However, SLAP is appealing to the international community, through its scribe, Kofi Annan, to clearly discern the fact that “peace” is not necessarily the absence of war. It is from this perspective that SLAP party regrets the announcement that the UN troops will finally pull out of Sierra Leone  before the nation conducts its 2007 election.
 It should be understood that the international community has a stake in the affairs of Sierra Leone judging from the amount of time and resources they have expended to be able to restore the SLPP government to power. But what is even more appalling is the fact that the SLPP government, which left by itself alone, would still be a refugee government, is disregarding the presence of foreign troops and has reverted to the same old victimization of decent and disillusioned citizens of the country for the sole crime of voicing out their invaluable opinions that are in the interest of the people of the country. The torturous death of Harry Yansanneh, the rather unlawful imprisonment of Paul Kamara, to mention but two, under the watchful eyes of international troops, should send a signal to Kofi Annan that peace has still not fully returned to Sierra Leone.
As we have already noticed in a previous article to this media, the Electoral Commission, seems to be answering phone calls. The action of NEC to stall the registration of a political party that represents the heart and soul of wailing Sierra Leoneans makes the commission vulnerable to credible conceptions. One educated guess might be that paranoia has begun to strike the status quo and it is very easy for that to filter through to NEC. The reason why the international community should no longer relapse into what many critics usually refer to as “conspiracy of silence” is because when the gallant people of Sierra Leone will rise up to the challenge in 2007 to snatch their precious possession from usurpers, it is very crucial that the international community be present to shield the defenseless masses from any diabolical reprisal from their tormentors and vampires. For this very important reason, just as a defenseless child will cling to his sojourner father, the people of Sierra Leone unequivocally cry out to the the UN: “Please don’t leave us yet; if you leave now, there will be no defense for us.”
However, this should not be misconstrued as an act of cowardice on the part of the SLAP party, for we have confidence in the proven and tested resolve of the people of Sierra Leone. We are not envisaging another Ukraine saga, but any attempt by usurpers to refuse to give the country to the rightful owners will make their beds thorny. If any one should think that they have all the known tactics of torment, let them ask other usurpers in recent history about the iron will of Sierra Leoneans. We are making this clarion call to all peace-loving and democratic countries to turn their satellites on Sierra Leone from now on to the election of 2007. The SLAP party will also help to look for microscopic details of election fraud, malpractice, vandalism or violence because our campaign team will be replete with monitoring and recording devices and we shall be willing to share any evidence of malpractice with both national and international institutions for drastic action, should any of the schemes occur.
Fellow Sierra Leoneans, be it known to you today that your country will never be given back to you on a silver platter. Those that have held on to it are doing so with clenched fist so 2007 is your destined time to prime their claws away from your only true possession you have on earth. Those who have lived overseas will bear witness that they have never ever fully assimilated and acculturated to their host counties no matter the magnitude of material, financial and educational acquisition. So for those Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora, if you have run away from the deplorable conditions of our country, you certainly will not hide from those incessant phone calls that drop anywhere and at any time of the night and day. In short, SLAP party is inviting all and sundry to put our shoulders to the wheel inorder for us to accomplish this heroic task of lifting our country up to its desired dignity in the community of nations.
If you feel committed to the cause, please feel free to contact me, the interim Secretary-General, at the address below. Be it known that all our current positions are interim. Our final choice of personnel will be effected after members have thoroughly scrutinized potential candidates. All Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad are invited to join the only true party that has the know-how and the political will to implement bold development in ourBELOVED SIERRA LEONE
Those wishing to join the party should contact :
John Kanu
422 Mystic Avenue # 510
Somerville, MA 02145
Phone: (001)8574922200

SLPP Convention may be affected by Hinga Norman lawsuit

Sunday, July 31st, 2005


 Sunday July 31, 2005

Rev.Alfred Samforay of the Committe To Elect Hinga Norman has speculated that the  oncoming  SLPP Convention  next month may  not be held after all.

The convention has ben scheduled for August 18-20 in Makeni , headquarter town of the Northern Province , but chief Hinga Norman has filed a law suit in the Supreme Court against the ruling SLPP for allegedly violating the party’s constitution . READ SAMFORAY’S STATEMENT BELOW :

In the matter of Hon. Samuel Hinga Norman, JP (Plaintiff) versus the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) presently before the Sierra Leone Supreme Court, we have reason to believe that there may not be a Party Convention after all.  As a result of the law suite filed on behalf of Chief Hinga Norman as we reported recently, it is more likely than not that the High Court will suspend the Party Convention slated for August 18 – 20 in Makeni.
In any case, the court will take up arguments as to the legality of the party convention which Mr. Norman alleges has been manipulated to allow only one convetion to elect both the party officials as well as the Party Leader contrary to the party’s constitution.  Not so fast, Mr. Norman’s lawyers have told the SLPP and the court will take up the issue as early as Monday August 1.
We will fill in the blanks for you as soon as the legal documents arrive in the US.  So just in case you are packing your suitcase to head for Makeni for the convention, you may want to stay tuned before heading out.  You may be the only one in Makeni come August 18.
Meanwhile, we are happy to announce that Mr. Mustapha Vonu has been elected Regional Chairman, Western Region, for the Committee to Elect Hinga Norman.  Also former CDF Administrator and SLPP Secretary General, Kenema District, Mr. Arthur Koroma, has been elected Eastern Regional Chairman, Committee to Elect Hinga Norman.  Our congratulations to Mr. Vonu and Mr. Koroma.  We are also highly encouraged by the Hon. Morie Ngobah, MP, for his leadership role in the House of Representatives on behalf of Chief Hunga Norman and the CDF indictees.
A. SamForay
Committee to Elect Hinga Norman.

SLAP protests against ‘partial electoral commission’

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

When Sierra Leone was in dire need of national defense, the international community salvaged the country by deploying the largest number of UN peace keeping force ever in the history of the United Nations. When Sierra Leone needed internal policing, Britain came to the country’s aid by providing police man power. As we move closer to the 2007 parliamentary and presidential elections in Sierra Leone, there is also a dire need for the international community to provide the country with an independent and unbiased electoral commission.


Just last week, the electoral commission of Sierra Leone stalled the registration of a new party called Sierra Leonean Advocates for Progress (SLAP) based on a flimsy excuse that they needed to put their house in order first before they could begin to register any political party beginning in September.


As interim Secretary-General of this newly formed political party, I would like all Sierra Leoneans and indeed the international community to know that this is an unhealthy symptom of electoral bias and partiality. While all other political parties, including the ruling SLPP, are going ahead with their political activities, the electoral commission has indulged in time-buying so that any formidable force will not rise and wrestle power from their employer.


We have protested this despicable act to the electoral commissioner and to other relevant bodies and countries through their representatives in Sierra Leone and we will continue to make the loudest noise to ensure that the electoral commission not only reverse its decision, but that  the whole commission be replaced by independent, unbiased and foreign personnel who have no stake whatsoever in the political process in Sierra Leone. It is openly believed that Sierra Leoneans have been very indulgent and docile for so long, but it is a grave mistake to take things for granted and think that all Sierra Leoneans can be fooled all of the time. We believe that Sierra Leone is neither a kleptocracy nor a monarchy as the powers that be have painted the country. The name Sierra Leone has become synonymous with corruption, theft, human rights abuse and malgovernance.


Certain set of people have deceptively believed that they are the only ones destined to be in governance in Sierra Leone. They perpetuate themselves in power through various diabolical schemes and stop at nothing to entrench themselves in strategic positions whereby they can continue to plunder the resources of the country for their personal aggrandizement with impunity. The people of Sierra Leone, at home and abroad, want this message to register in the ears all those connected with this conspiracy to hold the country and its people bondage that “enough is enough” (E DO SO!!!).


Sierra Leonean Advocates for Progress (SLAP) Party is a party that was formed by very patriotic Sierra Leoneans based mainly in Boston, USA, and Sierra Leone. The criteria for founding membership is based on high moral and ethical standards and excludes anyone who is known or perceived to have been corrupt in either the public or private sector. SLAP abhors, detests and prohibits any divisive scheme such as tribal, religious or regional attachment geared towards destroying the unity of purpose of all Sierra Leoneans of good will who, overtly or covertly, want to lift the country from the current quagmire in which it has been plunged. For any Sierra Leonean to believe that the country will take a first step toward progress by allowing any of the two traditional parties to be at the helm of decision making again, is not only deceiving him or herself, but doing great disservice and injustice to the destitute and down-trodden masses who can hardly reconcile the irony of living in a potentially very rich country but with the following record amongst the world community of nations:

1. The poorest country in the world

2. The country with the highest infant mortality in the world

3. The country with the least life expectancy in the world

4. The darkest country in the world

5. The country with one of the dirtiest cities in the world……


Can any Sierra Leonean, in his or her right mind, think that the same people who have sunk this once great nation to this dept for almost half a century, are able or willing or sincere enough make an abrupt about-face-turn and bring about the urgently needed relief and development in the country????



I am ashamed to observe that at this age of globalization and information technology, our university students can study for their final exams under candle light and graduate without ever having to use the computer for anything from typing assignments to doing research on the internet!!! My kinsmen and women, SLAP welcomes every Sierra Leonean and friends of Sierra Leone to join hands together to lift our sinking country up and build it to the level of civilized nations on the face of the earth.



This is not about power or about traditional loyalty or say I belong to this party because I come from this tribe or region or because my father and grandparents belonged to it. This is a bold decision between development and stagnation, light and darkness, good and evil, life and death. This election should be the sole determinant factor in the direction that Sierra Leoneans want this country to go.


If we allow ourselves again to be deceived by “sugar-coated vibes”, our children will hold us responsible for inaction. There is one thing that will be crucial in the forthcoming election and that is the people’s power to take back their country and give it its deserved dignity. Young, old, rich, poor, illiterate and the literate; this is the time to rise up to the challenge. The powers that be are already paranoid. They have realized the great potential of SLAP through the heroic people of  Sierra Leone, coming to take back the country and bring it to first-world standard within record time. They know it but since they are enemies to development, they do not want the majority of Sierra Leoneans to ever enjoy the tremendous endowments of their glorious nation.



John Kanu

Interim Secretary-General

Sierra Leoneans Advocates for Progress (SLAP) party


Phone: (001)8574922200





Inquest demanded into For Di People Editor’s death

Saturday, July 30th, 2005


Tamba Borbor reports from Freetown

Journalists have unanimously called for an inquest into the death of the editor of ?For Di People” Newspaper Hassan Henry Yansaneh who had his home calling Thursday 28th July at a private clinic.

At a well-attended emergency SLAJ meeting held yesterday morning at SLENA journalists agreed to a proposal that the authorities should set up an inquest into the death of the former Mass Communication student at FBC.

The purpose of the inquest is to ascertain whether it was the alleged beating by her former landlady, the Hon Fatmata Hassan relatives that aggravated the kidney problems affecting Yansaneh, which eventually led to his death yesterday. However the funeral committee established by SLAJ has announced that the late editor will be laid to rest on Sunday after funeral prayers at the Central Mosque at 2p.m and interment at the Kissy Road Cemetery.

The news of his death did not come, as a surprise to many of his colleagues who saw his picture in the newspapers last week. Sources close to the deceased have revealed that he had the best result in his class before ill health prevented him from taking this term’s exams.

AFRC indictees’ wives plead guilty

Saturday, July 30th, 2005


Saturday July 30, 2005

Tamba Borbor  reports from Freetown

Two wives and a friend of the AFRC indictees have pleaded guilty before Justice Pierre Boutet. Three of the women- Margaret Fomba Brima, wife of Alex Tamba Brima, Neneh Binta Jalloh wife of Santigie Borbor Kanu, Ester Kamara, friend of Alex Tamba Brima and Anifa Kamara wife of Ibrahim Bazzy Kamara had been standing trial for contempt of court.

According to the statement of offence the, the four women interfered with the prosecution witness TF1-023 who was testifying in the court and was to continue with her evidence on the 9th of March 2005. The witness was categorised as a witness of fact and therefore should enjoy protective measure some of which indicate that the names, address and the whereabouts and other identifications revealing the witness should be sealed. Other documents, which would identify the witness, should be expunged from the court and the defence shall refrain from sharing or disclosing to the public the identification of the witness.

The statement further stated that on the 6th of March Brima Samura an investigator attached to the defence team spoke to the four women and asked them to meet him outside the public gallery, which they did. The investigator according to the statement disclosed the identity of the witness.

On the 9th of March as the witness was being taken away in the tinted vehicle of the Special Court, the ladies spoke in Krio to the witness saying that they knew her name and also where she lives. Further they said they were going to attack her. When asked about her plea Margaret Fomba Brima pleaded guilty.

  The Judge questioned her whether there was no force used on her as she had earlier pleaded not guilty and moreover if she understands the consequences as they were not going to call any witness. She explained that she was not forced and that she did it for herself. The same question was posed to Neneh Binta Jalloh and Esther Kamara, as they too pleaded guilty. Anifa was posed with the same question but she maintained the plea of not guilty to the charge. The lawyers for Margaret Fomba Brima, Neneh Binta Jalloh and, Esther Kamara applied for a separate trial for their clients which was granted by the Judge which will commence on the 21st September at 2:30 Pm while the trial for Anifa would resume on the same date but at 9:30


Friday, July 29th, 2005



Dear Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf:

I write this letter to first compliment you for finally mustering the courage to apologize to the Liberian people for the callous and deadly statement you made on the BBC in 1990 while prosecuting the second and Taylor led version of NPFL wars. You said “Level Monrovia, we will rebuild it,” and not “Level the Executive Mansion” as contained in your statement of apology. As you said, you regret making what you now term as a “stupid comment.” If you truly regret making a statement that resulted in the death of thousands of your fellow countrymen and women, why replace it now with a false one?

I am also writing this letter to refresh your memory about other reckless and deadly statements you made in the past that must be included in your apology if you are honest in seeking forgiveness from the Liberian People whom you are also seeking to rule.

Your Level of Involvement
First, let us clarify the matter of what level of involvement and part you played in the founding of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) and the prosecution of its wars: The Quinwonkpa failed coupe in 1985 and the version led by Charles Taylor which started in December of 1989. As you know, the NPFL organization was the same but operated with different foot soldiers in each version under your stewardship as we will see later on in this letter.

Your position in that organization, especially the Taylor version, was not as petit and as limited as you continue to describe it to have been. “Level Monrovia we will rebuild it” could have only come from the real Head of State and Commander-in-Chief whose Army was the NPFL as you saw yourself. You issued the order, and it was executed. It included the notorious Octopus, which finally wrecked Monrovia. Fifteen years have gone by and Monrovia is still without water and electricity. During the course of this period, you were the second most powerful person in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP); but zero came to Liberia by way of your influence. You even undermined the promotion and employment of qualified Liberians in that UN organization during your tenure. For now, I will leave your UN record to speak for itself.

Preparation for Invasion
My first trip to the Ivory Coast to meet with Charles Taylor, Harry Yuan, Moses Duopu and others to assess the level of military plan of action for the purpose of removing Doe was sponsored by you and others in the wake of the failed Quinwonkpa coupe in which you played a major role. At the time, you were personally supporting Harry Yuan in the rapid re-recruitment of his fellow Nimbaians and Clarence Simpson was supporting Moses Duopu, the late Counselor Gbaydiah and others in the Ivory Cost to launch another arm attack on the Doe Regime following the botched Quinwonkpa coupe.
If you can recall, after my visit, to the Ivory Coast, the three men split up in search of a possible training base and support. Duopu went to Nigeria, Harry Nyan went to Senegal and Taylor went to Burkina Faso. It was Taylor who first found the possible avenue to accomplish the mission.

With your knowledge and support I again went to Burkina Faso to ascertain the truth to Taylor’s claim that he had found the ultimate opportunity to train men for another attempt to remove the Doe Regime by force of arm. The sponsors, especially Thomas Sankara, wanted to know that there was a political support for an arm rebellion by civilians to remove the Samuel Doe’s military junta. With your knowledge and consent, I gave the sponsors the assurance they needed to kick off the process of recruitment and training.

Upon my arrival back in the United States, I went straight to your sister’s house on Long Island where you were living. While we were discussing the issue of Taylor leading this round of arm rebellion, Byron Tarr arrived. When you told him what you were putting Taylor up to, he was totally opposed on the ground that Taylor was corrupt. He gave in only when you asked him if he had any other viable alternative, given that you people had tried more than 10 times to get rid of Doe but failed.

The Libyan Connection
You accepted and agreed to create a political alliance to replace the junta. Since you could not go to Tripoli, Libya, during the training of the men and the planning stage, you appointed a Special Envoy, Mr. Harry A. Greaves Jr. For reasons not necessary to be stated here neither you nor Mr. Greaves ever went to Tripoli but you stayed abreast of the progress of the training until it was completed.

Following the training of the men and while they were waiting in the Diaspora you and I met with Taylor in Paris where you promised to arranged for a ship to drop the men in Liberian waters from the Sierra Leone side. There was also talk about you arranging with President Momo of Sierra Leone for the offensive to be launched from Sherbro Island. I believe, relying on that, Taylor went to Sierra Leone to follow up and he wound up in jail. What a way to treat your General.

Major Involvement
At the beginning of the war, a meeting of all the political stakeholders was held in the home of Mr. Taylor Major, Virginia, USA, in February or March of 1990. We demanded the meeting because we suspected that you were holding back from the other politicians as to the political alliance that was expected to be formed by you as was agreed upon in the beginning. At that meeting, Dr. Sawyer and others were surprised and angry because you had kept them in the dark for more than two year. Dr. Sawyer was particularly angry and vocal. Following a long hectic discourse from the beginning of the meeting, it was grudgingly agreed by the participants that the Alliance would take form and provide the political plan of action to be put in place when the regime was deposed.

But we discovered later on that the political alliance never took form because of your personal ambition to directly assume power when the regime was removed. Following that meeting at the home of Taylor Major in Virginia, USA, you invited me to another meeting with Clarence Simpson and Taylor Major in the home of the late Mr. Chris Maxwell. We spent the whole night with the four of you trying to convince me to agree that we should forget about the alliance idea and let the government be given to the Liberian Action Party because the party won the 1985 elections. I said it was a very bad idea. I maintained that these were the very types of maneuvers that always destroyed all of our efforts in the past.

A Secret Meeting with Charles Taylor, and Jackson F. Doe’s Disappearance
A few months after the meeting in Virginia, in my absence, you went to the war front at Gborplay, Nimba County, where the NPFL still had its headquarters and told Charles Taylor and other leaders of the organization that you and I had agreed that the government would be given to Liberian Action Party once the Doe regime was deposed. Upon my arrival at that forest headquarters, I was confronted with a Court Marshall of a life threatening nature for supposedly selling out the revolution in advance while others were still fighting and dying. Only God and my friendship with Taylor saved me. I was able to walk away with my life.

I have always wondered as to what this careless and selfish statement of yours had to do with how Jackson Doe ended up when he crossed over to NPFL land. Did those people see Jackson Doe as the LAP you wanted the government turned over to? How come Jackson Doe’s disappearance was never really a big concern of yours until lately? When Jackson Doe crossed over from Fendell to Kakata in mid 1990, I was in Sierra Leone at a peace conference. Taylor told me it was a big day of jubilation in Greater Liberia. To let you know he was well; that he had been given a nice and fitting home in Buchanan. A month or so later, Jackson could not be found. I did not hear of your outrage as you were in the “Level Monrovia, we will rebuild it” mode. Say something to the Jackson F. Doe family.

Your break from the NPFL was not so much on account of what happened to your colleagues as you claim. You know, I know, and some of your people know that it was about your determination to take power directly from the war front. By late 1990, the NPFL controlled 90% of Liberia. At one of the peace talks in Sierra Leone, it was agreed by all the politicians and an agreement was signed that the NPFL should form an Interim Government and call for elections as soon as possible. The only exception was that Taylor should not lead that Interim Government; that he should run for President if he wanted to. Taylor asked me to go to Washington and convince you for us to convene an All Liberian Conference in Greater Liberia to determine the issue of who should head the next government. I spent a week in Washington. You invited several persons to that meeting. They included Dr. Gaywhea Macintosh, Dr. Edward Clinton, and Dr. Byron Tarr who was then working in Lesotho. Doctors Clinton and Macintosh and I made it to the Ivory Coast in anticipation of your arrival for us to proceed to Liberia.

A Double Crossing and Back Scratching
While waiting for your arrival in the Ivory Coast, you called to say that the venue of the meeting had been changed to Banjul, The Gambia. I found out later that after I left, you had another meeting with some people including Randall Cooper who then represented the NPFL in the U.S. at the home of Ethelbert Cooper. At that gathering you masterminded a petition to President Jarwara of The Gambia to host the meeting. Randall, not realizing that this was a double cross, signed the document on behalf of the NPFL.

Dr. Gaywhea, Clinton and I advised that you come with us to meet with Taylor and the men so that we could convince them to move the meeting to Banjul since you said this was what the African Leaders wanted. You refused. In anger, Dr. Gaywhea continued his journey to Greater Liberia and helped to form the National Patriotic Reconstruction Government, and Clinton returned to Ethiopia. You thought that the Banjul meeting would have given the government to you as the sole heir of Liberian Action Party. When it did not appear likely, you decided to skip the meeting.

From a distance in Washington, D.C., you did the next best thing which was to maneuver to give the interim leadership to “Moose,” Amos Sawyer. Liberians say, “You scratch my back I will scratch your back.” It should not be a surprise that Moose is scratching your back today with his support for your presidency despite your history.

Your Financial Contributions to the War Efforts
Let me refresh your memory on the financial contributions to the Taylor war efforts from you and your sources. Twenty-five thousand dollars (,000.00) was the initial amount by your consortium (Clarence Simpson and Taylor Major), when the war started. I am the founding Chairman of the Association for Constitutional Democracy of Liberia (ACDL).

I do not recall any of the two persons named above being members. I do not also remember any money coming to the NPFL from ACDL. What I recall is that you asked me to let Dr. Sawyer take over ACDL so that he could revive it since he was doing nothing. I did. Yet, you keep saying that you and some ACDL friends made a ,000.00 contribution to the NPFL. Come to think about it, maybe the ,000.00 you gave one time came from ACDL. That says even what became the Doctor’s Club also supported your NPFL war efforts.

Let me not forget the ,000.00 contribution that you passed through Mr. Allen Brown Sr. who was then running an insurance business in the Ivory Coast. You had earmarked the money to specifically buy rice for the fighting men and it was done. Another 0.000.00 was contributed by some of your friends and delivered to Dew Mayson, Ethelbert Cooper and Emmanuel Shaw to be forwarded to the NPFL. If you recall, those bad boys ate the money and we were only able to recover ,000.00 of it six months later. Needless to mention your other undocumented financial and personal contributions made before and during the wars. The trip to Paris by you and me to meet with Charles Taylor must have cost you a pretty penny. Several trips you made to the Liberian boarder to meet with Taylor and the fighting men should add up to a substantial sum.

Monies you gave Taylor in Paris and on each of the trips you made to the frontline should also be far substantial. A conservative estimate of your contribution to the NPFL should be about half of million United States dollars. How you managed to reduced that to ,000.00 is perhaps one of you “stupid comments,” but I hope that this letter clears it up for the public.

Other Overdue Apologies
The account of events above should clarify your involvement and contribution to the two NPFL wars. The following are other events that involved a series of your “callous and stupid comments” and behavior that you must include in your apology to your fellow Liberians if you wish to be taken seriously:

? Between 1983 and 1987, I was President of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA); 1988-1990 I was Chairman of the Board of ULAA. It was I who invited you to Philadelphia to deliver the keynote address during our annual conference in 1984 when you called the President and officials of Government in the Doe regime a bunch of “fools and idiots”; another one of your series of “stupid comments.” With a Harvard degree, I am sure you could have said the same thing without using those street words to make the point. Liberians should be able to recall the financial, emotional and human lives it cost to free you from that lion’s den. Say sorry.

? In an effort to get you out of the country following the court proceeding against you for the “fools and idiots” comment, friends and supporters of yours arranged your secret exit out of Buchanan. In the process, the immigration officer named Jackson who assisted you to leave through Buchanan killed himself so as to avoid the cruel death that awaited him at the hands of the Doe death squad. Have you ever met to console the family of that poor man who gave his life for you? To this day, more than 20 years later, you have not shown any appreciation for his ultimate sacrifice. Something as simple as looking for his wife and children and consoling them would have gone a long way. Very costly, stupid and inhumane behavior. Say sorry.

? In 1985 or so, the Massachusetts Chapter of ULAA under the leadership of Mr. John Grupee arranged a rally and meeting at Northeastern University. I, along with other officials of ULAA and the Liberian Community around the United States, attended that conference to hear our most famous lady speak. During the question and answer period of the program, a young man made a brief statement and asked a question which went like this: “Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf, no station is permanent in life. I used to be a wheelbarrow boy in Liberia and today, I am graduating from Northeastern University this summer.

“When you were Minister of Finance, we wrote you a letter and you stamped it ?BULLSHIT!’ and sent it back to us. When you become President,” the fellow continued, “would you tolerate the views of others without calling them bullshit?” The fellow asked. To my and the dismay of the entire audience, your answer was, “Yes, when I was Minister of Finance, I had a stamp which had BULLSHIT on it. During that time, if someone sent me some communication I did not like, I would stamp it ?BULLSHIT’ and send it back to them.”

In fact, someone told me recently that you also sent such a stamped letter to Baccus Mathews back then. Is there any amount of apology that you can give to your fellow citizens for such an insulting and demoralizing treatment? You need to honestly apologize to the wheelbarrow boys and to all of your fellow citizens whom you insulted with your “BULLSHIT” stamp.

? Immediately following the 1997 elections you declared your intentions not to recognize President Charles Taylor and in a childish-tantrum manner you ran out of the country, in President Taylor words, “like a cut tail dog” leaving the thousands who had risked their lives to campaign and vote for you to fend for their lives. You cut speech from those of your partisans who made it to the National Legislature because they refused to boycott the government to which they were elected by their people in defiance of your childish demand. Apologize to them and your fellow Liberians for such uncivilized behavior. Promise your current supporters that you will not run away again when you lose this election, which is sure.

? Samuel Dokie was one of your ardent supporters during the 1997 elections. In the face of the adversity between him and his former rebel comrade, Charles Taylor, he called you “a God sent leader.” Dokie and his entire family didn’t make it after you ran and left him holding the bag. A few weeks before Dokie and his family were wiped out, Taylor was making a joke in his innermost circle that you had abandoned Dokie; that you accused Dokie of embezzling your campaign funds in Nimba; that you were complaining about Dokie personally eating the cow that you gave him for your arrival feast in Sanniquelle instead of cooking it for the feast. All of this pointed to Dokie’s enemies that they didn’t expect any problem from you for whatever they did to him. Sure enough, when Dokie and his entire family were brutally murdered, the silence from you was as expected. It took more than 30 days before your party put out a one-paragraph statement on the Dokie murder. Say sorry to the Dokie family for selling him out with your cow meat talk.

? Do you remember another Nimba man you sent to his untimely death? In 1985 or so, you had been safely evacuated to the United States following your trial for calling General Samuel Doe and his government officials a bunch of “fools and idiots.” During one of our many meetings, you mentioned to me that General Quinwonkpa wanted to see and confer with me concerning an up coming mission he was being asked to make. You said that apparently the General needed my blessing. At that time the General lived somewhere in the Washington, D.C., area of the United State after also been rescued from the ravage of the Doe regime. I asked you as to what the mission was about. You said “The boys have been working on a fool-proof program to remove Doe through a ?surgical military operation.’ Men have been trained in Sierra Leone and are in waiting.” You said further that “The only problem is that the boys do not have a popular figure to lead the incursion for the acceptability of the military guys in Monrovia.

“They have asked me to convince General Quinwonkpa to lead the incursion,” you said. I also asked you for the names of some of the players behind the plan. You said ?Moose’ (Amos Sawyer) Boima [Fahnbulleh Jr.] and others.” For reasons that have no bearing on this letter, my first reaction was that I had nothing to say to the General. I told you that I thought the General should enjoy the hospitality of his host whose kindness landed him in the United States. That was the end of that discussion.

I challenge you therefore, Mrs. Sirleaf, to pick up the Holy Bible and swear that you and I never had the conversation as outlined above. You sent Quinwonkpa anyway. Needless to deal with the reasons while the mission failed because it boils down to the same double crossing syndrome. It suffices to say that 20 years later his wife is looking for answers for what happened to her children’s father from the mission on which you sent him. They had made it to the great United States where you got your Harvard degree, but you sent him back in the fire to fetch you power. Don’t you think you owe his poor widow and children an apology? I know you do. Say I’m sorry, Mrs. Quinwonkpa!

I truly hope that the factual and historical events I have outlined in this letter will help to jar your memory so that you can do the right thing – tell the truth.


Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu


They have killed Harry Yansaneh : They are going to kill us all

Friday, July 29th, 2005





Friday July 29, 2005


The sad death of the FOR DI PEOPLE Editor Harry Yansaneh who received a merciless beating from thugs allegedly belonging to the SLPP MP, Mrs. Fatmata Hassan, is a warning to all radical and truth-speaking journalists : You are not safe in the hands of these thuggish politicians whose concept of politics is MIGHT IS RIGHT.

Sierra Leone’s reputation as one of the most dangerous places to practice journalism has been confirmed by the brutal treatment meted out to this poor and innocent young man .According to reports, Mrs. Hassan who owns the Short Street building regarded as the Sierra Leonean Fleet Street, for it is home to many local newspapers, led thugs to the building and it was these crude beasts  who beat up the Editor, leaving him all swollen up and ailing until he passed away on Wednesday due to complications from his injuries.

Whatever the reason for this fatal beating , whether it was for ejectment purposes or personal reasons, it was unjustified. We do not live in  a jungle. We live in a CIVILIZED world. We do not solve issues by beating people or burning their houses. We solve problems through legal recourse.

But Sierra Leone will forever remain a jungle, with its jungle methods of conducting politics, as long as it is the Fatmata Hassans who control the destiny of our nation.  Sierra Leone will always remain a jungle as long as law enforcement is zero. And this is one of the reasons why we have been deemed the most backward nation in the world. Our politicians from the top to the bottom do not believe in the Rule of Law. Just have a fracas with anyone of them and the recourse is to hire thugs to do you in. It is a disgrace to every Sierra Leonean. And if the parliamentarians who make the laws do not respect and obey them, what do you expect from the man in the street ?

From the look of things, many journalist will go the way of Harry Yansaneh. As Sierra Leoneans become more politically conscious and determined to have a say in the affairs of their nation, more radical , non-sycophantic journalists will emerge. They will tell it as it is. They will point out the evils of the government.  At the same time, because we are not serious about uprooting the tree of impunity, our politicians will wax worse.  They will continue to believe only in the Law of the Jungle. When these two forces clash, it is the journalists who will suffer because the politicians have more resources and power to retaliate like animals .

The killing of Yansaneh is very, very sad but it is  a continuation of the trend in Sierra Leone to murder journalists.  The killing of Yansaneh is  very, very pathetic but  it is just a foretaste of things to come.

The politicians are going to kill us all.

They are going to kill us all because we  will not relent to speak the truth. And for the truth we are ready to die.

May God  grant our collegue and brother eternal rest.

Land that he loves, our Sierra Leone

Thursday, July 28th, 2005


Nahim Khadi shows them what it takes to succeed


Nahim Khadi , The Patriot 

Nahim Khadi’s instant success as President of Sierra Leone’s  beleaguered football  association has shown that if any man  really loves his country he would work very hard to succeed in his national vocation for the betterment of that country.

It takes nothing but patriotism to answer the national call and succeed . Where others with more  flamboyant academic letters like Justice Thola Thompson failed miserably, Nahim Khadi , without an LL.B, Masters or P.HD  but patriotism firmly embedded in his heart, has scored a resounding success  that should be the envy of all.

Only an unschooled hermit does not know the importance of sports to a nation’s local and international pride. Those in tune with reality know too well that sports has become one of the most pronounced vehicles for the acquisition of international respect and conspicuousity. Many economically hapless nations have  used sports to make  up for it in the area of international respect . Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Columbia  are third world nations like Sierra Leone but they are highly respected in the world because of their accomplishments in sports.

Secondly, in a world full of frustrations and all manners of anxieties, one of the easiest preoccupations  to keep the people happy is sports. Leaders who know the opium of joy that sports is go allout to provide it in copious intensity in their national agendas.

Sports also  binds the people of a nation together and promotes national unity and cohesion. When Brazil played in Nigeria in 1969 , at the heat of the Civil war, both the Federal and the Breakaway Biafran forces declared a ceasefire for one day to enable the nation to watch the match. And it was said that soldiers from behind rival battlelines cheered the national team together and even shook each others’ hands after the game. They resumed fighting after the dust of the game had settled. That is how much sports can unite a nation. And if one needs to know how much a nation is being neglected by its leaders,  he only needs look at the country’s sporting program.

Sierra Leone has always been a neglected nation. Most recently, not only did the people have no food on their plates or a place to lay their heads. They had nothing on the national  agenda like sports to relieve their tensions and frustrations . And it was not because of want of sportsmen and women. The country is bursting at the seams with talented people in all areas of sports, but alas, the men to make the nation savor these talents were not there.

There were men holding the positions of leaders of the Sierra Leone Football Association but they did not accomplish a thing. They failed because they were not patriotic. They did not love their nation enough to realize what the country  was missing . They did not care enough for the starving people to provide what they were crying for, in the name of sporting entertainment.

All those holding the name of SLFA President in vain  were concerned with were power struggles, lining their pockets and perpetuating their own personal agendas.  As a result of their inept, inefficient and impotent performance, Sierra Leone had no local soccer program and the national team died an unnatural death.  People longed for the good, old days of superfluous soccer matches in vain. As names like Mighty Blackpool , East End Lions, Real Republicans, Ports Authority , Old Edwardians, Regents Olympic etc.  died, frustrated soccer fans turned to the EPL  and embraced foreign teams like Manchester United , Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, etc. Televised English Premier League matches were all they had.

But all that is over now. The National Soccer league is back and fans now have their weekend football entertainment once again.  Mighty Blackpool is back. East End Lions F.C.  is back. The May Park Boys Old Edwardians  are back. Also, the national pride–The Leone Stars -have been rebuilt and last weekend, they gave our neigbours something to think about when they thrashed Liberia 2-0 , Gambia 1-0 and Guinea 2-0 to win the 4-nation soccer tournament.

All praise to Nahim Khadi, the true patriot, who loved his country enough to realize that he had to do his work. If others in positions of responsibility in Sierra Leone can just emulate Mr. Khadi, the nation will be up and running again. His achievement assumes even greater significance as it comes at a time when Sierra Leone has been denied debt relief by the 8 richest nations in the world for non-performance and  the hopelessness  of the government in power.

And those who have followed soccer for long know that this is  not Mr. Khadi’s first achievement. He is the  patriot who dipped his hands into his own pockets in the past to help build up soccer giants like Old Edwardians and East End Lions. There was a time in the late 70s and early 80s when Edwardians were famous for wearing the best sports jerseys  in Sierra Leone in addition to playing  some of the most exciting and entertaining  soccer . Edwards showcased  brand-new jerseys in almost every match  and they represented the country in the Africa Cup-Winners Cup and later the Champions League. .Khadi spent his own money to ensure all that.

We hope other Sierra Leoneans will emulate Nahim Khadi who infact hails from a family of soccer promoters in Sierra Leone. .



Adama ‘cuthand’ ordered the amputation of civilians

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005


Wednesday July 27, 2005

Tamba Borbor reports from Freetown

In his evidence at the trial chamber II of the Special Court, Prosecution witness TF1-157 has explained that Adama ?cuthand’ ordered the amputation of civilians in Freetown. The witness maintained that when they entered Freetown on the January 6th, 1999, people were killed and houses and vehicles burnt down.  It was at this point the witness said that Adama gave orders that civilians should be amputated, which then led to the rebels engaging in massive amputation of civilians.

The witness who was testifying in Mandingo told the Court that when the rebels entered Freetown, the civilians were tormented as they were forced to sing for the troops while others were engaged in the burning of houses. Later he went on to narrate, some civilians were ordered to put out the fires.  ” The troops then went in search of Police Officers. The rebels disguised as civilians and went in search of Police Officers who when found, were killed together with their families and their houses burnt down. It was during this period that the Eastern Police Station was burnt down. A Government official was also killed at Kissy,” TF1-157 narrated. 

The 20-year-old witness said that he was captured by the rebels at his village in Bonoya in the Bombali District. Some of the rebels he said were in combat fatigue and others in civilian attire. ” During this attack, six people were killed and four houses burnt down. The six killed included my elder brother; my uncle and his two children- Mamie Adama and Momodu who were thrown into a fire and those that were not killed were seriously injured.  I together with some other children were forced to carry loads for them.”

He narrated that they went through many villages, which he could not remember; adding that the troops attacked Rosus where a Muslim man was stripped naked and killed by Musa with orders from one Captain Junior. He explained further, ” we were attacked by the ECOMOG jet which forced us to leave Rosus and headed for Red Lion where we stayed for some time. While we were at Red Lion, we usually cross a river to search for food and on one particular day, a man was left behind and upon our return the next day, his body was seen at the junction having been mutilated by the Kamajors.”

The troops TF1-157 went further to narrate “then decided to head for Freetown and went through Lunsar where houses were also burnt and civilians killed. Mamamah, Waterloo and Benguema where attacked and Saj Musa died at Benguema,” he narrated.


Monday, July 25th, 2005


Tuesday July 12, 2005

First_Name:  Cillaty
Last_Name:  Daboh
Address:  Gboyama Wunde
City:  Gboyama
Comments:  Another prisoner escape in Sierra Leone?
It was not long ago that I heard our president singing the praise of the capability of our security forces to defend our nation when UNAMSIL finally packs up in December.
Some of us still remember with nauseating feeling about the last prisoner escape. The irony about this recent escape is that the top brass of our security force was meeting at the court house where the prisoners escaped. A breach of court security in Atlanta recently left many people dead and such lapse in it self is a threat to justice. While our leaders are busy driving Humvees on the worst roads in any city have forgotten that it was only few yers ago that they were refugees in other lands.
Sierra Leoneans have every right to worry about their security come to December. If the govt cannot defend its seat why would people expect them to defend them in places like Tissana.
There is cause for alarm.